Ric Lansing

Ric Lansing came to town as an eager lawyer who wanted to work for Sonny Corinthos. Sonny didn't trust him, but Ric was very persistent. Ric assisted Carly in opening her club, the Cellar. He would also eagerly help Sonny out any time he was in legal trouble. Ric continued to try and get on the "inside" of Sonny's circle. Sonny didn't trust him. Ric was trying to destroy Sonny, but he didn't know the reason.


Finally, during a confrontation on Martha's Vineyard, Ric reveals his true self. He is Sonny's half-brother. Ric wanted revenge on Sonny because he never knew his mother. Adela had to make a choice between Sonny and Ric. Her boss, Trevor Lansing, raised Ric to believe that all of this was Sonny's fault. 

Ric and Sonny have slowly built some trust. Sonny asked Ric to be his personal lawyer and Ric accepted. Ric wants to be a part of his brother's life. When Ric was shot during some mob violence, he asked Sonny to take care of his child.

When Sonny was having a breakdown, Ric claimed he wanted to help Sonny by bringing him to the brink of insanity. Sonny was harmed by Ric's tactics. Ric continues to harass Sonny about legal issues. They are estranged again.

Sonny saved Ric's life by giving him a blood transfusion when Ric was injured at the Black and White Ball at Wyndemere. Ric leaves town after trying to blackmail Claudia about her involvement in Michael's shooting.