Mike Tells Luke His Story

January 1995. Mike has arrived in Port Charles looking for his son, Sonny Corinthos. He hears that Luke is hiring for his new club and Mike asks him for a job. Mike finally comes face to face with Sonny, for the first time in years, when Sonny arrives at the club one afternoon. He is not happy to see his father. In fact, he tells Mike to get the hell out of his life. He wants nothing to do with him. Later, Mike sits down with Luke and tells him why Sonny might be so upset.

Mike: Sonny’s mother was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her family fled from Havana and they landed in New York City. By that time, I guess we both had been through our own personal versions of hell. I just got back from ‘Nam. Early, before it was news. I pulled a full tour and was back in Brooklyn by ’64. I met Adela at a dance. We were both still kids. I was there in my uniform. I guess it made her feel safe. We got married really fast and the baby came ten months later. Sonny. I had a good job at the naval yards. The gambling is what got to her. She just didn’t understand. The booze didn’t help either. There was a poker club. The first time I played I really won big and after that I got hooked. I was always trying to make a killing after that at anything. I was doing it for her and the kid. I was out late at the club, I was out with my buddies. She acted like I was fooling around. Then there were cutbacks at the naval yard. I didn’t get along with my supervisor. I was one of the first to go. I went out right away and I got a job driving a rig. I was happier not working for anybody. I would pull all nighters to East Podunk and back just to keep food on the table. Every time I came home we were at each other’s throats. It was never enough. Finally the point came where I just stopped coming home.

Luke: How old was Sonny?

Mike: About four. Yeah, I got a lot of grief for missing that birthday. She just didn’t get it and Sonny doesn’t either. I’m just not the kind of guy that can stay in one place for very long. Do you know what I mean? I was doing them both a favor. She was free to marry again which she did. A cop. And that hurt because there was never anyone else for me but her. Not in that way. But she got herself a solid guy with a steady gig and a pension plan. Deke Woods. We never liked each other, but he took care of Adela and the kid, so I guess I owe him that.

Luke: You never went back?

Mike: Sure. Oh yeah. I’d show up every once in a while. I’d pick up Michael Jr. He was already Sonny by then. I used to take him to the movies, Coney Island, or the zoo. I even managed to take him to a couple of Yankee games. But, I didn’t stay long. I didn’t feel very welcome. Besides I was usually going somewhere myself.

Luke: Somewhere else more important?

Mike: Well, I told you about that. Bartender, short order cook, rigger. I even tried Vegas for a while. But, what’s the point? They won’t even let you count cards anymore. I guess Sonny was 16 or 17. I found myself back in Brooklyn. But he had already split by then. Maybe he’s more like his old man than he likes to think. And Adela? I don’t know. Something had happened. She got real old really fast and it upset me. Don’t get me wrong. She was still beautiful. I just couldn’t bring myself to see her again. It was six or seven years later, the last time I saw Sonny. I was at Belmont. Oh, I lost a month wages. Sonny was with a couple of sharp looking guys. And at first I don’t think he recognized me. He just stared at me like I was some kind of stranger. That’s when he told me about Adela. She had died. And Deke before her. He could see that I was shaken up so he gave me a C note. Which was decent of him. Although the suit he was wearing was worth ten time that. And that was the last time I saw him until now.

Luke: That explains everything except why you’re here?

Mike: I was at a funeral in December . A friend of mine from ‘Nam. And I was thinking about how Adela was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. And how he didn’t have a mother or Deke anymore. I actually thought that he might need me. I thought he might miss having a family.

Luke: Or vise versa, huh?

Mike: Yeah, whatever. Well, I never had much of a relationship with my own father so I guess history repeats itself.

Luke: Not always! Not with me and my kid.

Mike: You know, Luke. I just wasn’t cut out to be a father.

Luke: We could all say that. It’s a pretty lousy excuse. Why don’t you go to Ruby’s and let Sonny chill for a while.

Mike : Can you put a word in for me?

Luke: I’ll see what I can do.

Mike: Just so you know, I’m not expecting any miracles.

Luke: I’m not promising any.