Mike Grieves for Brenda

September 18, 1998. Jason and Robin are sitting on the couch at the Penthouse. Robin is heartbroken about Brenda’s death and is being comforted by Jason when there’s a knock on the door.

Jason: Come in.

Johnny: (opens door) Mr. Corbin . . .

Jason: Come on in, Mike.

Mike: (walks over towards the couch) Am I interrupting?

Robin: No, it’s just a tough day (stands up and hugs Jason, then looks at Mike). I love you (gives Mike a tight hug).

Mike: I love you, too. (Robin leaves the Penthouse. Mike and Jason are standing). So, uh, how did Sonny take it when you told him about Brenda?

Jason: He already knew.

Mike: (has a confused look on his face).

(Next scene)

Jason: There you go (he’s standing over the playpen and covering baby Michael with a blanket). It’s okay, Michael (walks over and sits next to Mike on the couch). Sorry. He fell asleep coming home from Bobbies. He must of woke up scared, wondering where everyone went.

Mike: Yeah. I’ve had a few nights like that lately myself. So, Sonny knew?

Jason: Yeah, he was there just waiting. He said that he jolted up in the middle of the night, his heart was pounding, that he knew . . . he knew something bad had happened to

Brenda. And then he said he knew for sure when he saw me. He asked if she was dead and then he asked me how.

Mike: (Softly) What did you say?

Jason: That it was a car accident.

Mike: (Sighs) How is he?

Jason: (Sighs) He’s okay. He a . . . well, you know I wouldn’t have left him if I didn’t think he’d even out.

Mike: And you’re not gonna go back?

Jason: No. He doesn’t want me to.

Mike: Yeah, but what if he decides that he needs to . . .

Jason: He’s not going to do anything crazy, Mike. 

Mike: How do you know that?

Jason: He promised me.

Mike: (Softly) Well, I guess that’s it then, isn’t it? (Puts his head down, continues to talk softly) He has no reason to worry about anything up here anymore. I mean, it’s done. She’s gone. And that thing they had between them . . . that drowned with her. She was the only hope that I had that he’d come back. Probably never see him again. (Shaky voice) And you can’t say that isn’t true, can you? (Jason doesn’t answer). So, I’ve lost a son and someone that I loved as a daughter. Or I lost a daughter and then a son, I’m not sure which. And the point is for what!?! (Stands up from the couch in frustration and anger). I mean, he walked away and he gave up everything! He vanished from our lives for what? To save Brenda? Why didn’t he just stay and marry her? That way she’d still be alive and he’d still be here.

Jason : (Stands up from couch) You don’t know that, Mike. You don’t know anything that could have happened. Only what did happen. Sonny did his best to save Brenda. He wrecked his life to do it. He gave her that because he loved her. And now she’s dead because her crazy mother killed her. (Sighs) I know you miss Brenda. And I know you hurt. But, why do you want to hurt more by missing some life you made up for her, too?

Mike: (Tearful, takes a deep breath) It’s a distraction, Jason. Somehow, it hurts less missing something that you never had (quietly) instead of missing two people you love, knowing that you’re never going to see them again.