Remembering Mike Corbin

Ron Hale has played the character of Mike Corbin on General Hospital from 1995-2011. Ron has announced his retirement and will no longer be seen on General Hospital.

Mike will be missed on the show. Mike arrived in Port Charles in 1995 as the long lost father of Sonny Corinthos. Sonny was abandoned by Mike as a young boy and his mother remarried an abusive cop. Sonny had a lot of issues with his father and never really trusted Mike to stay in town. But Mike stayed and eventually gained Sonny's trust. Over the years, father and son made progress with their volatile relationship and eventually made amends with each other. When Sonny had his own children, he realized that Mike had done the best he could do.

Mike was a steady fixture on the GH canvas, originally working at Luke's Club, the happening scene at the time, where he interacted with most of the characters in Port Charles. Mike established close friendships with Luke, Jason, and Brenda. Later, Mike worked at Kelly's Diner. He was close to his grandchildren, Michael, Morgan, and Kristina. He always made them cookies or hot chocolate, or had a baseball card for Morgan, when they stopped by the diner for a bite to eat. Mike never formally met Dante as his grandson. Mike had a few romances, most notably with Bobbie and Tammy. The show introduced Mike's daughter, Courtney Matthews, who was on the canvas for a few years.

Mike described himself as a grifter. He was never able to kick his gambling addiction, which caused Mike, his family, and friends a lot of grief. The show has ended Mike's role with Sonny driving him to a gambling rehabilitation facility. We are not expected to see Mike again.

The Sonny and Mike Page was established due to the phenomenal acting of Maurice Benard and Ron Hale in their scenes together. I am proud to say there is a lot of information on this site about Mike, from transcripts, video clips, pictures, fan fiction, the GH Review (which chronicles the Sonny/Mike scenes), to Mike's complete history.

This site will continue to be called The Sonny & Mike Page in tribute to the original intentions of the site, which showcased the Sonny and Mike touching and powerful relationship. For General Hospital fans that would like to look back at their history together or for new fans who have never watched Sonny and Mike together, I encourage you to view the pages and enjoy some incredible General Hospital history.