Safe House

Sonny uses several safe house's throughout the Port Charles area. Many times, when friends are in trouble or need protection, he will provide a safe haven. Sonny has helped the Spencer family, Roy Dilucca, Brenda, Liz, and countless other citizens. Occasionally, Sonny himself will have to stay at a safe house when his life is in danger.    

Sonny:  I have a lot of places where I can hide people.

Jason: We can't give you too many details, but lets just say that Sonny has a lot of property.

Sonny: You can never have enough places, especially when your enemies wants you dead or the Feds are after you.

Jason: The only problem is stocking the places up with food. That's kind of annoying. 

Sonny: Yeah, but you always have to be prepared Jason. 

Jason: We're you a Boy Scout or something?

Sonny: (Laughs) No.  

Jason: Sometimes, the cops have found out our hiding places.

Sonny: Yeah. But, we're always a step ahead of them. I have good instincts about cops. 

Jason: (Nods his head in agreement). Sonny HATES cops.



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