Soaps In Depth STAND OUT SCENE-Sonny and Mike Bond 4/08

Too many years had gone by in which General Hospital’sMike felt like an outsider in his son’s life. Now with both pain and joy occupying Sonny’s every thought, Mike knew it was time to speak up. He waited at Kate’s hospital bedside, knowing that Sonny would show up. “My son found someone to marry again, and I thought to myself, ‘How great is that?’” Mike said, “But then I realized, you didn’t even introduce me to her. Now why is that?” Sonny was ready to make excuses, but Mike wouldn’t have it. “If you’re going to let me die thinking that I’m still on the outside of your life, just seal me up behind a wall or something, OK? Because it’s starting to rub me raw in a few places.” Mike accepted that he had earned some of Sonny’s wrath, but couldn’t deny that it hurt nonetheless. For the moment, he put that aside and recalled an Easter twenty years earlier when he’d spied Sonny with a girl in a big yellow hat. “You looked at her, and you smiled, and then you laughed,” Mike grinned. “It’s what kept me from going out and saying anything to you, because I didn’t want to ruin it. I didn’t want to take that smile from you. I sat there and I thought how great it would be if you found someone to make you do that for the rest of your life.” Little did Mike know that the girl he remembered was actually Kate. The irony was not lost on Sonny, who said, “I let her get away, but I’m not going to let that happen again.” To really understand the man who is Sonny Corinthos, it’s necessary to know who he was, not just who he is. Moments with Mike are far and few between, but when they happen, the mobster persona vanishes and Sonny becomes just a regular man working at heeling emotional scars from a painful childhood.