Mike finds out Hannah is a Fed

December 8 and 9, 1999. Sonny and Hannah break up when he confronts her about being an FBI agent. Mike finds Hannah on the docks and she tells him who she really is. Later, Mike goes to the Penthouse and talks to Sonny. Great scenes as Mike is furious with Hannah and gentle with Sonny.

Mike: Hannah?

Hannah: Hi. (softly, doesn’t look at him).

Mike: Would you do me a favor?

Hannah: What?

Mike: Would you please step back from the edge? If you fell in, you'd be dead from hypothermia in minutes.

Hannah: Sorry. (takes a few steps back and finally faces Mike) I didn't mean to scare you.

Mike: Hey. Are you okay? You look a little lost.

Hannah: Sonny threw me out.

Mike: Why? What happened?

Hannah: He found out I'm an FBI Agent.

Mike: You're a Fed? (lets out a small laugh in disbelief).

Hannah: Yes.

Mike: Sonny was your case? (in a shocked and hurt voice)

Hannah: That's right.

Mike: So it was all lies . . . the love and the happiness? He was nothing more than a job? (Getting angry)

Hannah: Mike, my assignment was to bust Sonny. But instead, I fell in love with him.

Mike: "Instead?” What does that mean?

Hannah: The last few months, I've been doing everything I can to try to protect him. I've been feeding my superiors the wrong information. I've been interfering in the investigation. Mike, I would never, never put Sonny in jail because I love him too much.

Mike: All right, now you said that Sonny found out. Now, does that mean that you told him?

Hannah: No. He found out some other way. I tried. But I just . . . I couldn't.

Mike: Then who did?

Hannah: I don't know. He found out some other way. I don't know how.

Mike: How long ago?

Hannah: About six weeks ago.

Mike: So he's been keeping this inside? (shaky voice) He's been pretending that everything is okay?

Hannah: I've been trying to save us. But I didn't know that he has been hating me for the last six weeks.

Mike: (Yells) Do you blame him? You made fools of all of us!

Hannah: No, Mike. That's not what I wanted to do.

Mike: (Yells again) The hell it wasn't!

Hannah: The FBI was on me constantly. There was nothing . . .

Mike: I don't want to . . .I don't want to hear it! I don't. Do you know how hard it was for Sonny to trust you? How difficult it was for him to let his guard down and relax? For the first time in years, I saw something in my son that I could almost identify as happiness. (Mike is furious)

Hannah: How I feel about Sonny was never a lie.

Mike: If you can't be honest with him, at least be honest with yourself. You betrayed my son.

Hannah: No.

Mike: You lived in his house. You slept in his bed. (Starts pointing his finger in her face) You used his kindness and generosity, not to mention that you used his own father against him.

Hannah: Mike, my feelings for Sonny were real. They still are.

Mike: You said that he threw you out. Then why are you still here? (Mike walks away in disgust).

Mike goes to Sonny’s house immediately after his conversation with Hannah. He’s not there. He comes back the next day and demands to talk to Sonny.

Johnny: Mike's here.

Mike: (Walks in with urgency) Benny, I need to see my son. Look, I’m sorry, but this can't wait.

Sonny: Take care of it, Benny.

Benny: Yeah (walks out the door).

Mike: All right. Yell at me, throw me out, but I’m telling you, I’m going to stand out there and pound on that door until you answer it.

Sonny: Mike, I got work to do. I got a lot of stuff going on, okay. So . . .

Mike: You find out that Hannah is a Fed and it's business as usual? When did you find out?

Sonny: (Walks over and calmly pours himself a cup of coffee) A little over a month.

Mike: While she was living here? (Disbelief)

Sonny: Yep.

Mike: How could you do that? I mean, sharing this place, pretending that you loved her.

Sonny: It's business.

Mike: It must have been torture for you, Michael. I mean, everything you had to go through to trust her. I mean, to trust anybody. There I was shoving my way into your Thanksgiving dinner, telling you how thankful you should be for Hannah.

Sonny: Since when do I listen to you? (Smiles teasingly)

Mike: You must have wanted to strangle me.

Sonny: That's nothing new (He laughs, being very lighthearted about this while Mike is still upset).

Mike: All I could see was how great she was for you, how happy you were.

And all the time, she's betraying you right in front of me.

Sonny: Yeah, well, you were my test, Mike, you know? As long as you bought that I loved her, I figured, you know, she was buying it, too.

Mike: But if I’d realized what was really going on . . .

Sonny: Then you'd have messed me up.

Mike: Yeah. Well, I believed what I needed to believe.

Sonny: It happens ( LOD. He starts walking away).

Mike: Michael . . .

Sonny: (Stops and turns around) Hmm?

Mike: I’m sorry (gently).

Sonny: How'd you find out? (Friendly)

Mike: Hannah told me.

Sonny: Oh, she's still doing that broken heart thing?

Mike: Yeah. She's very convincing.

Sonny: Oh, a real pro.

Mike: Well, what . . . what if she is for real? I mean, what if she really does love you?

Sonny: Oh, what if she really fell in love with me? What if she was only trying to protect me? What if she had to make it look good so that way they wouldn't assign somebody else to me? Come on, Mike!

Mike: All right, all right, all right. Look, it . . . it might not be an act.

Sonny: Don't. See, you always do. Don't try to make this better.

Mike: I’m just saying that it's a possibility.

Sonny: That everything we had wasn't a lie?

Mike: Right!

Sonny: Everything wasn't. I'll tell you right now. One thing was true. From the day I met her she's an FBI agent doing her job. Your tax dollars well spent. Think of it that way.

Mike: (Gets a worried look on his face as Sonny walks away).