Mike on Port Charles-1998

Mike Sighting on Port Charles -March 16, 1998  

Scene 1

Matt and Grace are hiding in a rooming house. Bobby Mancusi had tracked them down at the warehouse. Matt calls Ellen and warns her about trouble, but it's too late, Mancusi is already at her apartment. There's a knock on the door. It's Mike. He wants to know what happened with the warehouse hideout. Matt explains that Mancusi found them and they had to leave. Matt wants to go help Ellen, but Mike says it's way too dangerous for Matt to be seen. Mike thinks he has a better chance of rescuing Ellen unharmed if he goes alone. Matt says he shouldn't go without backup, but Mike says, "I can handle myself" and reveals a gun under his jacket. Mike's packing a gun! Go Mike.  

Scene 2

In Ellen's apartment Bobby Mancusi is terrorizing her for information about Matt. He knocks her out cold, sets fire to her place, and leaves her for dead.

Mike arrives to smoke and flames at the apartment. The door is locked. He pulls out his gun, breaks down the door, and carries Ellen out of the burning apartment. Go Mike, again!

Scene 3

Ellen is brought into the ER on a stretcher with Mike by her side. The EMT says it looks like she was assaulted, has abrasions and is short of breath. Chris (intern) asks Mike what happened. He said he barely had time to get her out. The doctor has Mike checked out too. Meanwhile, at the hideout, Matt and Grace worry why Mike hasn't called yet. They think something's wrong. Grace wants to know why Mancusi can't just leave Matt alone. Matt replies, "Because Bobby Mancusi is my brother."

Mike Sighting- Port Charles - March 17, 1998

Scene 1

Matt explains that Bobby Mancusi is his brother. Bobby shot Matt in the back and left him for dead. Matt testified against his own brother and sent him to prison for ten years. The phone rings and it's Mike. Mike tells Matt what happened to Ellen (fire and assault) and he got her out just in time. Matt wants to come see her in the hospital, but Mike again warns Matt that he needs to lay low. Mike says to take it easy and he'll be in touch. Matt hangs up the phone, but plans revenge on his brother.

Scene 2

Mike walks into Ellen's hospital room. She looks at Mike and is a little tearful. She can't remember if she thanked him yet for saving her life. Mike smiles. He says she already did but she's welcome again. She asks about Matt. Mike says he just talked to him on the phone. Matt said to tell her that he's sorry and he's glad she's okay. Mike tells Ellen they can't turn to the US Marshal's for help anymore and there's really no one to trust. Ellen asks if the PCPD can help. Mike says no, the Mancusi's have connections there too. Ellen is really worried about Matt and starts to cry. She wants to know what they're going to do to get Matt to safety. Mike softly strokes her face and tries to comfort her (he has a bandage on his hand so I guess he was injured in the fire, too). Mike says they have to get Matt out of the country and they need to do it fast. Ellen asks about involving Scott Baldwin because he hid in Canada for years. Mike wants to know if Baldwin is trustworthy. Ellen responds that Scott defended her in her malpractice suit with Greg Cooper. Mike remarks that this isn't exactly a lawsuit. Ellen says Scott doesn't play by the rules, likes the underdog, and it doesn't hurt to ask. Chris (ratboy intern) walks in and tells Ellen if she's feeling all right she can go home tonight. Ellen's in no rush because of the damage done to her apartment. Mike says they were able to contain the fire and the place isn’t too bad. Chris wants to know how the fire started. Ellen lies and says she dropped a lit candle then fell and hit her head. Mike adds he was able to pull her out before she inhaled too much smoke. While Mike is talking to Ellen, Chris secretly puts tape on the intercom button so he can eavesdrop on Ellen's room. Mike says he has a phone call to make and he'll be right back.

Scene 3

Scott Baldwin walks into Ellen's room. He shakes Mike's hand and asks Ellen how she's doing. She says her health isn’t her main concerns for the moment. Before they divulge any information Mike asks Scott to promise to keep everything he's about to hear confidential. Scott says they have definitely peaked his interest now and gives his word about keeping everything he hears a secret. Ellen reminds Scott that he fought for her when her career was on the line with Greg Cooper. Now she's asking him to help Matt. Matt has been handed some unlucky breaks and needs help. Scott says he knows the feeling. Will he help? Scott reveals to Ellen that he knows she kept mum when Scott fled the hospital, so he owes her a favor and agrees to help out Matt. But, he needs the details.

Meanwhile in the hallway, Bobby Mancusi is posing as a US Marshall. He asks Chris about Ellen. Chris tells him her room number and adds he has some info on Matt. Mancusi smiles. Also, Scott is driving in his car talking to Matt on the phone. He's letting Matt in on the plan to get him to safety. He's going to fly him in his private plane to Canada.

Scene 4

Mike is still in Ellen's hospital room. He tells her Scott will fly Matt to Canada pretty soon and has a safe house ready. Mike adds that he has a friend that's involved in paper. Passports, visas, that sort of thing. (Luke, I'm guessing). Matt doesn't trust anyone so Mike is going to bring them over to the hideout. Ellen touches Mikes arm. She asks him to tell Matt goodbye and she's sorry she won't get to see him before he leaves. Mike says he will. Ellen's tearful and adds "tell him I wish him the best." Mike reassures Ellen that Matt is as tough as they come and he'll be okay. He knows how to survive and by this time tomorrow he will be safe. Mike touches her arm and comforts her.

Meanwhile, Chris (definitely ratboy intern) has led Bobby to the hideout. (He overheard the location from listening into Ellen's hospital room). Bobby pulls out a gun and heads towards the house.

Mike Sighting (Crossover to GH)- March 17, 1998

Scene 1

At Sonny's. . . umm Jason's Penthouse. . Mike walks in the door and asks Jason where the hell he's been. Jason says he went to Puerto Rico on business. Jason wants to know what happened to Mike's hand (injured it saving Ellen on PC). Mike will explain that later, right now he wants to help find Michael. He tells Jason he still knows people and maybe they've heard something. Jason appreciates the offer, it's better than sitting around doing nothing. Jason looks troubled (he kinda moved his eyebrows) so Mike asks if there's anything Jason thinks he should be doing that he's not. "I don't know," sighs Jason. "I'm not so good at thinking, remember?" Mike says not to doubt himself. Jason replies that he promised in a church he would take care of Michael. He let him go out of the house WITHOUT guards and now he has no idea where his son is. Jason looks at Mike and with sadness. "I gave him my word and I blew it."

Scene 2

Mike walks closer to Jason and says, "some bastard out there has stolen your kid. That is the truth and it is ugly, but it's not your fault. Finding someone to blame isn't the answer here, finding Michael is." Jason responds, "I've tried and I'll keep trying but what if that day never comes." Mike explains that IF that day ever comes you will deal with it, but until then, "you take those thoughts and crush them with the idea that Michael is out there waiting for you." Jason responds,"You don't know what it's like. The feeling that I let him down is with me Mike, all the time." But Mike does know. "I've lived with that for thirty years, the difference is I deserved it (ouch).You good at taking naps?" Jason says no. Well, force yourself says Mike. He walks towards the door and Jason asks him where he's going. Mike's going to church. There were some angels hanging around there the day Michael got baptized and he wants to make sure they're doing their job. Mike walks out the door.

Mike Sighting- Port Charles - March 31, 1998

At General Hospital . . . Matt is sitting behind a desk charting when Mike walks up. "Hey stranger," says Mike (he has on jeans, a tan shirt, and tan coat). They shake hands. Matt wants to know what Mike is doing around here, he thought he'd be standing over his godson right now. Matt is so glad that baby Michael is okay. Mike admits he was pretty scared. Matt asks if Mike knows why Dr. Jones took the baby. "No and I really don’t care. He'll be sorry that he did," replies Mike. He adds he just wants to touch base and apologize for dropping out the way he did. Matt says he doesn't have to apologize because he was looking for his godson and Matt completely understands. Mike also heard that Matt's father came to town to retrieve Bobby's body. He wants to know if Matt saw him (Matt's family is in the mob; he left at sixteen under the Witness Protection Program and hasn't seen any of them since). Matt says yes and he's still breathing. Mike wants to know if that means it's all over. Knowing his father Matt highly doubts it, but he can't hide anymore. "He knows where I am if he decides to come after me again," says Matt. Mike promises to "keep my ears to the ground and my eyes open." Matt appreciates it. Matt adds that his father said Chris Ramsey tipped him off. Does Matt belief his father? He doesn't trust either one, but Chris Ramsey will be REALLY sorry if Matt finds out he messed with him.

Mike Sighting- Port Charles - April 15, 1998  

At the Recovery Room, Mike's bar, Matt, Julie, Karen and some other interns are having a surprise party for Grace (she's an intern and interested in Matt).

Scene 1

Mike: So, how's Frank? (Frank is a paramedic who fell off a roof and is in the hospital).

Julie: (his girlfriend) Fiesty. He kicked me out to go have some fun.

Mike: He got rid of you? (joking)The man must be sick.

Karen: (holding a balloon, they are decorating for the party) Actually, he's very lucky. He must have a guardian angel or something.

The party starts and people arrive including Scott, Eve and Serena, Kevin and Lucy, and Ellen. Mike walks around in the background, but has no spoken lines.

Scene 2

Mike: (hands Ellen a piece of birthday cake) Little sugar and cholesterol will make the whole world brighter (She was looking at Matt).

Ellen: Did I say anything was wrong?

Mike: Well, forgive my powers of discernment. (These two have great chemistry, but will probably never get together. Too bad).

Ellen: How's your wrist?

Mike: Terrible. Want to see the scars?

Ellen: Certainly not.

Mike: It's a shame, 'cause I wanted to see how far I could push this gratitude for saving your life.

Ellen: Not very, but I'm sure that won't keep you from trying.

Mike: (laughs) Ellen, you know me better than I thought. (He hears a crash in kitchen) Excuse me.

(The party continues, but there are no more signs of Mike. Guess he got stuck in the kitchen, LOL).

Mike Sighting (Crossover to GH)- April 23, 1998  

In the back room at Luke's club. . . Jason's sitting at the desk. Mike asks how his godson is doing. Jason says he's doing real good. Mike's been meaning to come by and visit, but Jason went to Florida and now he's busy with the trial. Jason says the trial won't last much longer, in fact, Justus thinks it will be over in a couple of days. Mike bets that Jason can't wait until Tony gets behind bars. (Jason stands up and walks away from the desk). Mike's worried because he read about Robin's testimony and it looks like it did a lot of damage for the prosecutions case. (Jason turns and faces Mike). He explains that Robin thinks Dr. Jones should be sent to a mental hospital, get help, be released, and be a Doctor again. Mike wants to know if she warned Jason before she got on the stand. Jason thinks she tried, but Robin has a right to do what she wants. It used to be when she told Jason something he would understand or maybe he just trusted that if she thought it was right, it must be. She can't make Jason understand anymore. He wants to and she tries, but it doesn't work out. Mike interjects that a man kidnapped Jason's son and almost killed Robin, so Jason has every right to see Tony pay. Mike can't understand Robin's point of view, because if he were Jason he would be furious. Jason says he's not gonna get mad at Robin over something Dr Jones did. But, what if she gets him released asks Mike. Then he'll go free replies Jason. In the end it's not going to matter much. (Jason walks back to the desk). Mike warns Jason to be careful because if anything happens to Tony, he will be the first one the cops will come looking for. Mike adds it's more important for Michael to have his father around than for his kidnapper to be punished. Jason promises that he won't do anything that will get him separated from Michael. Mike says that’s good to hear. Mike has a bar waiting for him that's low on scotch so he has to get going. Jason promises that after the trial he and Michael will come by to visit. Mike teases Jason about bringing his infant son to a beat up old gin mill. Jason says as long as he's there to visit his godfather, it's okay, right? (Mike laughs) It sounds reasonable to him. He tells Jason to take care and he heads out of the office. Jason sits back down at the desk.

Mike Sighting-Port Charles- April 20, 1998  

The Recovery Room. Grace is sitting at the bar looking upset. Her father was just introduced to Matt (she likes Matt, Matt likes Ellen). Her father gave Matt the cold shoulder. No reason, only Matt's father is a crime lord and Grace just got shot being involved with Matt.  

(Scene 1)

Mike: (Mike sets down a take-out bag in front of Grace and sighs) Nothing wrong with you that my pastrami won't fix (he puts his elbows on the bar and leans in to listen).

Grace: Shows, huh?

Mike: Oh no. Your chin usually hits the floor.

Grace: My parents are freaking over Matt.

Mike: Well, who could blame them after a shoot out.

Grace: I hate fighting with them. Especially since I'm not sure that I'm the one that Matt wants to be with.

(Scene 2)

Now Matt is at Mike bar . . .

Matt: Got anymore of that echinacea tea behind the bar there? (he's pointing behind the bar)

Mike: What? Your own private stash? Comin' right up.(He walks behind the bar and gets a mug). So uh, Grace was in earlier.

Matt: Yeah. Her father wouldn't mind if I took a long walk off a short pier.

Mike: (He's making the tea) You know, you and I are men of action and that involves a certain degree of risk when someone is involved with us.

Matt: I can't guarantee her safety.

Mike: Is she asking you to?

Matt: No. She's not. But, I'm not gonna ask her to take another bullet for me.

Mike: Are you serious about protecting her or are you serious about her?

Matt: You see, now that's just it. I don't know.

Mike Sighting-Port Charles- April 28, 1998

On the sixth floor of General Hospital, Matt is waiting for Mike to show up.

Mike: Hey, I got here as quick as I could. What's up?

Matt: I thought you'd be interested in this (hands Mike a file).

Matt: I had a private investigator check out Chris Ramsey.

Mike: So you still think Ramsey ratted you out to the family?

Matt: Well, the investigator couldn't prove or disprove that. He did find out some very interesting information about the good doctor.

Mike: (reads file) Oooh. This guy's a con artist. Bad checks, insurance scams . . .

Matt: He was broke. Until two days ago.

Mike: Twenty large. Where'd this guy come up with twenty thousand dollars?

Matt: That's why I called you.

Mike: I didn't give it to him. (jokes)

Matt: (laughs) Very funny. The investigator said that he couldn't get any further information other than a deposit. So, I was hoping I might prevail upon some of your contacts to dig a little deeper. Find out where that money came from.

Mike: Yeah. You bet. Kind of curious myself.

Mike Sighting-Port Charles-April 30, 1998

Mike arrives on the sixth floor to meet with Matt. They shake hands and Mike says they need to meet in private . . .

Mike: (in a low whisper) One of my contacts found out where Chris Ramsey got his hands on $20,000.

Matt: What did he do? Con some old lady out of her savings?

Mike: No, no, no. I'll go you one better. This time its mark was Bennett Devlin.

Matt: Why would he give Chris that kind of money?

Mike: Look, you knew the doctor better than I did. I mean, was he the generous type that would make a loan to Ramsey?

Matt: Oh, please. Scrooge had a better rep than Devlin.

Mike: Maybe he had something on Devlin and he decided to cash in on it?

Matt: Maybe $20,000 wasn't enough? Devlin wouldn't cough up anymore.

Mike: So, Ramsey killed the golden goose that he was blackmailing? No. No way.

Matt: Maybe Devlin was going to have him arrested for extortion? That bastard, Ramsey. He nearly got me and several other people killed. He's probably going to let Julia rot in jail for a murder she didn't commit. I'm not gonna let that happen. I'm gonna enjoy bringing Chris Ramsey down, Mike. I think it's time I had a little chat with Detective Garcia.

Mike Sighting-GH crossover-May 13, 1998

At Luke's place . . . Luke has invited Helena over to talk about a few things (her son's wedding, doctored pictures, things like that). Mike walks in with three buddies.

Mike: Hey, hey, Roxy you're back!

Helena: (turns to Luke) Tell your friend Mikey to drop it or I'll drop him.

Luke: She means it Mikey.

Mike: Oh, you're making a big mistake, Roxy. Me and you, pure magic. (He turns to his friends). Gentleman, grab whatever you like, it's (looks at Luke) on the house.

In a later scene, Mike is in the back round as Luke and Helena chat some more. Then Luke reveals the erotic portrait of Helena. She's shocked. Mike stands up and admires it.

Mike: There's something so familiar about the face. Well, that's what I get for looking at her face (his friends laugh).

Mike Sighting-Port Charles-May 15, 1998

(Grace Sullivan, a nurse at the hospital, is the second "General Homicide" murder victim. The interns are having a wake at the Recovery Room. Matt is talking to Mike).

Matt's grieving Grace's death and pouring out his heart out to Mike. Matt says she was such a rare person. She made people feel better, she knew if you needed a good shoulder to cry on or a kick in the pants. That's why she was such a great nurse. She was a great friend adds Mike. Matt says she was so sure that we were right for each other she nearly had him convinced. But, Mike says you can't force love. Matt thinks he should have tried harder. Mike says it's normal when someone gets killed that the people left behind feel if they had done something different it wouldn't have happened. Life is a crapshoot, says Mike, and you have to let go of this guilt. Matt can't because he keeps remembering the last time I saw her and told her he didn't want to date her anymore. What he did was cruel. Mike assures Matt that he was just honest and cared too much to lead her on. Mike thinks Grace would not want Matt to blame himself.

Mike Sighting-Port Charles- August 3, 1998

(Mike opens the door to Matt's apartment. It is dark and he has a flashlight on).

Mike: Matt? (No answer. He looks up at the light fixtures.) Damn electrician.

Mike: Matt? I saw you come home. Are you back here? (He hears the shower water running. He runs over and finds Matt, unconscious, laying on the floor.) Matt? Matt? Omigod. (Mike shines the flashlight on the overhead light fixture. There are burns around the light and there are wires hanging down). Matt! (Mike kneels down. Matt still doesn't answer. He pulls out his out his cell phone and dials 911). Yes. This is an emergency. I need an ambulance at the Recovery Room. Uh, Matt Harmon. He's a doctor at General Hospital. There's been an accident. (He looks up at the faulty light). I think he might have been electrocuted. Hurry!

(Next scene is at the GH emergency room)

Mike: Ellen! It's Matt! (Matt is wheeled in on a gurney, pushed by paramedic Frank Scanlon).

Ellen: Matt? What happened? Frank, what do you have?

Frank: (holding up an IV bag in his hand). He has a mild concussion, burns on one of his hands from his apartment. It looks like electrical shock.

Mike: We're lucky he wasn't electrocuted.

Ellen: Electrocuted?

Mike: Well, there were problems in the building, but the electrician told me that everything was in working order.

Ellen: Vitals? (Frank lists off bunch of vitals and says the head injury is probably due to the fall after he was shocked.) Was he conscious?

Frank: No. He regained consciousness in route.

Ellen: (she orders some tests) Matt do you recognize where you are?

Matt: (weakly) Heaven from the looks of you.

Ellen: You could have been killed.

Matt: But I wasn't.

Ellen: Then it's my lucky day.

(Next scene is back at Matt's apartment)

Mike: I was in the kitchen in the Recovery Room when the circuit breaker blew and I came back to see if Matt was okay. I found him here on the bathroom floor.

Garcia: Hospital said the poor guy took a fair amount of juice. (Looks up at the burnt light fixture).

Mike: Well, he's lucky he's alive.

Garcia: (turns to Mike) Matt's character in General Homicide is electrocuted. The killer called the radio station and said someone else was going to die. Judging from this chain that's what he intended for Matt.

Mike: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I assumed that this accident was caused by faulty wiring or something that I overlooked.You're telling me that this was a murder attempt?

Garcia: You got it.

Mike: Well, I'm telling you, the PCPD better be prepared because the people in this town are going to take the law into there own hands unless you arrest this guy!

Garcia: Mike, Mike, were on it !

Mike: All right, and look where it's gotten us so far? What about Matt? If this freak finds out he survived. . .

Garcia: I've got a twenty-four hour guard posted outside his door. No one is getting in there.

Mike: If you take care of that the way you took care of the telephone threat then Matt could already be dead! I'm going back to the hospital.

Garcia: (sighs, looks on floor and picks up some evidence. It's a button).

(Next scene is back at General Hospital. Matt and Ellen talk about the close call, how much they mean to each other, and are kissing when Mike comes in).

Matt: Hey Mike. What's with the guard at the door?

Mike: (stands behind Ellen). Look, I saw Garcia over at your place and the guard is here because this wasn't an accident Matt. That light was purposely rigged. Someone tried to electrocute you. Just like your character in Kevin's book.

Mike Sighting-Port Charles- August 4, 1998

(In a GH hospital room. Matt has been the victim of the General Homicide killer. He has a bandage on his head and a burnt hand).

Mike: (Standing behind a chair by the bed.)You think Frank and Ramsey tried to electrocute you?

Matt: I don't like suspecting Frank, but I know that Chris would backstab his mother for fifty bucks.

Mike: But they're not even pals. The last time I heard, Frank couldn't stand the guy.

Matt: Well, he and Chris were mixed up together in something to do with Jake and Karen's drugs they were working on.

Mike: It doesn't sound right. Frank's a friend. He's a good guy (sits down in chair).

Matt: I consider Frank a friend too. But, listen to this. Frank told me he wasn't in detox for pain medication. And before Devlin was murdered he gave Frank DL56- Jake and Karen's drug. He got hooked on it. He was injecting himself.

Mike: Wait a minute. What does this drug do?

Matt: Well, according to Karen, it promotes nerve regeneration. But it also has the unfortunate side effects of causing erratic behavior and extreme aggression. And the lab animals that were given the drug? They were just freaking out. Even after the drug was completely out of their systems.

Mike: Sounds like those guys that are taking that bodybuilding steroid.

Matt: That's a good analogy

Mike: You think that Frank had a permanent personality change because Devlin was shooting him up with DL . . . ?

Matt: . . . DL56. Devlin or Chris.

Mike: Oh man, poor Frank. I mean, it's hard enough trying to kick your habit, but to do it because someone else has gotten you hooked, that's a tough break.

Matt: Its criminal.

Mike: So, you think that Frank may have had a personality change by using this drug that would make him try to kill you?

Matt: Well, I can't say for sure Mike, but anything is possible.

Mike: Matt, (Mike sighs) I mean it's a stretch. Even if Frank had been using a drug like DL56, okay. Now Ramsey, on the other hand, that's another story. (Laughs)

Matt: Mike, four people are dead. I was going to be number five. I'm not ruling anything out.

(Ellen walks in the room).

Ellen: Kevin's on the radio. He's trying to get the killer to call in.

(Next scene. Ellen, Mike and Matt are listening to the radio. Kevin and the General Homicide killer are talking the radio. The person is admitting that they tried to kill Matt. They are explaining in detail to Kevin how they tried to electrocute him).

Ellen: Oh my God.

Mike: This guy is a sicko.

Matt: (turns to Mike and Ellen) Listen, if we can find Frank or Chris while Kevin still has this fruit loop on the line, then we can be sure that neither of them did this to me.

Mike: Are you going to be all right here?

Matt: There's a cop at the door, yeah.

Mike: All right

Ellen: All right listen. You take Frank and I'll look for Chris.

Mike: All right. Okay.

(Ellen and Mike walk towards the door).

Matt: Just locate them. Don't get in their faces. But hurry up while Kevin still has him on the phone.

(Next scene. Kevin's talking to the killer on the radio as Matt is listening from his hospital bed. Mike walks in).

Matt: Hey.

Mike: Hey.

Matt: Did you find Frank?

Mike: He's out on an ambulance call, but I left a page and left your room number.

Matt: Well no one called and Kevin's still on the phone with the guy.

Mike: Yeah, I heard. All the radios in place are tuned into that show.

Ellen: (walks in the room) I tried the Nurses station, the on -call room and I walked the sixth floor with no sign of Chris. I paged him, but he hasn't returned the page.

Matt: So, both Chris and Frank are unaccounted for.

Mike: It still doesn't mean that either one of them is the creep on the phone with Kevin.

Matt: But, they both could be.

Mike Sighting-Port Charles- August 4, 1998

(Mike is visiting Matt at GH after he was almost electrocuted by the General Homicide killer. Matt is in his hospital bed and has a bandage on his head and a burnt hand).

Mike: Look, I'm annoyed as hell that someone went after you. Maybe if I'd been around more this wouldn't have happened.

Matt: Mike, it's not your fault somebody tried to kill me. I mean, you saved my life.

Mike: You know, I heard that Kevin's father is being held.

Matt: I mean, the guy's a few fries short of a happy meal, but he's no killer. My bet is on Ramsey. Or maybe Frank. You know, I'm going crazy trying to figure this out.

Mike: Well, don't. You need to relax so you can recover. Listen, why don't you go up to my buddy's cabin up at Pleasure Point for a couple of days? He owes me big.

Matt: Don't tempt me.

Mike: And besides, while you're gone, I can check up on Frank and Ramsey, and you know, maybe they'll let their guard down a little bit if you're not around.

Matt: All right, thanks. You watch your back.

(Ellen walks into the hospital room)

Ellen: Chris Ramsey must have been great at dodge ball as a kid. I asked him why he didn't answer my page when the killer was on the radio with Kevin. He claims he never got it.

Matt: You think he's lying?

Ellen: Well, you know what it's like dealing with Chris. He always seems to be lying. Boy, I'd like to wipe that smug grin off his face.

Mike: Ooh. This one seems a little tense, too. Maybe she could use a little getaway.

Matt: Hey, um, do you want to come play with me in the woods, Ellen? Mike's sending me on the lam. He's offered me his friend's cabin up at Pleasure Point.

Ellen: Can we leave now?

Mike: Terrific. Listen, I'll give Normie a call. He lives close by. I'll run over and get the key and I'll put the key and the directions in your mailbox, Ellen, if that's okay?

Ellen: Are you doing this because you're worried that the killer might strike at Matt again?

Mike: I didn't say that.

Matt: Don't worry, Ellen. This guy's not going to get a second chance.

(Next scene. In the sixth floor hallway, Mike is getting coffee out of the vending machine and sees Frank talking to a young women who works on the floor).

Mike: Hey, Scanlon, how's it going? (women walks away)

Frank: Okaaaay. Thanks for busting into my routine there.

Mike: Ah, just doing Julie a favor.

Frank: Hey, I've got a girlfriend. I'm not dead.

Mike: Yeah, I hear you've been making lots of new friends lately, including Chris Ramsey. (FYI: Ramsey is secretly supplying Frank with DL56, a dangerous unapproved drug that Frank is addicted to).

Frank: Well, you've got some misinformation. I wouldn't waste my time with Ramsey.

Mike: Oh. That's good, because I've been doing a little checking up on him, and the guy's a little on the shady side. In fact, Matt thinks he might have had a hand in his accident.

Frank: Matt mentioned that to me. I really don't see it, but he's entitled to his opinion.

Mike: I guess everyone's a suspect when it comes to the murders. Cops even asked me where I was. I guess you had to tell them where you were when the killer phoned the radio station.

Frank: Mike, I am crushed that you would even ask.

Mike: I didn't.

Frank: Yes, you did. And since you have, for your information, I was working- on my way to a call when that guy was on the radio. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm on duty.