Jason out of Mob/Mike Looks for Sonny

General Hospital-October 1, 1998. Jason is working on a motorcycle at the bike shop when Mike walks in to see how things are going.

Jason: Hey (working on bike).

Mike: Hey. What are you doing here?

Jason: I’m working.

Mike: Yeah. Well, I can see that. I’m just trying to figure out why. Your car is not out front. There are no guards around. This isn’t even your bike. Unless you bought another one?

Jason: Yeah, I’m fixing it for someone (stands up from bike and walks over to table).

Mike: Who?

Jason: I don’t know. I found the work order (hands Mike some paperwork). I’m retired.

Mike: What? (really surprised)

Jason: I’m out. I gave my territory to Marino and I walked away.

Mike: Wait. Wait . . . How did you manage that?

Jason: Well, I told him he could have everything he wanted if he left me and the people that I love alone (reaches in a refrigerator and grabs two sodas). And I would stay in town so he wouldn’t have to worry that I was somewhere turning states evidence against him (walks over to Mike, hands him a soda can, and they sit down together).

Mike: And that was enough?

Jason: Better than dying (pops open the soda can). Marino doesn’t care about me. He wants the territory. Now he’s got it and now I’m out. I’m a mechanic (they both chuckle), which is all he thinks I’m good for, so he’s not going to worry about me anymore.

Mike: So, you’re free.

Jason: Yeah

Mike: And Michael and Robin are safe.

Jason: You know, some day . . . some day, Michael would have figured out those guards would have stopped people from shooting him or me. And some day, I would have to tell him why. (Sighs) Mike, I told him that he can be whatever he wanted to. And if I stayed in the organization, all he would have been is a way to get to me, so I quit (stands up and walks over to table). I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you ‘till the deal was done. You know, you were gone.

Mike: (Stands up and walks to Jason). Yeah. I . . . I uh, I went to Rio looking for Sonny.

Jason: (Surprised)

Mike: Look, I know that you told me that he was okay. But, I knew that once that Brenda’s death really hit him he’d . . . Jason, you know how he gets. He just shuts things down and he can’t process things correctly. I . . . no one said it was Rio, but I knew that he had a casino by the ocean and it seemed to me that he had picked up this little bit of an accent and it used to happen with his mother all the time. She’d speak Spanish for a few days and then she’d have an accent (Jason has his arms folded and he’s looking a little nervous) so it all sounded like Rio to me. (Gives a sorrowful smile, softly) But, I suppose it wasn’t even close.

Jason: (looks down in discomfort).

Mike: Jason. You know what it means being a parent? It’s loving your child more than you love yourself. I didn’t figure that out until it was too late. But, you seem to know that right from the start. You’re a good father. No. No. You are one hell of a father Jason.