Mob Action


On the streets of Port Charles.

Sonny, Duke, and Shawn set up Julian. 1/14

During a mob shoot out, Morgan accidently shoots Max. 12/23/13

Sonny confronts Julian. 10/13

Sonny arrives at the docks and is told that Jason has been shot by Joe Scully Jr. and thrown in the harbor. Sonny jumps in and tries to rescue Jason. After divers do a search, Jason is never found and is presumed dead. 10/22/12

Sonny's arrested for a fatal car crash. 3/12

Sonny confronts Anthony after he finds out he was the one that shot Dante at the warehouse. 2/24/12

Sonny confronts Johnny after someone takes a shot at Dante. Dante talks Sonny down. 2/21/12

Someone targets Dante. Sonny runs and covers Dante when shots ring out. Sonny is shot in the shoulder. 2/20/12

When Sonny reveals the Zacchara secret that Claudia is Johnny's mother, Anthony vows revenge on Sonny's family. 1/12

Sonny gets shot. 1/12

Sonny warns the Zacchara's. 12/11

Sonny tries to help Jason. 12/11

Sonny and Johnny. 9/11

Sonny and Dante track down Suzanne and rescue Brenda's son. 5/11

Sonny visits Anthony and gives him a warning. 4/11

The Balkan kidnaps Brenda and injects her with a deadly toxin. Sonny tries to find her before it's too late and rushes her to the hospital. 3/11

When Sonny is having a nightmare, he is startled awake and points a gun at Brenda. 1/11

When Sonny sees Brenda in Rome, he rescues her from two thugs who try to kidnap her. 9/10

Johnny blind sides Sonny and tries to kill him on Baker Street. Sonny acts quickly and shoots Johnny down in self-defense. 8/10

Sonny talks business with Bernie. 8/10.

Sonny and Jason talk strategy. 7/10.

Johnny Zacchara has been sabotaging Sonny's business for months. Sonny warns him to back off. 6/10.

Sonny visits Jason and Michael in Pentonville. 5/10.

Sonny warns Anthony Zacchara to protect Michael at Pentonville. 5/10.

Michael is sent to Pentonville for killing Claudia. 5/10.

Michael confesses to Claudia Zacchara's murder. He's sentenced for manslaughter and sent to Pentonville. 5/10

Sonny goes to trial for the murder of Claudia Zacchara 3/10.

Dante's been infiltrating Sonny's business as an undercover cop for months. Sonny and Jason's business has been compromised and Sonny gets arrested for the murder of Claudia Zacchara. 2/10.

Sonny finds out that Dominic has infiltrated his organization and is going to arrest him for the murder of Claudia Zacchara. Sonny shoots Dominic for his betray, not knowing he is his own son. 1/29/10.

A mob shootout gone bad. 11/20/09.

The Zacchara's vow revenge after Claudia's death, but tell Sonny other wise. 11/09.


When Claudia is exposed as the one responsible for getting Michael shot, she takes Carly hostage in a cabin. Michael kills her as she's trying to kidnap Carly's baby. Sonny and Jason cover up for Michael, burying Claudia's body, "as close to hell as you can get," and burning down the cabin to get rid of the evidence. 11/09.

Sonny and Jason talk business 10/09.

Sonny is back in charge of his organization.

Sonny: I am operating under the assumption that your first priority is to get Spinelli out from under the Feds.

Jason: No, that's the only priority. Agent Rayner made it very clear. If I cannot deliver Anthony Zacchara, the Feds are going to take Spinelli. I can't let that happen. So I would appreciate any help that you can offer me.

Sonny: But even if I get you onto Anthony, it doesn't solve the bigger issue.

Jason: What that?

Sonny: You can't run an organization if you turn one of your own over to the Feds, even if it's Anthony. No matter what the Feds gave you to get you to play, they have leverage over Spinelli, which means they have leverage over you. It's not good for you down the line.

Jason: I never wanted to run things in the first place.

Sonny: Well, you were pretty adamant about not wanting to give it back to me. Okay, let's say I locate Anthony. What next?

Jason: You tell me. Are you saying that you want the business back?

Sonny: I'm not going to lie to you. I've always considered the organization my own. I built it, nurtured it, and carried its costs. Yeah, I want it back, but I'm not going to fight you for it, you know, anymore.

Jason: I'm done fighting.

Sonny: That's a 180.

Jason: I want my old job back.


Sonny seeks revenge on Anthony Zacchara after he finds out he shot Kate.

After getting shanked and thrown off the pier to die by an enemy, Sonny retaliates and kills Russian mob boss Karpov.

Sonny visits Jason at Pentonville lockup.

Sonny tells Jerry to stay away from his children.

After the Metro Court is destroyed after the hostage crisis, Sonny shoots Mr. Craig, who has a bulletproof vest on. Then Sonny hands Ric the briefcase, but Ric destroys it.

During a hostage crisis at the Metro Court, a defiant Sonny becomes the leader of the group, and tries to save the lives of all the hostages.

A sniper tries to kill Sonny.


Sonny: You're going to bet the house on my brother? You're a bigger fool than I thought you were.

Did you really think I'd let you live?

Corinthos Coffee

I guess fate's not going to let you die tonight.

Sonny's back in charge!


Sonny attacks an enemy.