Soaps In Depth STAND OUT SCENE-Sonny and Mike Bond 9/08

General Hospital’s Sonny has always had a rocky relationship with Mike, the father who once abandoned him. Luckily, time has healed at least some of their wounds. When Mike walked into his son’s house, expressing gratitude for an expensive designer tuxedo from Kate, there was something different in the air. Joy! “I guess I’m going to have to do my job and ask you to stand up for me,” Sonny said nonchalantly. The notion of being the best man at his son’s wedding brought a giant smile to Mike’s face. Sonny acknowledged that he’d finally found in Kate a woman who truly makes him happy. “The way you’ve turned your life around like this, walking away from your organization, looking for something good for yourself,” Mike began. “What can I say, man? I am happy for you.” Father and son opened up like never before. The proud pop beamed as Sonny spoke of his happiness and fulfillment in the direction his life was taking, and Mike applauded the very obvious change. “When you walked away from the one thing that defines you the most, your position in the organization, either that is the most self-destructive or the bravest thing a guy could do.” The men acknowledged that the motivation behind the change in Sonny was the love of a good woman. “I’m a lucky man,” Sonny conceded, obviously pleased with his new life. “I thought at this point in my life I’d be dead. It’s nice to get a second chance. I’m not saying it’s going to be perfect, but I’m up for the challenge and I’m glad you’re on my side.” Sonny didn’t voice those words lightly. He meant it, and Mike responded in kind. “Me, too.” What a genuine, kindhearted exchange between a father and son who have had more than their share of resentment, disappointment and anger with each other. It was nice to see them move out of the past and eagerly anticipate the future.