Penthouse 4

Sonny Corinthos' residence at Harbor View Towers. A bodyguard stands at the door at all times. The windows are bulletproof. The police raid it often. Sonny conducts most of his business here. 

Sonny: The Penthouse has a great view.  

Jason: Would you ever leave?

Sonny: It has a great kitchen. It's the safest place for me in the city. Plus, it has a lot of memories here. I took care of Stone when he was sick and had his memorial here. Michael has practically been raised here.

Jason: Sorel sent a bomb here. 

Sonny: Yes. He's the only one that breached my security. I strapped a bomb to myself to save Carly, Alexis, and Zander. It was the only way. 

Jason: But, it looks good now.

Sonny: Well, after living at the Penthouse for almost ten years, I decided to sell the place. My children need a bigger place, they need a backyard, and Michael found the perfect place for us. We now live at Greystone.

Jason: A fantastic place. We did get off the a bad start with security, but I'm on that now.

Sonny: I hope so, Jason.

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