Mike Warns Sonny to Leave Courtney Alone

Courtney is grilling Sonny about who he is. Sonny tells her there are certain things he won’t talk about. Courtney goes on and on about AJ. She mentions about what happened when Carly lost the baby. Sonny loses it. He smashes some glasses and tells her to stop defending AJ. Courtney is shakes and Mike walks in. January 25, 2002.

Mike: (walks into Penthouse) Sonny? Courtney? What’s going on?

Courtney: My big brother just ordered me out of the room. Not that it matters. I was just leaving.

Mike: What did he do?

Courtney: It’s not important. I guess I’m just getting to know him. Anyhow I’m going. So if you want to see me I’ll be across the hall.

Mike: All right. Well do whatever you want.

Courtney: Do you mean that?

Mike: I do.

Courtney: I want to live with you.

Mike: What? You mean in my apartment?

Courtney: It’s not working out for me here anymore. Please Dad. Let me stay with you.

Mike: I’d love to have you with me. But, my place is tiny, there’s no room, and it’s in a lousy neighborhood.

Courtney: I don’t mind. I don’t mind. I just need to get out of here.

Sonny: If Courtney wants to live with you Mike, then you’re going to have to move.

Mike: I’ll start looking tomorrow.

Sonny: (walks over to Mike with some money) All right. Find yourself a safe place, comfortable.

Mike: (irritated) Just keep your money.

Sonny: If you want Courtney to live with you, you’re going to have to take the cash. You want to do what’s right for your daughter, take the cash.

Mike: (reluctantly takes the money). You ready to go?

Courtney: Yeah, I’ll pack my stuff and I’ll meet you in the lobby.

Alexis: Come on Courtney. I’ll walk you back.

Mike: What the hell did you do to your sister?

Sonny: (walking away from Mike) I don’t have to answer to you.

Mike: I know what I walked in on. You were punishing her with your anger and your silence. I’ve been on the receiving end long enough to recognize the signs. But, this time I’m not going to sit back and watch. I will protect my daughter against anyone, including you.

Sonny: Were finished.

Mike: You won’t change, will you Michael? The second someone disappoints you, the door slams shut and God knows if it will ever open again. You can take your grudges out on me until the day I die. But, don’t ever do anything or take anything on Courtney again. Ever (Storms out of the Penthouse. Sonny puts his head in his hand and breaks down).