Robin Scorpio

At first, Robin Scorpio was very suspicious of Sonny Corinthos. She thought he was bad news for her boyfriend, Stone Cates. Her Uncle Mac had warned her to stay away from him. But it wasn't long before Robin started to see the real Sonny. Stone's friendship and loyalty to Sonny impresses Robin.

In Robin's diary, she writes, "I can't help it, I kind of like Sonny Corinthos. He was what they call a "gracious host," offering Hors d' oeuvres, pouring wine (except for me, but he didn't make an issue of it)," and generally putting people at ease. Sonny is very polite and quite funny. I like it that he is able to laugh at himself. What I really like is the way he is with Stone . . . sort of familial. Stone needs that so much."

When Stone is diagnosed with AIDS, Robin gets even closer to Sonny. "Sonny was wonderful . . . supportive, caring, and generous. I'm not really surprised. Sonny Corinthos is a complicated man, but he has a big heart for the people that he loves, and he loves Stone. That's the one thing we have in common."

Sonny and Robin both become supportive of each other during Stone's illness.

As Stone's illness progresses, Robin is grateful for Sonny's support. "Stone told me Sonny matter-of-factly offered to pay all his medical expenses. God bless, God keep, Sonny."

"Right now I thank God for the presence of Sonny Corinthos in Stone's (and therefore me) life."

During Stone's final days, Robin writes, "I have, stumblingly, tried to tell Sonny how much I love him."

After Stone died, Sonny and Robin remained close. Sonny offers Robin emotional support as she grieves for Stone.

Stone makes Sonny promise that he will always take care for Robin. Sonny does just that and thinks of Robin as a little sister and always looks out for her. When Robin was diagnosed with HIV, Sonny encouraged her to start her medication protocol. When Robin was still in a fragile emotional state, she began to date Jason Morgan, who had become Sonny's right hand man. Robin felt like she was betraying Stone, but Sonny told her that Stone would want her to move on. Robin was one of the only people that could get through to Sonny when his wife Lily died. Robin left town to study to become a doctor in Paris.

When Robin left town, there was a falling out with her and Sonny. She wanted Jason to leave the mob and asked Sonny to fire him. Sonny reluctantly fired Jason, but eventually Jason made up his own mind to stay in the mob. Robin later revealed to AJ about the true paternity of Michael. But when Robin returned to Port Charles for the funeral of Lila Quartermaine, her and Sonny made amends.

Robin and Sonny have remained close friends. When Robin had her first child Emma, Sonny immediately went to visit Robin and her new baby girl. Sonny became concerned with Robin developed postpartum depression with Emma and encouraged her to get help. Robin continues to visit Sonny and check up on him. She recently went to Africa and asked Sonny to help donate money to her AIDS charity.

Robin dies in an explosion at General Hospital. Its later revealed that she's being kept captive in Switzerland.

July 16, 2004

Robin: I knew that I was going to see you again and I realized something. I miss you. When Uncle Mac called and told me about Lila, I had this picture in my head of her. It was so clear. She was laughing with her just beautiful face, with her bun. She was so beautiful. We were on the train ride to Ned and Lois' wedding, and Stone was there holding my hand.

Sonny: Stone. Wow, that was a while ago.

Robin: I know. I thought about him a lot on the plane ride here. I mean, not just about how much I loved him, but what he wanted for me in my life. And for you.

Sonny: He asked me to take care of you. I haven't done a very good job of that.

Robin: I haven't done a good job of letting you. Time passes, though, and I realized that the worst thing in the world is to not say the things that you need to say to the people who matter to you. I just want you to know that I am so sorry for the distance between us, and I love you.

Sonny: I love you, too, sweetheart. And you don't have to apologize for anything. Because as long as you're happy, that's all Lila or Stone or anybody, me included, could want for you.

Sonny and Robin continue to be close friends and give each other advice. When Robin becomes a mother with the birth of Emma, one of the first friends to visit her is Sonny.

© Some quotes from this page are from Robin's Diary by Judith Pinsker-based on the story by Claire Labine.