Sonny and Lily's Last Conversation

Sonny has just gotten Lily off a plane. She is pregnant with his child and they have decided to reconcile their shaky marriage. Unfortunately, she never called her father to tell him the change of plans. She was killed that night when they go to Luke’s Club to celebrate her pregnancy. 1996.

Sonny: How can I be angry? For you being so patient . . . for taking me back . . . for giving me such an incredible gift. Lily, I was a fatherless child. Sometimes I think that everything that came after followed that one fact. But I swear to you, as God is in heaven and my mother is with him, I will never give you any cause to wonder if you’re going to raise our son or daughter alone. I will be the father I never had.

Lily: I know you will. But you’re speaking of duty. And being a duty to you isn’t easy. We deserve more. Maybe in time . . . maybe time can tell if we’ll find it.

Sonny: Okay, listen to me. The truth is, I’m not better than anyone right? At least my father didn’t leave my mother in suspense. You’d never know if what I meant I’d say, where I’d go, who I’d see, or whether I’d come back. But let me ask you. When I say I’m never going to leave you, why isn’t that your worse nightmare?

Lily: Sonny . . .

Sonny: (Stands up from the couch. Talks with excitement and passion). No. Listen. Hear me out. Most people, when they come into this world, they know exactly what they want and what they have to do to get there. Me? I just, boom! , Roll with the punches! And I’ve reacted to the moment and somehow I ended up exactly where I needed to be. And in a round about way, that’s what happened with us. You, the baby, being a family. That’s why I’m here! I didn’t think about it, you know. Because you don’t choose a person, you choose a life. You and the baby are mine. It’s the life I choose. And I will happily spend every day that I am alive proving that to you.