Not a lot of mob action here. Sonny takes Michael to the park to have a picnic, play on the swings, or ride his bike. Sometimes they get an ice cream. The park can be dangerous, as Michael almost fell through the ice when he was playing hockey. Sometimes, Courtney can be seen walking her dog, Rosie.   

Sonny:  Let's get out. I could use an ice cream. 

Jason: (Walking through the park). We really shouldn't be out in the open like this.  

Sonny: This won't take long. (Sonny hands Jason an ice cream cone). Would you relax and enjoy the day.

(Join Sonny and Jason for an ice cream)

Jason: (Starts eating his ice cream). 

Sonny: Michael loves coming here. It's a nice place.  So does Morgan.

Jason: Yeah, but you still have to be careful. You never know who will be hiding in the bushes. 

Sonny: When we thought Michael was dead, *clears throat is sadness* we dedicated the playground to him.

Jason: *Leans over, whispers quietly* That was the day Sonny ordered the hit on the Sandovals. It was brilliant. Wiped the whole family out. It was sweet revenge if you ask me.

Sonny: *Cautions Jason not to reveal anymore* I have a responsibility to protect my family. Always.

Jason: *Nods head in agreement* Sonny still went ahead with the dedication and now the park looks great. Morgan loves this place too. He loves going to the gazebo.


Mob Haunts