Morgan’s Baptism    

Sonny is at the Queen of Angels Church. He says a prayer before everyone arrives and talks to an old friend. 12/18/03.

Sonny: Hey, Stone, how you doing? My son's being baptized today. We named him Morgan Stone Corinthos after you and Jason. And one day, when he comes to me because he's facing some difficulty or he thinks he can't handle something, I'm going to tell him all about you. Because I've never known anybody with the courage to handle the disease the way you did. So say a little prayer for my little boy. I know with you watching over him, he's going to grow up someday to be good and brave just like you. Amen.

Carly: Sonny? Are we interrupting?

Sonny: No, no, no. I was just talking to an old friend.

Father Coates: Have the godparents arrived yet?

Sonny: I've got to talk . . .

Courtney: Sorry we're late.

Carly: Thank you for coming.

Sonny: Are you ready for this?

Mike: Doesn't Morgan look handsome?

Michael: He's wearing a dress.

Bobbie: No, Michael, it's a gown.

Michael: It still looks funny to me.

Mike: You know, you were wearing the same thing the day you were christened, except your hair was a little lighter.

Michael: Sounds better.

Father Coates: Shall we get started?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, let's get this ready. All right. 

Father Coates: Dearest father in heaven, bless this day of new beginnings. Smile upon Morgan Stone Corinthos and surround him with the mantle of your love. As we welcome Morgan into the family of your church and the light of your redemption, bless also those surrounding Morgan . . . his mother and father, brother, godparents, grandparents, and all those who love him. Grant that they may teach and guide Morgan to a strong and abiding faith in you, O lord. Amen.

Father Coates: Jason and Courtney Morgan, you've come here today as this child's godparents to present him for the sacrament of baptism. It will be your constant care to bring him up in the practice of the faith and to see the life god gives him is kept safe from sin. If your own faith makes you ready to accept this responsibility, please renew the vows of your own baptism. Do you reject sin so as to live in the freedom of god's children?

Jason and Courtney: We do.

Father Coates: Do you reject evil and refuse to be mastered by it?

Jason and Courtney: We do.

(Morgan fusses)

Jason: It's ok, buddy.

Father Coates: Heavenly father, you have blessed this child. Teach him to follow in your footsteps and live in the ways of love, faith, and charity. Amen.

All: Amen.