Sonny & Alexis in Puerto Rico

Sonny has brought Alexis to Puerto Rico on business. But, he also wants her to relax. They are getting ready to go to the casino, when Sonny walks her out to the balcony. December 5, 2001. 

Sonny: Come check out the view. (He takes Alexis out to the balcony). Now, what you’ve got to do okay . . . you’ve got to look at the water, hear the waves, and relax.

Alexis: I can’t believe it’s snowing in Port Charles right now.

Sonny: I hate snow.

Alexis: Why?

Sonny: (Softly and with emotion) I used to sell papers for pocket money. I used to work for this old guy named Mr. Myers. He hated working in the morning. He had a paper stand, so I had to get up and work from five to eight. I’d see the cars pass and the business people on their way to Manhattan. They’d stop and I’d give them their paper. The gutters were full of slush, so my feet . . . my shoes . . . would get all soaked, but it didn’t matter, because I got better tips that way. And every so often a limo would pull up and I’d never see the passenger, only the driver. But I knew who it was. Everyone did. The man was respected. He controlled the neighborhood. So, I’d bring the paper to the driver. He’d tip me a buck. And I’d stand there in the slush and watch the limo just pull away. And I’d promise myself that one day I would be riding in the back. And I’d be so important I wouldn’t have to buy my own paper. And so powerful I would never have to see snow if I didn’t want to. And the first chance I got I bought a casino down here. And now I get the paper delivered every morning and I never even see who drops it off.

Alexis: It’s a beautiful view.

Sonny: Worth what I paid for?

Alexis: (with poignancy) I doubt it.