Mike's Chooses Tammy Over Money
January 7, 2000. Mike has decided he wants to try to have a relationship with Tammy. So, he tells Ned that he wants out of his agreement to marry Gertrude. 

Mike: Listen, I’m sorry to barge in, but I want to let you know right away I resign.

Ned: Again?

Mike: Yeah. Look, there's no way this is going to work. And I’m not blowing my chance with Tammy over this.

Ned: You were hired to perform a service. You're in breach.

Chloe: I think it's great that Mike would set aside profit for love.

Mike: Well, it's not exactly love, but I’d like a chance to find out what it is.

Chloe: I still think that is very romantic.

Ned: Well, I don't. I think it's negligent and I want my money back.

Mike: Okay. It's all here, minus the cost of the suits, which you ordered me to buy. And look, if it's any consolation, this wouldn't work past tomorrow night anyway. Gertrude invited me to a Quartermaine party and the second that Edward or A.J. laid an eye on me, it would've been over.

Ned: Thanks for nothing.

Chloe: Oh, stop. Mike's been a great help to us.

Ned: Really? Now, how does that work?

Chloe: Well, we know a lot more about Gertrude's vulnerabilities than we ever did before. And we can use that to our advantage when we coach our next candidate.

Mike: Well, whoever he I wish him luck. Excuse me.

(Next scene. Mike goes to Kelly’s diner to talk with Tammy).

Mike: Well?

Tammy: Hey.

Mike: What do you think?

Tammy: I like you better without the tie.

Mike: Oh, thank God.

Tammy: Hey Mike, listen. I hope you don't think I was following you earlier. See, I was out running some errands. I had no idea I’d run into you in the park.

Mike: Well, I was kind of hoping that you had followed me to the park, but whatever. I'm glad you showed up when you did because seeing you had me make a change of plans. I quit.

Tammy: Mike, you didn't have to do that.

Mike: Ah. I did. Now, I’m afraid this means no big nights on the town or lavish dinners at the P.C. Grill for a while. I hope you like walks in the park, hot dogs, and the zoo.

Tammy: Well, how did you know? Those are my three favorite things.