Molly Davis Lansing

Molly is the daughter of Ric and Alexis. She is Sonny's niece. Alexis delivered the baby under stark conditions when she went into labor after a train collision. Robin and Emily were able to assist with the delivery.

Molly has a very outgoing personality, is booksmart, and intelligent. She can usually be found reading a book or informing other people some new fact that she has just learned. Molly is close to her sisters Kristina and Sam. She likes to hang out with her cousin Morgan, who is around the same age.

Molly is quite close to Sonny, due to the fact that she is around him a lot since she is with Kristina, Michael, and Morgan so much. Molly calls Sonny, "Uncle Sonny. She has gone to him several times to interview him for school projects. Once interviewing him for a school project on how criminals can beat the system. She also has talked to Sonny about what it's like having bipolar disorder.

When the kids were involved in a bus crash in the mountains, Molly was able to keep a level head and knew all about first aid and how to survive in an emergency.