Mike Stays with Sonny on the Island

December 28, 1998. Mike is staying with Sonny on his island. Sonny is not in good shape and Jason was really worried about him. So, he asked Mike to stay with him for a while.

Mike: (Mike walks in and sets a food tray down. Sonny is withdrawn) I made you lunch. Eat. (Sonny pushes the tray away) What are you going to do, throw it at me? You know, Jason's Michael does that to me sometimes.
Sonny: (Irritated and upset) I didn't ask for you and I didn't ask for lunch.
Mike: He speaks.
Sonny: How come the only time you won't walk away is when nobody wants you around?
Mike: You know, I didn't volunteer for this job. I was drafted, okay?
Sonny: Right. Because Jason thinks I need a babysitter.
Mike: You're doing a great job proving him wrong.
Sonny: Do I care what you think of me? Your judgment of my character? I got to tell you something, Mike. You got to give Jason credit. He wants me back in Port Charles and sending you here is enough to change my address.
Mike: So you have been thinking about it at least? About coming back?
Sonny: If I say yes, will you go away? If I say no, will you go away?
Mike: Oh, give it a rest Michael! Have you even asked once about me about anything in my life? What processes I might have had to go through when Brenda died. 
Sonny: (Sonny throws up his hand in anger) Don't even go . . .
Mike: Oh, I'm sorry, forgive me. I spoke the forbidden name!
Sonny: Why don't you go to hell!
Mike: There's no room in hell, Michael. You've taken up all the space.
Sonny: There's no such thing as letting a sleeping dog like with you, is there? You've got to poke it with a stick until it bites. How's the Recovery Room, Mike? How's your health? How's your bench press? Is that tendon in your shoulder still acting up? You go out for a quart of milk, you don't come back for twenty-five years, and you still expect my life to be about you!
Mike: I thought we'd reached some kind of understanding when you left town.
Sonny: Yeah, and based on my understanding, I wouldn't have to look at you anymore! I wouldn't have to listen to you tell me about Brenda, how to feel about Brenda, how to act about Brenda, which you love because it makes you feel important. Because you knew she would always be there to tell me hey, you know, it's Mike, be nice to Mike, be patient with Mike, he's your father. Well Brenda is not around for you to hide behind now, Mike. So I don't have to put up with you.
Mike: You're right. She's gone. And that's probably why I'm here. But what do we have left? I mean, could we ever be anything like a real father and son. Or are we just two guys that a woman we loved kept from killing each other?
Sonny: What do you want me to do? You want me to hug you and weep?
Mike: I don't care what you do but be a man for God's sake.
Sonny: And how the hell would you know what that is?
Mike: Be somebody who takes charge of his life.
Sonny: Like you?
Mike: Who comes up with some way to deal with a loss instead of giving up.
Sonny: Like you?
Mike: Who thinks of another way to honor the dead than by just giving up? Sure, now I remember. There is a way you use me in your life. As a figure of speech to compare yourself to, because you always feel so good in comparison. But not this time. Yeah, I'm scum. I deserted my kid and I deserted my wife. But I am here right now and that works in my favor. And what about you? You deserted the world, to do what? To sit in your room, drunk, scaring dogs and showgirls? You know, I think I stack up pretty good next to that. You did not kill her! Yeah, you hurt her bad. The same way I hurt your mother, almost exactly the same way. You saw that close range. You saw that that could be lived with. And once she got through it, she was okay. She was even happy and she told you herself that she was happy. Her blood is not on your head.
Sonny: (softly) I knew.
Mike: What?
Sonny: What would happen?
Mike: How?
Sonny: With him.
Mike: Him who? Jax?
Sonny: Anybody would know. Look at him. He's the kind of man that, when he was a kid, he always wanted a new one.
Mike: A new what?
Sonny: Bicycle, hamster, wristwatch, it didn't matter. Whatever the cost, no matter how much he said he wanted it, once he got it he lost it, he broke it, but he always got a new one.
Mike: This was not Jax's fault.
Sonny: (Yells loudly) Do not defend him to me now, Mike!
Mike: All right. 
(Next scene)
Mike: Damn nice beach.
Sonny: Nice, it's paradise. I'm sick of it.
Mike: Yeah, well what's keeping you here? I don't see any bars on the windows.
Sonny: I can't go back there, Mike.
Mike: So you keep saying. Because Brenda's gone?
Sonny: She'd be with me every minute.
Mike: Right. She's not here?
Sonny: It's not just about Brenda?
Mike: Is it about your business? Are you worried that there might not be something for you to go back to?
Sonny: Worried, no. That's the way I wanted it. It's just Jason got himself in the middle of something.
Mike: Well his life got a little complicated, just the way you always said it would if you end up caring too much about one person.
Sonny: And then there's you. Always getting on my nerves, you know, everywhere I look.
Mike: Yeah, all right. Well, those are the cons. So what are the pros? Sleep on it. (Mike leaves the room with the food tray).  
Sonny: Hey, what are you trying to do, starve me? (Mike sets the tray down again).