Sonny & Mike Quotes

Sonny: You were generous with the people you love.
Mike I'm a gambler, Sonny. And when you win, you're the greatest guy in the world, and when you lose, you can turn into a monster. And it took your mother a long time, but she finally realized she had to let go.
Sonny: You chose gambling over her. (6/06).

Sonny: Where you been, Pops? 
(When Sonny was stuck in the catacombs and finally got out, Mike was waiting for him. 3/97)

Mike: The only place life has order is at . . . 
Sonny & Mike in unison: The ballpark.
(In the summer when Lily died, Mike invited Sonny to go to a baseball game. 7/96).

Sonny: You dumped all that money on the stock market?
Mike: Look it paid back, big. I reinvested it. In a couple of weeks I'll have more.
Sonny: Edward's setting you up, Mike!
Mike: It's not like that. 
(June 6, 2002)
Sonny: I'm rich, Mike. You're not and you never will be. That's nothing to be ashamed of. I've never looked down on you for that.  
Mike: The hell you didn't.  
Sonny: You walked out. You failed my mother. If you were rich as god, I'd still despise you for that. I've never cared that you were broke. That's another thing you don't understand. 
Sonny: Do you need some cash? Do you want me to make some arrangements?
Mike: What I need?
Sonny: Yeah.
Mike: I need my son to believe I can actually do some good for a change.
(Sonny asking for Mike’s help with Courtney. 3/15/02).

Mike: "It's true that there are parts of your childhood that remain sketchy for me."

Sonny: "Such as grades 1-12?


Mike: The first time was unpaid parking tickets.
Sonny: That's a scary one. 
(Mike explaining why he was in jail, 1995).

Sonny: You're the father. You're supposed to have the answer! So tell me what to do for her. Whatever she needs, I’ll give it to her. Tell me! 
Mike: I don't know.
Sonny: There it is. The truth for once. You don't have a clue what Courtney wants and neither do I.
(February 8, 2002).
Mike: You won’t change, will you Michael? The second someone disappoints you, the door slams shut and God knows if it will ever open again. You can take your grudges out on me until the day I die. But, don’t ever do anything or take anything out on Courtney again.
Mike: Sonny . . .
Sonny: We're finished here.
Mike: Not even close. 
(12/28/01. Mike isn't going to let Sonny shut him out of his life this time). 
Sonny: I’ll never have the chance to thank Mike.
Brenda: No, Mike knows. He loves you.
Sonny: That’s something, huh.
(In the catacombs, Sonny confides that he was glad Mike came back into his life).  
Mike: Families are tough.
Sonny: Yeah.
Mike: Other people depend on you. I mean, not that I’m any good at it. I always let everyone down who’s ever loved me. But, you know it's not just you . . . 
Mike: Sonny, he made you better. Hang on to that instead of punishing yourself.
(Mike visiting Sonny soon after he and Carly lost their baby).
Sonny: Why don't you go to hell!
Mike: There's no room in hell, Michael. You've taken up all the space.