Mike Steals Sonny's Bike

Scene: Sonny saw Brenda and Miguel coming out of the shower at Kelly’s, and calls Brenda a “whore.” He returns, very upset, to Luke’s and runs into Mike. 1995.

Mike: Well, welcome back. We expected you in a little bit earlier, was the flight late? Oh, I see, I guess your new little playmate wasn’t eager to do the Puerto Rican…

Sonny (yelling): Are you ever gonna learn your place here?

Mike: Now, you’re holding my job over my head. Boy you really love to throw your weight around, don’t you?

Sonny: Like father, like son.

Mike: Hey, you know I knew it was gonna come back to me. You mess things up and I take the blame.

Sonny: No wait, wait…not blame, credit. For being my first example in power and how to use it.

Mike: Oh forget about it!

Sonny: No, no stick around, it’s gonna be a real heartwarming, father/son moment. You must remember the bicycle?

Mike: What bicycle?

Sonny: Oh come on, the two-wheeler; silver and red. My grandparents bought it for me back before they lost their business.

Mike: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Sonny: I do. I was only six, but a kid never forgets his first real bike. You came on one of your visits, and you took one look at that thing and your eyes lit up. And I said “boy this is gonna be great! My old man’s gonna teach me how to ride this sucker. Except the next morning, you were gone. And so was the bike.

Mike: Look, I didn’t know…

Sonny: Yeah well, you told mom to tell me that you went out to get training wheels. Then, you forgot to come home.

Mike: I owed some people some money. I was into the ponies real bad back then…besides, you were too small to have a two-wheeler.

Sonny: So you do remember.

Mike: I was hocking everything back the. I was heavy into the tequila, which is why I can’t drink it today, because it makes me do crazy things…

Sonny: Ah you’ve just got an excuse for everything.

Mike: I can’t believe you’re still hanging on to that story.

Sonny: There’s a thousand more where that came from.

Mike: I’m a rat bastard, OK. But you’re not six any more Michael. When are you gonna stop taking it out on the rest of the world, huh?

(End of scene)