Kristina Davis Corinthos-Fathers & Daughters

Sonny slowly bonds with his daughter.


Sonny struggles to bond with a daughter that does not think he loves her and has called her own father a "monster."

Sonny: There has been a lot of distance between me and Kristina. The first couple of years I thought it was because Alexis kept her from me. And then there was the custody battle was very tense. And then I thought it was just because she was a girl and maybe I intimidated her. But she was the one that made me afraid, because every time I would talk to her, I'd feel real uncomfortable. But when I would look at my little girl, I just love her so much. But now we're like strangers. Or we were until I walked into that E.R. And I saw her bruised and the eye. And I know what it's like to feel small and afraid. And all she's doing since then is protecting that pig who did this to her. But the bruises fade, but you're still screaming inside. And you're asking yourself, why? And you say, god, why did you let this happen? But she's different than I am, because she has a father who can stop this man from hurting her or ever hurting anybody again. I have been trapped, and I have been helpless, and I'll never be trapped and helpless again, and neither will any of my children. (Sonny talking to Carly, 3/10).


Sonny struggles with his own daughter being the victim of abuse.

Sonny: You're right. I was wrong. Every child needs their father. And out of anybody, I should remember that. I did everything I could. I mean, I honored your mother's wishes, and it ended up hurting you. I apologize. I didn't mean that to happen. If I can go back and do it differently, I would, but that's not possible. The only thing I can do now is just move forward and try to be the best dad I can be for you. If, you know, you're still interested. 9/30/09


Daddy's Little Girl


Sonny missed Kristina's early years, but he has developed a very special relationship with his daughter. Sonny's special treat is to take Kristina out for some ice cream. He visits her often and has her come and play with Michael and Morgan.