Put Up Your Dukes

Maurice Benard (Sonny) steps into the ring!

Soaps In Depth  

February 5, 2002

It’s no uncommon to see General Hospital’s Sonny rough up a foe. But, when his portrayer, Maurice Benard, spars with an opponent, it’s in a boxing ring. He’s played football and baseball, but the actor finds no other exercise to be as exciting a workout. For nearly three years, he has been training with Jeff Mulvin at The Jet’s Gym in North Hollywood. And lucky for us, he invited Soaps In Depth along for a session!


"I took tae kwon do when I was a kid," says Benard, "but I've always loved boxing."



Oh, there's nothing better," says the actor of his workout of choice. "Boxing is one-on-one. The adrenaline you get from it is absolutely incredible."



"I'm so obsessed with boxing, admits Benard, with sparring parter Majid Raees. "I'm way too old, but if I could quit acting, I'd love to box. Just the thought excites me!



"I usually to two times a week, but lately I've been going three days a week," explains Benard.