Morgan Corinthos

Morgan Stone Corinthos was born on October 24, 2003 and delivered by his father. He was a healthy baby and loved listening to his father's voice. He was baptized at the Queen of Angels by Father Coates on December 19, as Sonny gave him the name Stone in tribute to his friend. Jason and Courtney are Morgan's godparents.  .

Morgan had to be hospitalized due to a high fever. He was diagnosed with Scarlet Fever but recovered.

Morgan, along with Kristin and Michael, was kidnapped by Faith Roscoe. He was returned to his parents unharmed.

Morgan has always adored his older brother Michael. He is very close to his brother and Michael was often seen helping Morgan out, holding his hand, and playing with him.

As a kid, Morgan was a restless kid, jumping up and down, playing with toys, and fidgeting when adults are talking to him. Morgan likes to eat healthy food, like his father.

Morgan was devastated when his brother Michael was shot and injured. Morgan missed his brother very much.

Morgan was thrilled when Michael recovered from his coma. Morgan likes video games and baseball. He is an avid fan of the NY Yankees. He also like karate. Morgan attends the private Catholic school, the Queen of Angels. Morgan is close to his cousin, Molly Lansing. Morgan also got close to Dante, who was working for Sonny. Morgan did not know Dante was his real brother.

Morgan gets hit by a car at the carnival, but is not injured because Dante jumps front of the out of control car and saves Morgan's life. Sonny is very grateful to Dante. Morgan continues to develop a friendship with Dante. When Morgan finds out that Dante is his brother, he confronts Dante about their friendship and asks if Dante was only using Morgan to arrest his father. Dante insists their friendship was sincere.

When Sonny goes on trial for killing Claudia (to protect Michael), Morgan is used by the prosecution. He is put on the stand to testify in court. Morgan does a great job, but is upset because he wants to make sure he didn't do anything to hurt Sonny or Michael. Sonny assures Morgan that he did fine and he is sorry he had to go through it. Morgan tells Sonny that when everything is over, he wants them all to go to a baseball game.

Carly tells Sonny that she doesn't want Sonny to have anything to do with Morgan. Sonny is heartbroken and has a heart to heart talk with Morgan. He tells him he will always be there for his son and that he will always love him. Morgan misses his father and continues to want to see him.

Morgan breaks his leg when the kids go on a ski trip. Sonny goes to the hospital to comfort Morgan. When Sonny gets married to Brenda, Morgan welcomes his new stepmother into the family.

Carly sends Morgan to military school.

Morgan is attending Vanderbilt college when he gets involved in online gambling. Sonny gets concerned when Morgan goes missing. Sonny suspects that Morgan was lured into the scam by the Jerome mob family. Sonny goes to search for Morgan. He pays off Morgan's $50,000 debt and brings him back to Port Charles.

Morgan gets involved with Kiki Jerome. Morgan knows that Kiki doesn't love him and is love with Michael. He hurries a marriage with Kiki at the courthouse before she finds out she really isn't Michael's cousin and can date him. Morgan is furious when Sonny tells the truth about Kiki. As a result, Morgan starts working for Julian Jerome, Sonny's enemy.

Morgan and Sonny continue to have a volatile relationship.