Mob Headlines


Sonny Corinthos often makes the headlines.

Port Charles Press

Sonny reading about AJ's funeral. 4/14.

Port Charles Press

"Corinthos in the Crosshairs." 10/13.


John McBain keeps an old clipping from Sonny's past.

"Atlantic City Gang Violence Ends in Young Women's Death." 4/16/12.


Sonny's trial goes to the jury.

Port Charles Press

"In the Jury's Hand Now". 4/16/12.


Sonny makes headlines when he's charged with murder in a fatal car crash. 3/09/12.


Sonny reads the morning paper at his restaurant. 7/21/10.


"Son of Sonny Bludgeons Step Mom."

"Junior Corinthos Inherits Crown. Kills Crime Dad's Wife."

Sonny pours over the headlines in the Port Charles Herald when Michael is charged with manslaughter. 5/6/10.


"Port Charles Mob Boss Indictment Tied to Cop Son."

Sonny reads the headline in the Port Charles Herald on the day of his arraignment. 2/24/10.


The day after Michael kills Claudia, he asks about the news headlines. The TV is saying "Mob princess missing." Sonny tells Michael that "Claudia's the big story," in the Port Charles Herald. 11/06/09.


Sonny reads the Sports section of the paper. 9/5/07.

Sonny reads the morning paper . 6/14/07.

"Corinthos Mistress Gives Shootout Tips." 4/17/07.

When Sam gets a TV show, Sonny starts getting unwanted publicity.

"Alleged Mob Rivalry Ends in Bloodshed." 1/22/07.

When Sonny shoots Alcazar in self-defense, it makes headlines.

"Acting D.A. Vows to Clean Up The City." 10/06.

"Corinthos Shows Support for District Attorney Lansing"

Sonny: You're late, Ric.

Ric: Yes, well, I've been busy all morning doing damage control after the little show you put on last night.

Sonny: Yeah, I read that when I was having coffee this morning. You know, in photographs, the family resemblance is spectacular.

Ric: That's cute. What were you trying to prove, Sonny?

Sonny: That blood's thicker than water.

Ric: You know, you couldn't have made me look any worse than if you had handed me a whole briefcase full of cash with the cameras rolling.

Sonny: Good idea. Maybe I'll do that next time.

Sonny teaches Ric a lesson with some headline news. 9/13/06.


Sonny: Max?

Max: Hi, boss.

Sonny: What are you doing outside a shrink's office?

Sonny runs into Max reading/hiding behind the PC Herald. 7/14/06.

"We were making love when bullets started flying!."

Sonny and Emily get treated to some bad press. 4/6/06.

"Crime-Lord Corinthos Admits to Murder of AJ Quartermaine."

Sonny will do anything to protect Michael, so he confesses to AJ's murder. 5/16/05.

"Memorial Playground Dedication Today"

Michael reads the newspaper headline in disbelief. 4/05.

During his children's kidnapping crisis, Sonny reads some clues in the classified section. The clue: "Meet me in the park at the gazebo today at 3:00." February 2005

The headline isn't clear, but the foot is. It's Sonny Corinthos, paying Lorenzo Alcazar a visit. July 2003

"Crime Lord's Hopes Dim. Wife May Be Dead." July 2003

"Search Continues for Kingpin's Wife" "Corinthos Offers Three Million" June 2003 

"Murder Attempt Made on Sonny Corinthos"

May 2003 (Attempted Car Bomb)

"Corinthos and Morgan Held for Alcazar Murder"  December 24, 2002

"Mob Boss Murder Probe Continues."

Sonny reads his own obituary in the paper.








"Alleged Racketeer to Wed."

Sonny as a Paper Boy

Sonny: I used to sort papers for pocket money. I used to work for this little guy named Mr. Meyers. He hated working in the morning. He had a paper stand, so I had to get up and work from 5:00 to 8:00. You know, I'd see the cars pass and the businesspeople on their way to Manhattan. They'd stop and I'd give them their paper. The gutters were full of slush, so my feet, you know, my shoes, they'd get all soaked, but it didn't matter because I got better tips that way. And every so often, a limo would pull up and I'd never see the passenger. Only the driver, but I knew who it was, everybody did. The man was respected. He controlled the neighborhood. So I'd bring the paper to the driver and he'd tip me a buck. And I'd stand there in the slush and watch the limo just pull away, and I promised myself that one day I'd be riding in the back. I'd be so important, I wouldn't have to buy my own paper, and so powerful, I would never have to see snow if I didn't want to. And the first chance I got, I bought a casino down here. And now I get the paper delivered every morning. I never even see who drops it off.