Mike Hits Sonny

Mike stops by the Penthouse to give Sonny and Carly a wedding present. Mike has been gambling a lot. He’s borrowed $40,000 from Carly and is also using one of Sonny’s loan sharks. September 26, 2000.

Johnny: Mike Corbin.

Mike: Hello, Carly (has a gift in his hand).

Carly: Sonny's not here.

Mike: Yeah, Johnny told me. But, you know, usually it's the bride that opens the wedding presents anyway (he sets the gift down on Sonny’s desk).

Carly: (walks over to the desk) I've been meaning to ask you whatever happened to Sonny's $40,000.

Mike: Well, he got it back, every dime. He sent a guy over to my place and picked it up.

Carly: It was a bad idea, you know. Turned out just like I said it would. Lying to Sonny. He froze me out for weeks.

Mike: He married you.

Carly: To stay out of prison, Mike. He swears he'll never trust me again, thanks to you.

Mike: You know, what I’m not clear on is why you're upset. Now, Sonny, I understand. He's facing drug charges. But you just married him. Isn't that what you wanted?

Carly: (angrily) Don't act like this is all going to be okay.

Mike: Isn't it?

Carly: Well, you didn't know that, Mike, when you asked me to work your son for money, now did you?

Mike: I admitted I was wrong and I'm trying to make amends. That is what this present is for.

Carly: Oh. When in doubt, bribe me.

Mike: Look. Sonny doesn't make promises lightly. Now, regardless of his reasons for marrying, you're his wife, and that is significant. This is to honor that. I hope you like it (feeling unwelcome, he starts to leave).

Carly: Well, don't you want to see me open it?

Mike: (Turns around) Are you going to?

Carly: (Opens present, revealing a silver bowl) Wow. It's beautiful.

Mike: Well, I wanted to get you something that would last, like your marriage.

Carly: Sonny didn't marry me because he loves me, Mike.

Mike: Are you sure?

Carly: Mike, come on. I let you in the Penthouse, I opened your gift and you're not going to get anything else out of me by trying to sell me on Sonny's undying love for me.

Mike: Did Sonny tell you why he was so angry about your setup at the motel room?

Carly: I got him arrested, Mike. I made it so the guy had to marry me.

Mike: You could've been hurt.

Carly: I was fine.

Mike: Obviously. Obviously. So when Sonny finally let me in here to apologize, I concentrated on everything that I had done wrong. The gambling, letting Sorel set me up, even coming to you for the money. But Sonny would hear none of it.

Carly: What? And that surprises you or something?

Mike: All he cared about was the fact that you were trapped in a motel room closet and Sorel was mad and had a gun. He said that I could've gotten you hurt or killed. He went on and on about how I had jeopardized his family. You matter to him, Carly.

Carly: Matter. Not love.

Mike: Maybe with Sonny, love is so twisted up in guilt and betrayal, maybe you're better off calling it something else. But he cares about you. And he's not alone anymore. And I am grateful for that.

Carly: You're good, you know that? You figure out what a person most wants to hear and you say it.

Mike: I've been known to run a scam or two in my time, but never about my son. I want him happy and I think you make him happy.

Sonny: (Walks into the Penthouse) Hey (his demeanor immediately changes when he sees Mike).

Carly: You're back. Where are my bananas?

Sonny: I didn't make it to the market.

Carly: You know what your father did?

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: He bought us a wedding gift. Look at this (picks up the present).

Sonny: Yeah, I see that.

Carly: Isn't it beautiful?

Sonny: Wow.

Carly: I thought we could leave it out, put flowers or fruit in it or something? Isn't it cool?

Sonny: Whatever you want.

Carly: Yeah? Why don't you thank him?

Sonny: Thank you, Mike (subtle sarcasm in his voice).

Mike: Glad you like it.

Sonny: Carly, can I have a minute with my father?

Carly: Yeah. Good (she leaves room).

Mike: You know, you can have it engraved with Carly's and your initials and the date of the wedding. I wanted to do it, but it takes a couple of weeks and I just didn't want to wait.

Sonny: How much did it cost?

Mike: Well, it's not silver plate. It's solid sterling.

Sonny: Must've been expensive (increasingly angry).

Mike: I didn’t steal it, if that’s what you’re thinking. But it set me back a pretty penny.

Sonny: It didn't cost you 10,000 bucks. Where's the rest?

Mike: I'll pay the money back (getting uncomfortable).

Sonny: How much you got left? 50 bucks? 10 bucks? Where'd you spend the rest? (Yelling).

Mike: I wanted to give you something.

Sonny: Thanks for the gift Mike. Same one I've been getting for years. Another lie, another bad debt, another mess for me to clean up! I'm done with you! (Furious)

Mike: This isn't like the last time. The guy who loaned me the money has a solid reputation.

Sonny: He works for me. You didn't know that did you? You didn't bother to check it out because you just wanted the cash.

Mike: To buy my son a present and I am not going to apologize for that (getting angry and pointing his finger at Sonny).

Sonny: It's always an excuse with you. It's not enough that you lie and scam and steal. You want to be forgiven! I didn't mean to. It wasn't supposed to. It was for my wife, it was for my son. You refuse to own what you did! (Yelling)

Mike: Unlike you. Standing tall in the ruin that you made of your life. You use your code, your honor, the power that you have gained at any cost, to wreck anyone who tries to care about you! (Yelling)

Sonny: Don't care about me then! It costs too much. I can't afford it! Everybody you care about is used and left. You tear them down with lies and forgiveness and then when they're not looking you steal from them, you know? Bicycles, jewlery. Doesn't matter. (Sonny throws the bowl Mike gave him) Take this! Take it, take it! Take it! Save us all some time. Pawn it! Blow the money on the ponies.

Mike: Do you remember? Do you remember why any of this happened? Or are you just using this as an excuse to attack me?

Sonny: You left us, Mike! (Sonny starts to cry, but stops himself. His voice is shaky) You cared enough to break my mother's heart, but you didn't care enough to stick around. Then you ran when the going got tough. You ran and hid like the coward you are.

Mike: You call me a user? Who married Lilly to stay out of jail, huh? You say that I left your mother? Who left Brenda standing at the altar? If I am a betrayer, what does that make you for sleeping with Carly while Jason was getting shot for you?

Sonny: Get out of here.

Mike: Who's running now, huh?

Sonny: Get out of here! (Yelling)

Mike: Sonny, who's running now? The only difference between you and me is power. You have it and I don't. How did you get that power Sonny? I lie, I scam, I steal. Are your hands so clean that you can stand on a pedestal and tear me down?

Sonny: Whatever I've done I carry. I don't cry and whine and say I didn't mean to. I don't grovel for love and throw it away. I've done everything you say, but at least I can stand up. And I don't crawl like you pathetic little son of a . . .

Mike: Shut your mouth! (Mike slaps Sonny across the face)  

Sonny: (He throws the silver bowl violently across the floor. Then he rubs his face in agitation, trying to gain his bearings).

Carly: (She comes running down the stairs) Get out of here! Get out! Mike, get out! Get out! (She pushes him out the door) Sonny?

Sonny: It's okay (has his face covered and lets out a small sob, but then looks at Carly. His eyes are now cold and he’s shut down). It's okay, I'm not hurt.

(Next scene)

Carly: I'm going to have Johnny get rid of this thing (the gift).

Sonny: (Pouring himself a drink, trying to act like nothing happened) I thought you liked it.

Carly: I wanted to like it because it was from Mike. He had no right to say those things, Sonny. To hit you. I mean, the guy knows what Deke did to you.

Sonny: (Puts his hand up in protest) Don't, okay? Just forget it. It never happened.

Carly: He was wrong, Sonny. (Upset that he’s hurting) You are . . . Sonny, you're good.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: You are so good it scares me sometimes. And you're honorable and you're kind. He had no right to take the things that happened to you and try to hurt you with that.

Sonny: Carly, I can't take it right now. I'm sorry, I can't.

(Next scene)

Sonny: (He’s looking out the window) I'm going out.

Carly: Where? Where?

Sonny: For a walk. (Carly tries to take his keys) No . . . no . . . no.

Carly: I'll go with you.

Sonny: No. No, thank you.

Carly: Yes, Sonny. You shouldn't be alone. You shouldn't be by yourself.

Sonny: It's better. I'm fine.

Carly: It's not better. You were hurt and when you get hurt you do stupid things, you do crazy things, and I don't want anything to happen to you.

Sonny: I got hit. I got hit. I've been hit harder by nuns in school.

Carly: This wasn't a nun. It was your father (tries to take his keys away again).

Sonny: No . . . no.

Carly: Give me the keys.

Sonny: Why do you always do that? You push and push until I got to shut you down. It's finished. I'm fine. I'm going out. (He leaves the Penthouse as Carly looks really concerned).