Mike FAQ

Why is Sonny and Mike’s last name different?

Mike changed his last name. Sonny’s name is Michael Corinthos, Jr. Mike’s name is Michael Corinthos, Sr. This is probably the most common question asked about Sonny and Mike. Mike was a grifter, moving from town to town, making an easy buck any way he could. He tells Luke he was bartender, short order cook, and rigger. He tried Vegas for a while. According to Mike, there was a time in his life when he was in some money trouble and people were looking for him, so he decided to change his name from Corinthos to Corbin for his own protection.

Why did Mike come to Port Charles?

According to Mike:"I was at a funeral in December . A friend of mine from ‘Nam. And I was thinking about how Adela was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. And how Sonny didn’t have a mother or Deke anymore. I actually thought that he might need me. I thought he might miss having a family."

Where does Mike live?

Mike lived in the apartment above Luke's for many years. He still lived there when he owned the Recovery Room Bar. However, in recent years, Mike has been down and out on his luck and for a while he was living at a seedy motel down around Courtland Street. Now that Mike works at Kelly's, he probably has a room above the diner.

What is Mike's addiction?


Mike is a chronic gambler. It has impacted his life so much that it has caused permanent damage in his relationship with his son, he is always broke, and is always owing money. He hasn't changed much over the years. Since arriving in Port Charles, he continues to bet on the ponies, finds his way to weekly card games, and will bet on anything else where he thinks he can make money. Jason Morgan always kept Mike supplied with cash, but Sonny has no tolerance for Mike's habit and will not lend him any money.

How old is Mike?

Mike is probably in his sixties. He was finished with his military service in Vietnam in 1964. So, he was probably in his early twenties when he married Adela.

Who has Mike dated since arriving in Port Charles?  

Mike has only dated occasionally. When he first arrived in Port Charles he dated Amy Vining! When the show Port Charles started, they had Mike and Mary Scanlon have a relationship. But, Mike was a little to rough around the edges for Mary. The last few years, Mike has been dating Tammy, from Kelly's diner. Occasionally, Mike is seen with Bobbie at functions or watching their grandchildren together.

Does Mike work?

Yes.When Mike first came to Port Charles he was hired by Luke. He was a bartender and host at the club for many years. Later, he bought the Recovery Room Bar, which was located across the street from General Hospital. Also, Mike and Jason invested in a motorcycle shop, which was right next to the Recovery Room. Currently, Mike is the manager at Kelly's Diner.

How many children does Mike have?

Mike has two children: Sonny and Courtney. Mike left both of his children's mothers, Adela and Janine, because of his gambling addiction. Sonny and Courtney never knew about each other until they were adults. Courtney died during the virus quarantine after giving birth to her son, Spencer Cassadine.

How many grandchildren does Mike have?

Four: Michael Corinthos III, Morgan Stone Corinthos, Kristina Corinthos- Davis, and Spencer Cassadine.

What happened to Mike?

Ron Hale retired from acting in 2011. The character of Mike Corbin was driven to a gambling rehabilitation center by Sonny. All of this happened off screen. Sonny had a phone call with Mike right before he married Brenda. On the phone, Mike wished he could be at the wedding, but knew he needed to get help for his gambling addiction.