Michael Corinthos-Fathers & Sons

Michael defined fatherhood for Sonny.

Sonny grew up yearning for the father that left him and vowed he would never abandon his own children. He endured a stepfather that abused him and promised himself his own children would never fear him. At sixteen, he finally found a home, but was embraced by a man who led him into a world he could never leave.

Sonny has always yearned for a family. When young Michael came into Sonny's life, he immediately bonded with him. Not wanting to make the same mistakes as his own father, Sonny has promised to give Michael a loving home, where he's wanted and is protected. 

The Sonny and Michael section is a tribute to the relationship of the other two Michael's, where communicating is a little easier, hugs are more common, and where Sonny has finally found his place in the world. As a wonderful father. 

Michael wants to be in the business

Michael: Look, I've decided what I wanted to do, and school is not gonna get me there. I'm gonna do what I was raised to do.

Sonny: If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, get it out of your mind, because you're never gonna be a part of my business at all. Your mom and I have already decided that.

Michael: Isn't that my decision? What? You don't think I can handle the business? Not even after I killed Claudia.

Sonny: All right, listen to me. What happened in that cabin was you protecting your mother and your baby sister, nothing more, and that's it. Claudia did enough damage to you when she was alive. I am not gonna let her death destroy you.

Michael: I'm not destroyed, Dad. I'm fine. Are you destroyed?

Sonny: More than you'll ever know.


Now in young adulthood, Michael has made a significant impact on Sonny's life as a father.

"People assume that Michael means less to me because he's not my biological son, but they could not be more wrong. He means more to me than you can imagine, and I know you know that. For a long time, I didn't even know if I wanted children because all I knew was what I learned from Deke, and I didn't want to be that cold, abusive, and angry. Michael showed me how to break the cycle. So I am a better man because of my son. As far as I'm concerned, he's my first-born. And I know you're not supposed to play favorites with your children, but we have a connection. He needs me. And more than that, I need him."


Sonny buys Michael a car.
A heart to heart talk.

Sonny and Mike have a hard time communicating.
Sonny and Michael are able to talk about anything.

Sonny has a tattoo.
Michael wants to be just like his Dad.