Queen of Angels

Sonny's place of worship. He was married to Lily at this church. Many other events in his life have taken place here as well. Michael was baptized here. Sonny has generously donated to his church, including a Virgin Mary statue, an organ, and has contributed to the after school sports program. Sonny attends church regularly and is often shown making confession.  

Sonny:  This is a beautiful church. Father Coates is a wonderful priest. I seek his guidance a lot.  

Jason: Sonny's a very religious person.

Sonny: Well, I did have a Catholic education. My mother said the rosary every night. Sometimes I do have some doubts about my faith, but it helps to talk to Father Coates.

Jason: Sonny takes me to church sometimes. I notice that everyone dresses up. I don't like that. 

Sonny: That's not what church is about, Jason. 

Jason: Yeah, I always wear my jeans. 

Sonny: (Shakes head) My mom wanted me to be a priest, but things didn't quite work out that way.

Jason: (With seriousness) I think you'd make a good priest.



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