New York Frame of Mind 

Ron Hale reflects on his former stomping ground.

Soaps in Depth -March 7, 2000.

“New York City is very much a part of me,” explains Ron Hale of his passion for the City That Never Sleeps. “I went there when I was 19, and lived there for 28 years, so I love the town, the people, everything about New York. I love that city!” Though his current soap gig keeps the actor pretty firmly rooted on the West Coast, Hale let us tag along during a recent visit to the Big Apple, showing us his favorite places from which to take a bite!

Getting around town’s never a problem for Hale. “You can hop on a subway and in 10 minutes be at a museum.”

“For me, when I’m in New York I’ve got to walk around. Get the Village, SoHo, all over.” And after working up and appetite, there’s only one place to head: his favorite restaurant, Paolucci’s.

Even when taking a break to munch, Hale gets recognized by fans. “It’s amazing how many more people recognize me when I’m in New York,” the actors says. “When I’m here, I get recognized for RYAN’S HOPE,” he says of the NYC based (and set) soap on which he played scheming Roger Coleridge.

Sure enough, when leaving the restaurant, the actor was spotted. “A bunch of high school girls who were on a field trip recognized me and came running over with their teacher” he laughs. “They were from Connecticut, and were really sweet.”

When asked to name a favorite area in his favorite city, Hale picks Little Italy as his “must see” destination on every return visit.

Times Square and the Broadway beat are familiar territory for Hale. “For the first 10 years of my career, I did nothing but theater.”

How approachable is Hale? When these guys recognized him as GH’s Mike, the actor agreed to pick up a cell phone and chat with one of their wives! “I took the phone from him and said, ‘Hey, Maria, it’s Mike Corbin!’ She thought her husband was playing a joke, so I had to tell her things about my character and Sonny so she’d know it was me!”