Dante Falconeri-Fathers & Sons

Two men on opposite sides of the law.

When Dante came to Port Charles, he worked undercover for Sonny's organization for six months. He did not know Sonny was his father. In Dante's eyes, Sonny was a criminal and he hated everything that Sonny stood for. But as Dante grew closer to Sonny and worked with him day in and day out, he soon discovered that there was a lot more to Sonny Corinthos than being a criminal. Dante saw a father that was totally devoted to his children. He saw a man that demanded loyalty and respect, but gave it in return. He saw a man that was burdened with responsibility and struggled with his hard decisions. He saw a man that could be brutally violent. He saw a man that was generous to his friends and family. The complexity of Sonny gave Dante pause about what he was told about this man.

When Dante came to arrest Sonny for the murder of Claudia Zacchara, Sonny, feeling betrayed, shot Dante. When Sonny found out Dante was his son, he knew he could never take back the damage that he inflicted on his son. But Sonny wanted to make amends. Sonny told Dante he wanted to have a relationship with him, even though they had lost so much time. Sonny accepted that Dante was a cop, even though it was the same profession as his hated stepfather. But so far, Dante's belief in the law and justice have trumped his ambivalent feelings about his father.

When Sonny takes a bullet for Dante, his son finally realizes Sonny's sincerity about his love for his son. Dante seems to accept Sonny as a father as he remains cautious about his chosen profession.