Mike's New Year's Eve

Mike’s New Year’s Eve
December 30, 1999. Mike has agreed to take Gertrude out on the town for New Year’s Eve. He is reluctant, because he had to break his date with Tammy.
Mike: Gertrude. You look ravishing.
Gertrude: Oh. Likewise.
Mike: Well, are you ready to head out to the airport? My pilot is on standby and we're ready to take off.
Gertrude: Well, I’m not sure this date is such a smart idea.
Mike: Any special reason?
Gertrude: Well, all this Y2K brouhaha has made me a nervous wreck. And, well, your plane has a computer, and who knows what could happen.
Mike: I understand completely. Listen, if you would like to reschedule, you name the date.
Gertrude: Oh, no, I wouldn't dream of rescheduling. I would just rather dine here than in New York. Would that be all right with you?
Mike: Being flexible is one of my strengths.
Gertrude: Well, I’ll remember that.
(Next scene. Mike and Gertrude are sitting at a table at the Port Charles Grill)
Mike: So luckily the mayor's an old golfing buddy of mine, so he kept me up-to-date on the numbers. So, in the end, my bid was exactly one dollar over the nearest competitor's (Mike sees Sonny and gets a nervous look on his face).
Gertrude: Oh, dear. Are you all right? Oh, dear.
Sonny: (Walks over to their table) You okay, Mike?
Mike: (Nervously) I’m fine. Fine. Thanks for your concern.
Sonny: What's the matter? You don't want to speak to me?
Gertrude: Do you two know each other?
Mike: Oh, yeah. As a matter of fact, we do. Look, I know you have plans. I don't want to keep you.
Sonny: Actually, you know what? I always have time for dear old Dad. (He sits down at the table and kisses Gertrude’s hand) Hello. Sonny Corinthos.
Gertrude: Gertrude Morgan.
Sonny: How are you?
Gertrude: (Looks at Mike) I didn't know you had a son.
Mike: I would have told you eventually.
Gertrude: Might I inquire why the two of you have different last names?
Sonny: (He’s enjoying watching Mike squirm and his dimples and smile are flashing) Well, my Dad, he changed his name because he was . . . he was ashamed of me.
Gertrude: Oh, now, what could you have done that was so awful?
Sonny: I joined the wrong fraternity in college.
Mike: My son has a rather unique sense of humor.
Gertrude: So, are you in real estate development like your Dad?
Sonny: Real estate development? Ah.
Mike: He knows that I generally don't like to discuss work.
Gertrude: Really? I can't get him to stop talking about it.
(Next scene)
Gertrude: Your father has been telling me about his island Casino. Have you been there?
Sonny: You have an island Casino? You know, it's the first time I ever . . . (Taggert and Hannah walk into the room and Sonny abruptly stops talking. Then he stands up). Sorry for barging in on your evening. Happy New Year.
(Mike and Gertrude continue to dine. But, then Mike sees Tammy. He decides to end the dinner with Gertrude. He goes to Kelly’s to talk to Tammy).
Mike: (Knocks on the door at Kelly’s) Tammy? Tammy, I know you're in there. Look, I’m not leaving, even if I have to stay here all night. Tammy!
Tammy: (Opens the door) What in . . . oh God, Mike.
Mike: Excuse me.
Tammy: Look, the only reason I just let you in here is to keep you from waking up my neighbors. Now, get out of here before I call the police.
Mike: All right. You're upset and you have every reason to be. But, if you'll just slow down.
Tammy: No, Mike. No. Because I have seen every single lying, cheating weasel male in the book and somehow I thought that you just might be different. Okay, my mistake.
Mike: All right, no, no, no. No, look. I'll explain everything. Only not tonight.
Tammy: Okay, good. Why don't you go home right now, make up a really good story, and then mail it to me? Better yet, don't!
Mike: Tammy, please, Please, don't leave. Don't leave. Look. It's almost midnight, and we have very little time to prepare our celebration. I mean, that's what tonight's all about, isn't it?
Tammy: Mike, we had a date for the entire evening, not just the last few minutes.
Mike: I know. But since I’m here, can't we try to make the most of it?
Tammy: Oh, and what happened to your meeting?
Mike: I cut it short. Look, I know it didn't look that way, but it really was business.
Tammy: Yeah, right.
Mike: Come on. You know, it's bad luck to start the New Year's angry.
Tammy: Okay. Okay, Mike. But don't think for one minute that this means that I forgive you.
Mike: And don't you think for one minute that I’m going to stop until you do.