Mob Glossary

People, places, and events of the Port Charles Mob


Abhrams, Benny
Sonny’s “accountant”. Loyal, smart, and gives good advice. Always just a phone call away. Died of a heart attack during a meeting of the five families. Has a wife named Leah and two nephews, David and Jacob. Full name: Benjamin Eugene Abhrams.

Abhrams, Bernie
The twin brother of Benny Abrams. He an accountant for Sonny. He is a silent partner in Sam and Spinelli's private eye agency. Was a turncoat when he sided with Jason to take over the business. He was shot in Sonny's restaurant in a mob hit, but made a full recovery. Bernie was killed by Joe Scully Jr. at the docks.

Alcazar, Lorenzo
The brother of Luis Alcazar. A drug kingpin from Miami. He will stop at nothing to get his drugs into Port Charles, including bombing Sonny's limousine, putting drugs at the Cellar to close it down, and kidnapping Sonny Corinthos. He gaslights Sonny, with a fake Lily who haunted Sonny. He walked into Sonny's office and tried to kill him, but Sonny shot him in the head. Finally, after years of Alcazar's attempts on his life, Sonny is able to take revenge on his enemy. Alcazar is killed without a trace.  

Alcazar, Luis
A European arms dealer. He took care of Brenda after she went off a cliff in a car with her mother. He tried to destroy Sonny. He blew up Sonny's coffee warehouse. He has also sent Roy Dilucca to assassinate him. He was thrown off a balcony and killed.

Ashton, Ned
Ned has always hated Sonny. He blames Sonny for all the evil things that have happened to his family. He has vowed revenge.  

A network of crime bosses from around the world. Sonny calls them when he needs something done. 

Baines, Jordan
Custody Attorney for Sonny. Direct, sharp, and smart. During the custody battle with Alexis, she won Sonny legal visitation rights with Kristina.

Baldwin, Scott
District Attorney of Port Charles. He's corrupt and will stop at nothing to frame, illegally wire tap, or set up people he wants in prison. 

Balkan, The (Theo Hoffman)
A mysterious and dangerous Russian mob figure that wanted revenge on Brenda. She was dating the Balkan's son, Alexander. She broke up with him and moved to Manhattan. One of her bodyguards was Dante. Alexander went after Brenda and she used Dante's dropped gun and killed Alexander. Brenda was also pregnant with Alexander's baby, but the baby never survived. It's revealed that Theo Hoffman, who has arrived in Port Charles as a lawyer, is the Balkan. He makes a final attempt to kidnap Brenda after her wedding to find out where his grandchild is. When Brenda tells him his grandchild is dead, he injects Brenda with a deadly toxin. Sonny saves her.

Barrett, Cooper
Involved in the hostage crisis at the Metro Court, he was known as #3. Sonny finds out the truth and blackmails Cooper to be a mole at the PCPD.

Benson, Carly (Corinthos-Jax)
Carly has always been around the business. First with Jason, then with Sonny. She likes being the wife of a mob boss. But, her impulsiveness has always gotten her in trouble with enemies. 

Sonny's childhood neighborhood. He had a rough upbringing, with his father abandoning him, his stepfather beating him, and his mother unable to protect him. Sonny was known as "the bad boy of Bensonhurst." He started life in the mob at age 16 with mentor Joe Scully.

Butler, Shawn
Hired mercenary and ex-Marine. He worked for Theo Hoffman (the Balkan) and had orders to kidnap Brenda at her wedding. The plan fails and he eventually turns against the Balkan after he gets wounded in a shootout. Became involved with Carly. He becomes Josslyn's bodyguard to protect her from Franco. Works for Sonny.

Capelli, Detective Andy
A PCPD police officer. He's a by the book cop. 

Full of secret passages and rooms, it has been used over the years for storing merchandise and shipments.

Cates, Stone
Sonny took care of Stone like a brother. But, once Stone messed up with the getaway van during the Frank Smith jail escape, Sonny wisely kept him out of the dirty work.

The Code
Sonny mentions it often, but what exactly is it? According to mob lore it means 1.Obedience  2.Loyalty  3.Honor  4.Pride  5.Silence. 

Corbin, Mike
Sonny's father. He often borrows money from Jason to pay for his gambling. He has also been known to drink a lot. His reputation for gambling is well known and has often been used by Sonny's enemies. Mike has a rocky relationship with Sonny, due to his abandonment of Sonny when he was a child. Due to Mike's gambling addiction he is attending a gambling rehabilitation program.

Corinthos Coffee
Sonny's legitimate business. Sonny imports coffee. The original coffee shop was destroyed in a fire. Sonny also ran the business at the Pozzulo restaurant. He gave the restaurant for Michael to run. He now runs the company at the Metro Court office. Sonny does use his warehouses for both legitimate business and his illegal activity, always making the business a target.

Corinthos, Brenda
Sonny’s first love. Sonny hid his mob ties from her. She was always the target of Sonny's enemies. She ran from a hail of bullets in Puerto Rico, was gunned down in her shower, hit by a car, and trapped in the catacombs, to name just a few mob related incidents. Brenda and Sonny continued to have a strong bond and both have admitted they have always been in love with each other. When Brenda returned to Port Charles after an absence of eight years, Sonny asked her to marry him. Brenda accepted and they became husband and wife. Brenda found out she had a young son and decided she could not live in Sonny's world. She left Port Charles and lives in Rome.

Corinthos, Kristina Davis
Sonny's daughter with Alexis Davis. He wasn't told she was his child until 11/2/04. He went to court and won unlimited visits with his child and wanted to be a dedicated father to her. Kristina has a strained relationship with her father. Sonny has tried to establish a good relationship with his daughter. Kristina attended Yale. She is currently still attending college.

Corinthos III, Michael
Son of Carly Corinthos and A.J. Quartermaine. He will never have to worry about money. He will get most of the profits from Sonny's coffee business, not to mention the Quartermaine's loot. Sonny has adopted him. Michael was shot in the head when he was at the coffee warehouse with Sonny. He was in a coma, staying at a facility in Manhattan, but has now recovered from his coma. Michael wanted to be in Sonny's business for a while, but Sonny told him he couldn't. Michael started working for ELQ when AJ returned to town. Now he is going into the restaurant business.

Corinthos, Morgan Stone
Sonny and Carly's son. When younger, he was ill several times and kidnapped. Morgan loves baseball and karate. He became close to Dante when he learned he was his brother. He was sent to military school. Morgan is back in Port Charles and has a gambling addiction like his grandfather, Mike. When Morgan felt betrayed by Sonny, he went to work for Sonny's enemy, the Jerome family. He also fell in love with Ava Jerome. Morgan has a volatile relationship with Sonny.

Corinthos-Morgan Imports
Sonny's legitimate business. It's all by the book, although the coffee warehouse has been the target of arsonists several times. Michael will eventually inherit the business.

Courtland Street
The seedy part of town. There's lots of bars, seedy motels, prostitution, and drug deals done around these streets. Mike can often be found in one of the local dives.

Davis, Alexis
Sonny's attorney. Alexis was reluctance to get involved with the criminal element of Port Charles, but eventually came to like her client. Alexis always managed to get Sonny out of his legal problems. Alexis and Sonny have a brief romantic relationship and she becomes pregnant. She cuts all ties to Sonny when she blamed him for the death of her sister, Kristina. She gave birth to Sonny's child in November 2002 and named her Kristina. She hides Kristina's paternity from Sonny for over two years, until Kristina gets leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Alexis finally reveals to Sonny that Kristina is his daughter. Sonny and Alexis continue to have a smooth relationship as the parents of Kristina.

Dilucca, Roy
Roy has a long history with the P.C. Mob. He was partners with Luke when Frank Smith wanted a piece of their club. When he arrived back in Port Charles twenty years later, after serving prison time, he was an undercover informant for the FBI. His assignment was to bring Sonny down. He refused to turn on Sonny, but he did tell him the truth about him being an informant. Roy also convinced Carly to turn Sonny into the FBI and join the Witness Protection Program. Sonny calls Roy a snitch and will never trust him.

Dimestico, Ronnie
An undercover NYPD police Lieutenant that supervised "Dominic's" (Dante's) undercover work infiltrating Sonny's crime family. He grew up with Dante in Bensonhurst. He has a past with Franco, who took the rap for a crime Ronnie committed. To repay the favor, he released Franco for another crime Franco did. He joins the PCPD to take Sonny down. A shady cop, he helped Franco to leave town, as well as hide Johnny Zacchara's gun after he was shot by Sonny in self-defense.

Always a hub of mob activity. It’s usually the place where enemies meet. Chances are strong the cops will show up, but it’s never stopped anyone from dumping a body in the river or planning a mob war. It’s always nighttime.

Donev, Sasha
The mob lawyer for Andrei Karpov. Under orders from the Russian mob, she had Mike beaten up, Kelly's burnt down, and the coffee shop in retaliation for Karpov's death. Deceased.

Donnelly, Sean
As Police Commissioner, he closed down the Paradise Lounge, because Sonny was hiring minors. 

It's how Benny the accountant handles all of Sonny's illegitimate income. 

Durant, John
A Federal prosecutor from  Manhattan. He came to Port Charles to take down Sonny. He is also Carly's long lost father. He was disappointed when he could never pin anything on Sonny, though he tried at every turn.  When Manny Ruiz, took some shots at Carly, Durant was hit by a bullet and killed.

Escobar, Juan
Head of an enemy mob family. He tried to take over the Port Charles territory. Dead.

Falconeri, Dante
Claudia hires a hit man to take out Jason. The hit fails, and Dominic Parelli, the hired gunman, is more than meets the eye. His real name is Dante Falconeri. He is Sonny's son with Olivia. He is also a cop trying to take Sonny down. He does not know Sonny is his father. Sonny does not know about his son. Dante infiltrates Sonny's world and collects enough evidence to arrest him for Claudia Zacchara's murder. Sonny shoots Dante, not knowing Dante is his son. Dante and Sonny develop an uneasy relationship. Sonny tells Dante he will love him no matter what he thinks of him.

Falconeri, Olivia
Dante's mother. Sonny's childhood friend from Bensonhurst. She kept Dante's paternity a secret until the day Sonny shot his own son. Sonny and Olivia are close to each as Dante's parents.

Father Coates
Sonny's priest. He makes house calls and enjoys Sonny's generous donations to the church. Sonny has confided in him about his faith (Queen of Angels).

Father McKinsey
A priest at Sonny's church . He's thankful for the after school sports program Sonny's sponsors for the school parish (Queen of Angels). 

Flannery Funeral Home
An undertaker on Fourth Street that handles all of Sonny's soldiers.

Franco, "Frank Robert"
An artist and serial killer. He has killed, kidnapped, and hurt people that are involved with Jason. In a final showdown, Jason kills Franco. Later, Franco shows up alive in Port Charles.

One of Sonny's bodyguards. He questioned Sonny constantly (behind his back) and was very disloyal. His final betrayal was when he worked with the enemy, Lorenzo Alcazar, to transport drugs through Sonny's coffee business. Now he's sleeping with the fishes. 

Garcia, Alex
A cop. He hates Sonny's guts. He used to have a crush on Lily and warned her repeatedly that being married to Sonny would get her killed. 

Giambetti, Maximus
The father of Max and Milo. A legendary old-school gangster. He is feared, ruthless, and has been deported from the US. He has been living in Palermo for the last twenty years. Max told his father that he is the mob boss of Port Charles. Maximus knew within five minutes that Sonny Corinthos is the mob boss of Port Charles.

Giambetti, Max
Sonny's lead bodyguard. He runs errands, drives, and does guard duty. He is secretly in love with Carly.

Giambetti, Milo
One of Sonny's bodyguards. He is the little brother of Max. Sonny says he looks like a Boy Scout and isn't too sure of his skills.

Greystone Manor
Sonny's large country estate. It has plenty of room for his children. A lake, tree house,  and a terrace are among the many amenities in this rustic setting. 

Hayes, Logan
Logan wants to work for Sonny Corinthos. During a shootout at The Cellar, Logan was injured and Sonny paid for his medical bills. Later, Sonny secured a job for Logan working at the Metro Court in security. However, Sonny thinks Logan is too reckless to work for him. At one time, Logan wanted to become a doctor. He served two tours of duty in Iraq with Cooper Barrett. Sonny finally hires Logan to work for him. Logan is killed by Lulu Spencer.

The Haunted Star
A restaurant and casino owned by Luke Spencer and Nikolas Cassadine.

Howard, Kate/Connie Falconeri.
Sonny had a teenage romance with her in Bensonhurst. She was known as Connie Falconeri then. She arrives in Port Charles as Kate Howard, editor of the fashion magazine Couture. Sonny and Kate reminisce about their time together in Bensonhurst and its revealed that Connie broke Sonny's heart when she didn't run away with him. Sonny then went to work for Joe Scully. Kate has ties to Trevor Lansing, who had an affair with Adela. He is also Ric's father. Sonny rekindles his relationship with Kate. They go to Bensonhurst and she helps him face the demons from his childhood. Kate is diagnosed with DID and becomes Connie Falconeri. Connie is murdered.

Sonny’s secret hideaway. It has a nice beach and a casino. He lived there in exile for over a year. He takes his children their for vacation.

Jacks, Jax "Jasper"
A corporate raider. Has a longstanding rival with Sonny that started with his relationship with Brenda. Brother is Jerry Jax. Jax constantly tried to sabotage Sonny. He got Sonny to trial for Claudia's murder (when he knew it was Michael), knew of Claudia's role in Michael's shooting, and constantly lectured Sonny for always putting people in danger. Jax left town.

Jacks, Jerry (aka Mr James Craig)
Jerry Jacks is Jax's brother. At one time, he had a relationship with Bobbie Spencer. He was believed have been killed in a boat accident, but later returned to Port Charles as the alias James Craig. He arrived in Port Charles to do some secret operation business with Alcazar. He tried to obtain a mysterious briefcase at the Metro Court when things went awry and he held many of Port Charles residents hostage. He encountered a defiant Sonny Corinthos, who helped keep the hostages safe throughout the whole ordeal. Killed by Theo Hoffman's men.

Janacek, Aleksander
The son of the Balkan (Theo and Suzanne's son) . Brenda became involved with him and he was abusive and had mob ties. She broke up with him and moved to Manhattan, where he continued to stalk her. She got protection from the NYPD, where a young rookie named Dante Falconeri protected her. Brenda learned she was pregnant with Aleksander's child. In a confrontation, she killed him. Dante covered up the crime. The Hoffman vowed revenge and plotted the kidnapping of Brenda during her wedding to Sonny.

Jansen, Dara
Former District Attorney of Port Charles. 

Jerome, Ava
Art dealer. Brought her daughter Kiki to Port Charles to gain control over ELQ. Believes Sonny stole their father's territory. Ran online gambling operation that intentionally lured Morgan Corinthos into debt. Shot Olivia in botched attempt to kill Franco. Fell in love with Morgan.

Jerome, Julian
Son of crime lord Victor Jerome. Alias: Derek Wells. Owner of Crimson and the Port Charles Press. Ava's brother and mob boss. In the witness protection program for many years and considered a rat due to his testimony against the mob. Came back to Port Charles to claim his father's business territory. Is the biological father of Sam, as he had a brief affair with Alexis when she was a teenager.

Jerome, Kiki
Daughter of Ava Jerome. Married to Morgan Corinthos in July 2013. The marriage is quickly annuled. Kiki starts dating Michael.

Jerome, Victor
New York crime lord. Deceased. Father of Julian and Ava Jerome. Used to control the territory now held by Sonny Corithos.

One on Sonny's bodyguards. He was killed by the Tin Man during a shoot out on the docks. He had two young kids and a wife.

Juarez, Leticia
Michael and Morgan's nanny. Leticia has been with the family since Michael was young. She's very loyal and adaptable to all the needs of the Corinthos clan. Leticia was killed by one of Sonny's enemies, Anthony Zacchara. Both Michael and Morgan were devastated by her death.

Karpov, Andrei
A player in the Russian mob. Has a lot of power in Eastern Europe. Wants to do business in Port Charles, with Sonny's help. Sonny finds out he is importing drugs into Port Charles and ends all deals with him. Karpov attempts to kill Sonny by stabbing him and throwing him off the pier with weights on. Sonny survives. Sonny murders Karpov in revenge.

Lansing, Molly  
The daughter of Alexis and Ric. She is Sonny's niece. She is close to Morgan. She feels comfortable talking to her "Uncle Sonny" and has talked to him about her concerns about having bipolar disorder.

Lansing, Ric  
Ric was first seen in jail on a small Caribbean island. He resurfaced in Port Charles a few weeks later. He speaks Spanish. He claims to be a lawyer and has an impressive resume. Sonny doesn't trust him, even though Ric has offered to be his lawyer. He helped Carly establish a new club. After months of trying to destroy Sonny, a bombshell was dropped: Ric Lansing is Sonny's half-brother.  Ric and Sonny struggle to have a relationship. Ric usually has motives to hurt Sonny. He slept with Claudia Zacchara, who was Sonny's wife at the time. Ric left town.

Lansing, Trevor  
Trevor Lansing is a lawyer from Manhattan for mobster Anthony Zacchara. Trevor is also Ric's father. Sonny’s mother Adela worked for Trevor and they had a relationship. Adela became pregnant with Ric. Adela had to make a choice between Sonny and Ric. She chose Sonny. At Martha's Vineyard, there is a flashback shown of Sonny (when he's 5 or 6) struggling with his mother when she's pregnant with Ric and she falls down the stairs. Ric was told that Sonny was too dangerous to be around. Trevor raised Ric to believe that it was all Sonny's fault that Ric never knew his mother. Trevor doesn't like Ric and doesn't even have a picture of his son. Trevor also helped groom Kate Howard for the corporate world. Trevor was killed during the toxin and fire that destroyed General Hospital.

Lavery, Duke
Robin Scorpio's stepfather. He had ties to organized crime. Duke returns to Port Charles and it's revealed that he's the mastermind behind the plot to kidnap Robin. He's also plotting revenge on Sonny.

Limbo, Joey
Joey Limbo is serving prison time with Anthony Zacchara. Anthony pulls some strings to get him out of prison early so he can kill Sonny Corinthos. Sonny tries to broker a peace agreement with Joey. At a meeting, there is a shootout and Joey and his men get killed.

Sonny uses this for business and pleasure. It's bulletproof.  Unfortunately, Sonny's green Jaguar was destroyed when his wife, Lily, was killed.  

Lopez Brothers
Santos and Tommy Lopez are a rival mob family that aligned themselves with the Zacchara family. They are known for importing drugs, child pornography, and using the method of car bombs as their signature hits. Sonny had Tommy killed (who was watching child porno when Max killed him) to set up Johnny Zacchara, so Santos would go after Johnny for revenge.

Luke’s Club
Originally, both Luke and Sonny were partners of the club. There’s usually a little back room gambling. There's always good music. It was formally the Paradise Lounge. 

Manning, Starr
Starr is driving through Port Charles when she is in a car accident. Her husband and daughter are killed. She has a vendetta against Sonny because she believes he is the one that shot the tires of Anthony Zacchara's car, causing the tragic car accident.

Manning, Todd
Arrives in Port Charles and confronts Sonny in the courthouse, vowing to kill Sonny for causing the death of his grandchild.

Former bodyguard. Usually escorted Carly and Michael around town. 

Marshall, Agent Reese
An FBI Agent. Arriving in Port Charles to help solve the case of Sonny's kidnapped children. Smart, confidant and by the book. She's had advance training and years of field work.  Her own small son was kidnapped and murdered. She is killed from injuries in a train accident.

McBain, John
A former FBI agent and now police detective from Llanview who has a past history with Sonny. He decides to stay in Port Charles to take down Sonny. Their paths crossed when McBain was an FBI agent and Sonny was in Atlantic City laundering money and working at a strip club called the Sea Breeze. John's sister was working there and was murdered. McBain blames Sonny for her death. Sonny tells McBain that it was Joe Scully Jr. who murdered his sister.

McCall, Samantha
Sam had a brief but passionate affair with Sonny. She fell in love with him and also became pregnant with his child. Sonny and Sam are still friends.

Metro Court Hotel
A hotel now owned by Carly. Sonny ordered a hit on the Sandoval family here. There was a shootout between Sonny and the Ruiz family. It's seen a lot of mob activity. There was a hostage crises, with Mr. Craig (aka Jerry Jax) the leader, and the hotel lobby was blown up. The hotel has been renovated. Sonny now has his Corinthos Coffee offices there.

Miller, Diane
Port Charles attorney. Used to represent Sonny and Jason. She dated Max.

Mob Doctor
A doctor that makes house calls and keeps his mouth shut. Many times, Sonny doesn't want to report gun shots or other injuries that will cause suspicion with the PCPD.  

Moreno, Anthony
One of Sonny's enemies. He was a mob boss. 

Morgan, Jason
Jason was the good Quartermaine brother. But, when A.J. drove into a tree while drunk, Jason was thrown from the car and suffered permanent brain damage. Sonny gave him a job and he soon became his right hand man. Jason became Sonny's trusted friend and advisor. He betrayed Sonny when he took over the business because he didn't want Sonny and Emily to be together. Later, Jason did apologize and Sonny and Jason became friends again. Jason was shot by Joe Scully Jr. at the docks and thrown in the harbor by Duke Lavery. He is presumed dead.

The No Name
A mob restaurant. You don’t need reservations, but you have to be “somebody connected” to get in. Sonny used to go often.

The Oasis
A strip club. Courtney worked there to pay off AJ's debt. When Sonny found out he let AJ know what he did to his sister. AJ burnt the place down. 

O’Brien, Johnny
Sonny’s loyal bodyguard. He provides muscle and drives the limousine. He’s usually guarding the Penthouse door. But, he also takes good care of Carly and Michael. Johnny betrayed Sonny and was killed.

Paradise Lounge
Sonny's first business in Port Charles. It was a seedy strip club that was closed down due to hiring minors.

The Port Charles Police Department. Sonny frequents the station often, but it's the last place he wants to be. He's terrified the cops will find out he's claustrophobic and would never last in prison. Not only has he spent many hours in the interrogation room and in lock-up, he was gunned down on the front steps.

The Penthouse 4
Sonny’s place of residence for many years. It has bulletproof windows, a top of the line security system, and bodyguards. However, even with the best security, most Port Charles residents seem to barge right in to either insult Sonny, ask him for money, or ask for a favor.

A prison located outside of Port Charles.

Pier 52
Where a lot of shipments arrive into Port Charles.

Pozzulo's/No Name
Sonny bought the old No Name restaurant and renamed it Pozzulo's. However, people still know it as the No Name. Sonny uses the offices to conduct business.

Port Charles Grille
A popular restaurant used by all of  Port Charles residents. Sonny uses it for romance. But, sometimes he'll meet business associates for his coffee business as well.  It was destroyed in the PC Hotel fire.

Port Charles Herald
The town's newspaper. Often has headlines about mob activities. Mike knows what's going on in Sonny's life by reading the paper. 

Port Charles Press
Newspaper owned by the Jerome mob family. Headlines often used to attack Sonny.

Port Charles River
Used for dumping bodies, guns, or anything else that needs to disappear.

Quartermaine, AJ  
From driving Jason into a tree, causing Carly to fall down the stairs and lose her baby, to marrying Courtney, AJ has always been a problem for Sonny. But when he kidnapped and emotionally abused Michael for months, there was no doubt about the fate of AJ. He was killed in his hospital room by Dr. Thomas. Returned to Port Charles and it was revealed that he faked his death.

Queen of Angels 
A Catholic Church and Sonny's place of worship. He often confides in Father Coates. Sonny and Lily were married here.

Quinn Family
A mob family that controlled Port Charles in the 1950's.

Ratcliffe, Coleman
A lowlife that runs Jake's Bar. Keeps his eyes and ears opened for Sonny about what's going on in town.

Rayner, Thomas
FBI agent charged with curtailing the mob in Port Charles. Had a brief relationship with Alexis Davis.

Bodyguard. KIA.

Bodyguard to Sonny. Assigned to watch Carly and Michael. He turned traitor and Sonny had him "taken care of".

Rick the cop
He sounded the alarm when Luke and Sonny broke Frank Smith out of jail. He is a “by the book” cop, but hasn’t been seen for a while.

Definition: The Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, a federal statute enacted in 1970. The statute allows prosecutors to seek tougher sentences for mobsters if they can prove a connection to a criminal organization or syndicate. In theory, the statute also allows the government to prosecute every member of a crime family once a criminal conspiracy has been proven.

Rivera, Carlos
Hitman for Julian Jerome.

Rivera, Hernando
A crime lord in Puerto Rico, he was Sonny's father-in-law. He promised to keep Sonny out of jail if he married his daughter, Lilly. He ordered a car bomb to kill Sonny, but instead killed his own daughter.

Rivera, Lily
Sonny's first wife. She was a school teacher and loved kids. She played the piano and liked the snow. She was killed in front of Sonny's eyes, in a car bomb. He still has nightmares about it.

Rodriquez Detective
A detective at the PCPD.

Rosales, Alberto
One of Sonny's enemy's. A high-profile, South American businessman. Did some business with Alcazar, trying to run guns through Port Charles.

One of Sonny's enemy's. He tried to ask Alexis out on a date, he beat up Zander, and he threatened Carly. Jason "took care of him" for Sonny.  

Roscoe, Faith
Rosco's widow. She took over her husband's business. She wanted revenge on Sonny, who she suspected had her husband killed. She poisoned her own grandmother to keep a promise that she wouldn't go after Sonny while Nana was alive. She poisoned Elizabeth's lemonade to get her out of the picture. She hired a man to drug and rape Carly. She was killed for her role in the kidnapping of Sonny's three children.

Ruiz, Hector
Mob boss out of Miami. Father of the Ruiz brothers, who was murdered by his own son Manny for refusing to avenge Javier's death at the hands of Jason.

Ruiz, Javier
Came to town from Miami soon after his brother Manny did, seeking revenge on Sonny. Dead. Shot in hospital stairwell by Jason.

Ruiz, Manny
An enemy, from a rival mob family from Miami. He was gunned down at the park by Ric and Jason. His brother Javier, came to town for revenge. He harasses people in Port Charles. Manny has been a menace for a while, killing John Durant in a shootout meant to kill Carly. He also kidnapped Sam and tried to tattoo her. Manny was killed by being pushed off of the hospital roof by Jason.

Ruiz, (Father) Mateo
Manny's identical twin brother. He arrived in Port Charles from Miami in the hopes of making amends for his brothers crimes. Father Coates explains that Father Mateo is a reformed ex-con (who broke up a riot in prison) who became an ordained priest and is now working with troubled teens.

Safe House
The houses scattered around Port Charles and elsewhere that Sonny uses for someone when they are in danger. 

Sandoval Family
An enemy mob family. Sonny ordered them eliminated in revenge for the kidnapping of his three children.

Santiago, Juan
The son of Lily Rivera and Miguel Morez. He came to Port Charles looking for his father, who he thought was Sonny. Sonny had promised Lily he would always look out for her son, who she gave up for adoption when she was young. He wants to have a singing career.

Scorpio, Mac
Port Charles Police Commissioner. He is always trying to get solid evidence on Sonny, with little success. When Stone was sick, Mac was able to see Sonny's compassionate side. Mac doesn't  like that his niece, Robin, is friends with Sonny.

Scorpio, Robin
Became a close friend of Sonny during her relationship with Stone Cates. Sonny valued Robin's friendship. When Robin because HIV positive, Sonny helped her to decide to start her medication protocol. Robin helped Sonny and Brenda to reunite in 2010. Robin died in fire at the hospital lab. Sonny was devastated by her death. Robin turns up alive and returns to Port Charles for a brief period.

Scott, Hannah
An FBI agent assigned to get evidence on Sonny Corinthos. She eventually fell in love with him. She never did turn him in, but when Sonny found out they were finished. She's the daughter of Roy Dilucca.

Scully, Joe Sr.
Sonny’s mentor. Sonny was out stealing car’s when he was sixteen. He took Joe’s car for a spin and Joe caught him. Sonny thought he was a goner, but Joe took him under his wings and showed him the ropes of the mob underworld. When Joe showed up in Port Charles he wanted Sonny's territory. Sonny refused. There was a showdown and Sonny was forced to kill Joe to save his own father. 

Scully, Joe Jr.
Joe Scully's son, who was a bully and screw up. Sonny had to clean up a lot of his messes. Sonny was asked by Joe Sr. to go to Atlantic City to help with a strip club called the Sea Breeze. Joe Jr was running it into the ground. John McBain's sister Theresa worked there. Joe Jr. killed her. Sonny was trying to help her. Sonny took the rap, but Joe Sr. got the case dismissed. When Kate was waiting for Sonny one day, Joe Jr. attacked and raped her. Kate became pregnant and didn't want to tell Sonny. She feared that Sonny would kill Joe Jr. for revenge and as a result, Joe Sr. would have Sonny killed. Jason shoots Joe on the docks and he later dies from his wounds.

Silver, Harry
Harry was Sonny's loyal right hand man, before he betrayed him. Harry always had special feelings towards Lily and helped Hernando Rivera plot to kill Sonny. Lily was killed instead. Sonny ran him out of town. He returned a few years later to torment Sonny and Brenda in the catacombs. He died in the caves.

Smith, Damien
Was the son of organized crime boss, Frank Smith. He was accidentally killed by Justus Ward.

Smith, Frank
Longtime crime boss of Port Charles. Ran Luke Spencer out of town. He was broken out of jail by Luke and Sonny. He was eventually killed in a Puerto Rico graveyard by Luke.

Smith, Zander
He originally worked for Joseph Sorel, but eventually testified against him and helped to put the mobster behind bars. He now works for Sonny at the coffee warehouse and also runs errands. He's currently keeping a close eye on Carly.

To inform or turn informant. Sonny has used this term often to describe Roy Dilucca. 

Sorel, Joseph
One of Sonny's enemies. He has made numerous threats to Sonny's territory. He kidnapped Bobbie Spencer. He used Mike's gambling problems to try and bribe Sonny. He harassed Carly. He sent a bomb to Sonny's house. He held Carly, Alexis, and Zander hostage. He hired assassins dressed as cops to kill Sonny and Zander at the courthouse. He killed the husband of his daughter, Angel. He also stabbed Sonny at the cemetery. He was killed by mysterious circumstances at General Hospital.

Spencer, Lucky
Luke's son. Sonny and Lucky were very close when Lucky was young. He is now a cop at the PCPD.

Spencer, Luke
Has a long history with the mob. At one time, Luke ran a disco that was a front for mob boss, Frank Smith. Luke’s partner was Roy DiLucca. Returning to Port Charles years later, he worked for Frank Smith again and did odd jobs with Sonny. Sonny was ordered to kill Luke, but refused. Luke cut his ties with the mob when he killed Frank Smith in Puerto Rico.

Spinelli, Damian
A high-tech computer geek that has been used by Sonny to gather computer information, run errands, and follow orders. He calls Sonny "The Godfather."

St. Joseph's Cemetery 
Lily Corinthos is buried here. Sonny often visits her grave site. His enemies have often followed him there. Harry Silver unburied Sonny's wedding ring and Joseph Sorel stabbed him in the back.

St. Timothy's Church 
The church where Sonny and Brenda were supposed to get married. Sonny and Jason staged Sonny's murder in front of the church, with Ray as the shooter, to frame Alcazar. Brenda returned, after five years of being presumed dead, and witnessed Sonny falling to the ground in front of the fountain.

Works for Sonny as a "computer consultant." He uses a lot of high tech gear, including listening devices, a laptop, a van used for wire tapping, and other equipment to keep an eye and ear on Sonny's enemies. A turncoat, as he went with Jason when he stole the business.

Stanwick, Suzanne (Stephanie Wayne, The Balkan's wife)
Suzanne took on the role of a journalist and child advocate in order to get close to Brenda. She wanted to know what happened to her son, Alexander, who Brenda had killed in a confrontation in Manhattan. Suzanne gained Brenda's trust by working with ASEC (Alliance to Save Exploited Children), which was close to Brenda's heart. It was all a ruse to help her husband get revenge on Brenda for killing their son.

Taggert, Marcus
Lieutenant Taggert is Sonny’s nemesis. His mentor was Deke Woods, Sonny’s evil stepfather. Taggert is convinced that Sonny was the one that killed Deke. He followed Sonny to Port Charles and has vowed to chase Sonny down until he is rotting in jail for life.

Tagliati, Sammy  
A member of one of the families. He paid a visit to Carly the night of Sonny's "funeral"  to pay his respects. He also offered Carly two million dollars which were Sonny's holdings. Carly refused, vowing "Sonny would never roll over for the likes of you and neither will I."  

Timothy & Kenneth
Two bodyguards assigned to watch AJ Quartermaine and Courtney in the hospital. They let them get away. When Sonny found out he said to Benny, "They're incompetent and I don’t want them ever in a position to fail me again." 

Tin Man
Was sent to Port Charles to kill Sonny. Made origami out of gum wrappers. Sonny eventually killed him on the docks and dumped his body in the river. 

One who betrays a trust.

Trujullo Family
Mob family. They have assisted Theo Hoffman (the Balkan) and have sided with Johnny Zacchara against Sonny several times.

Walsh, Claire
Claire is a Federal attorney that arrived in Port Charles to prosecute Sonny during his trial for Claudia's murder. After the trial, she softens towards Sonny when she realizes he was protecting Michael the whole time. She vows to help get Michael released from prison. Claire has a brief affair with Sonny. Claire briefly joins Diane and Alexis's firm, but then leaves town.

Ward, Justus
Justus is sometimes used as one of Sonny's lawyers.

Sonny uses a lot of warehouses around the waterfront. They are used for shipments, business, and "taking care" of enemies. They are often the targets of arsonist.

Winters, Dr. "Lainey" Louise
A psychiatrist at General Hospital. She diagnosed Sonny with bipolar disorder and treated him in therapy.

Zacchara, Anthony
A New York City crime boss that came to take over Port Charles. His specialty is drugs. He has a bad reputation and makes John Gotti look like a camp counselor. Trevor Lansing is his lawyer. However, when Sonny finally comes face to face with Anthony Zacchara, he discovers the infamous mob boss is unstable and not running the organization. Trevor Lansing has been calling the shots for years. At the Black and White Ball at Wyndemere, Anthony Zacchara is shot, paralyzed, and sent out of town. Anthony returns to town, faking his paralysis. He makes a deal with Sonny to take over his organization on one condition: Sonny marry Claudia Zacchara. Sonny agrees. Anthony is sent to prison when the FBI goes after him. Anthony is released from prison and continues to make moves against Sonny. Killed by Johnny.

Zacchara, Claudia
The daughter of Anthony Zacchara. She arrives in town and has a one night stand with Sonny Corinthos, neither knowing they are sleeping with the enemy. They meet face to face a week later at a mob meeting, realizing their true identities. She has vowed to take over Sonny's territory. She was also abused by her father when she was a child. Claudia marries Sonny in a business proposition. Claudia was the one that ordered the hit on Sonny that puts Michael in a coma. When the truth finally comes out on Claudia, she is killed by Michael in a cabin, when she attempts to kidnap Carly's newborn baby.

Zacchara, Johnny
The son on Anthony Zacchara. He witnessed his mother's murder when he was young, which has caused him to be mentally unstable. His father, Anthony was going to shoot him, but his mother intervened and was killed instead. He is considered wild and out of control. He has a long criminal record. He is not loyal to Sonny. Johnny wants revenge on Sonny after the death of his sister. He testified against Sonny in court and used Kristina to instigate a mob war. He later made a truce with Sonny. Johnny continues to sabotage Sonny by planting drugs in his warehouse and helping his father in crimes against Sonny. Johnny is sent to prison.