Michael Corinthos-Moments

Michael asks Sonny to AJ's funeral. 4/14

Michael and Sonny. 4/14

Michael is worried about AJ. 3/14

Michael is worried about Carly. 1/14

Michael helps Sonny. 9/13

Michael and Kiki. 9/13

Michael and Kiki. 7/13

Michael and Kiki. 6/13

Sonny talks to Michael about Connie. 2/13

Michael and Starr. 2/13

Sonny: I appreciate you being here, Michael. It means a lot to me.

Michael: Yeah. Where else would I be, Dad?

Sonny: Your sister's gonna need you, so you got to be there for her. You understand what I'm saying?

Michael: She can count on me, okay? So can you.


Michael. 12/12

Michael and Carly. 12/12

Sonny and Michael. 11/12

Sonny & Michael talk about Jason. 10/29/12.

Michael. 10/12

Michael and Starr at Sonny's wedding. 10/12

Sonny realizes Trey is Joe's son. 09/18/12.

Michael. 8/12

Michael and Starr. 8/12

Michael and Starr have a picnic. 7/12

Michael and Starr. 7/12

Sonny blames himself for Kate. 06/13/12.

Sonny asks Michael to change statement. 05/25/12.


Sonny: I'm very proud of you, what you did tonight. And what you said earlier, about Claudia and blaming yourself. Don't do that. Now, you did everything you could that night. You saved your mother, you saved your little sister, just like you saved me tonight.


Sonny and Michael discuss the party. 05/02/12.

Sonny: I don't want you to go against your conscience. So, if you have you have any doubts, you need to tell me. Do you believe I'm innocent?

Michael: I didn't know what to think at first and then Jason said something to me that put it all into focus.

Sonny: And what was that?

Michael: That if you caused the death of that little girl and her father, we would have seen it all over your face. You wouldn't run from something like that, Dad. You wouldn't.

Sonny: You believe that?

Michael: I believe you. I know you're innocent.


Sonny warns Michael about Starr. 04/16/12.

Michael and Starr. 4/12

Sonny and Michael talk about trial. 04/09/12.

Sonny warns Michael. 03/28/12.

Michael: Dad, do you think it hurts less because Jason and Robin weren't close anymore? Or do you think it hurts more because of all the time they wasted?

Sonny: Listen, you shouldn't compare your pain to other people's pain. You're going to feel what you're going to feel.



Michael and Starr. 3/12


Michael: Dad, I am so sorry about Robin. Look, I know how much she meant to you.

Sonny: It all ties together. That time in our lives. Me, Stone, Robin. She was just a kid when she met Stone. You’ve never seen two people more in love (Sonny breaks down).

Michael: (Michael hugs Sonny).

Sonny: It’s okay. It’s okay. I promised Stone that I would take of . . . (Sonny cries).

Michael: Dad, it was a freak accident. There was nothing you could do.

Sonny: (Sonny cries again). Not for Robin, but I’ll tell you what, for the rest of you, I’m going to make sure that never happens.

Michael: It won’t Dad. It won’t.


Michael. 1/12

Michael: Hey, Dad. This really isn't a good time.

Sonny: I know you're hurting. You've been hit by a lot. I'm here 'cause I want to help you. You were there for me when I felt like the whole world was coming down on me. I want to return the favor and be there for you.



Sonny: Now, you're going have to prepare yourself, okay? Because holidays are tough. Everybody's happy, family-oriented, right? And you're sitting alone, you know? Just thinking about how you're going make it to the next day.

Michael: How do you do it?

Sonny: Don't do what I do, 'cause I drink a lot, I get off my medication, I figure out ways to burn down my life, so don't use me as an example.

Michael: Well, drinking sounds pretty good right now. Anything to numb the pain.

Sonny: Yeah, but the thing is, it doesn't, because it makes things worse. You get sober, and then it's just, you know. What you need to do right now, okay? Is ride out the storm, feel what you feel. Only time will heal this, you understand?


Michael grieves Abby's accidental death. 12/11


Michael and Sam. 12/11

Michael sends Abby to Chicago. 12/11

Michael. 11/11


Michael: I'm sorry. Did I do something to make you mad?

Sonny: No, why would you think that, Michael?

Michael: Well, I don't know. Maybe because Jason hired me to manage the warehouse and I've worked there, what, five minutes and Dante ends up in a pool of blood?

Sonny: Okay, how many times I got to tell you? I don't blame you. You had nothing to do with what happened to Dante.

Michael: Okay, then why are you shutting me down?

Sonny: Are you going to ask me why? You know why. Come on. It's a dangerous business.

Michael: Well, Dad, don't lecture me like I'm some clueless kid. I know what the business is. I can handle myself.

Sonny: Yeah, Dante thought he could, too. Look what happened to him.

Michael: Yeah, and we know who's responsible. Dad, we made a plan to keep faking a truce with Johnny until we make him pay. We made that decision.

Sonny: Yeah, I did that because of what was happening with Dante. Now it's a different day. I'm thinking clearly. I should have never even had the conversation with you. You're out.

Michael: No, dad. You need me.

Sonny: No. What I need you to do is what Jason hired you to do, and that's work at the coffee warehouse. That's why I'm sending you to Argentina.

Michael: Argentina?

Sonny: Yeah. We're going to open up a new business there. I need you to get it going, and you can bring Abby with you. Think of it like a working vacation.

Michael: Dad, forget it. You don't get to brush me aside that easily anymore.


Michael visits Dante in the hospital. 10/11


Michael and Abby. 9/11


Sonny: Michael, this was not your fault.

Michael: How's Dante holding up?

Sonny: We don't know yet. You sure you’re okay?

Michael: Yeah, I'm all right.

Sonny: Like I said, this was not your fault and I will take care of the son of a bitch.

Michael: Dad, we don't even know who did it.

Sonny: Yeah. I know. I'm sure Johnny Zacchara had something to do with this.

Michael: So, how do you know it was Johnny?

Sonny: I saw him talking to Olivia, and I heard him carefully, and I said to myself, "What the hell's he doing in the hospital?" 'Because that doesn't make any sense. Now, he may not have pulled the trigger, but he had something to do with it. Why else would he show up, right, with his fake sympathy, saying he wants a truce? So, I'm going give him one. I'm going let him think he has one. And when he least expects it I'm going do what I got to do.

Michael: How soon?

Sonny: Well, Johnny's kind of rattled right now, so I'm going let him get very comfortable and then when he does I'll take care of him.

Michael: Dad, I want to help. Any way I can. You tell me what to do, and I'm in.



Michael. 9/11


Abby gets arrested. 9/11


Sonny: Well, you know what? My people tell me everything, and you handled it well. You went to them, let them know you were upset, right?

Michael: I was pretty ticked off when Abby told me what happened.

Sonny: You don't want your girl disrespected.

Michael: Abby said people were talking because she's older, and that she obviously wasn't somebody I met in school.

Sonny: Any girl that you're with has to be treated right. And I'm sure Abby told you to let it go.

Michael: She said no harm was done.

Sonny: Ok. Listen to me. I'm glad you went to the staff, and you said what you said, because, you know, in this business, weakness, you know--can't afford that.

Michael: Just--Abby doesn't understand that.

Sonny: Well, Abby doesn't understand a lot of things.


Michael, Carly, and Sonny. 8/11


Michael: Look, Dad. I respect you so much. I know where you came from and what it took and cost for you to get here. But you did, Dad. Nobody handed you anything. You got there on your own merits. I want to be able to say the same thing for myself.

Sonny: It was different because my father was not in a position to help. If he had been, I'd have let him.

Michael: I doubt that, Dad. You're not the kind of guy who takes the easy way out, and neither am I.

Sonny: Why do you have to be so stubborn?

Michael: I'm my father's son.

Sonny: All right.

Michael: Look, Dad. I'm not being stubborn. I'm just being true to myself. I agreed to take a job at the coffee warehouse because it's something I think I can do. And once I understand how it all works, then I'll be ready to take the next step.

Sonny: All right. If that's what you want, that's what you'll get.

Michael: Thank you.


Michael 6/11

Michael and Abby 5/11


Sonny: Why are you defending this guy?

Michael: I'm not defending him, Dad. I just don't want to rush to judgment.

Sonny: He's a liar. He's going look you right in the eye and tell you what you need to hear. You don't owe him any loyalty. Now, what I need from you, as my son, is you tell me what Johnny has done or said to you.

Michael: Ok. He helped Abby, he gave he an advance on her salary, and he didn't pressure her to pay it back. And he gave us a warning about when Brandon's body turned up dead. That's all.

Sonny: Ok, you got to listen to me now, all right? If Johnny ever reaches out to you again, or Abby, you shut him down. One of the principles of war is, you’ve got to know your enemy. And trust me when I tell you, I know Johnny Zacchara.


Michael and Dante 4/11

Michael and Abby 4/11

Michael: I heard you talking on the phone about finding Theo. Look, I can help.

Sonny: I don't want you involved in anything that I was talking about. It's absolutely wrong.

Michael: Dad, you don't have to protect me. I can help.

Sonny: You want to help, you make a life for yourself outside of this business. Away from the violence, away from the madness. You make yourself a better man than I am. You get me? That way you never have to worry about anybody that you love being taken away from you.


Michael stays with Sonny after the car bomb explosion at Sonny and Brenda's wedding. 2/25/11

Michael and Abby dance at Sonny and Brenda's wedding. 2/24/11


Michael: How's Grandpa doing?

Sonny: Not good, not good. He's been struggling for a while. And I feel bad about that. You're a much better son than I'll ever be.

Michael: Well, you're a much better father any other would be.

Sonny: I doubt that.

Michael: Dad, no matter what happened between you and mom, you never walked out. You were always there for me.



Sonny: Listen. You don't think this is something that I, as a dad, would need to know?

Michael: I just don't want you to be ashamed of me.

Sonny: I could never be ashamed of you. I love you so much my heart breaks, son. Come here. You're going to be all right, okay?

Michael: Yeah, dad.

Sonny: All right?

Michael: I just wanted you to hear it from me.

Sonny: But you wouldn't have said anything, right?

Michael: Well, I wasn't planning on it, no.

Sonny: Why? Why wouldn't you have said something?

Michael: I don't know. I thought you'd think I was weak. I know. I'm sorry. I should have had more faith.

Sonny: Listen to me, okay. Nothing you could ever do would make me stop loving you. Okay? Because you're my little buddy. I mean, you're not little anymore, but you're bigger [Laughs].

Michael: Dad, it was getting really hard keeping what happened from you.

Sonny: Okay, listen to me. Whatever you're feeling, it's dangerous to keep inside. because it will eat at you. All right? And that rage needs to come out somewhere.

Michael: Yeah. You know, Abby helped me. She's been awesome, Dad. She's been accepting. I can just be myself with her, no matter how I feel. I'm just glad I was able to help her out.

Sonny: Well, you stopped that pig of an ex-boyfriend from raping her, right? That's a big deal, Michael.

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Now, it's going to take a lot of time and courage to get through this, but I believe that at the other end of all this, you're going be much better off, okay?

Michael: I mean, to be honest, I'm still a little shaky.

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: But I'm really looking forward to the distraction of the wedding. You getting excited?

Sonny: Well, I don't get excited.

Michael: Yeah, sure, you don't, Dad.

Sonny: I love you, son.

Michael: I love you, too, Dad.


Michael takes Abby home from the hospital. 2/4/11

Michael reveals he was raped in prison. 2/11.

Michael and Carly. 2/11

Michael and Dante. 2/11

Michael and Abby. 1/11


Sonny: I'm not going to tell you how to run your life or to choose your friends, but a strip club is a bad place to be. I know because I was part of it.

Michael: Abby's going to college, Dad.

Sonny: Okay, Abby's going to college, but, you know, taking your clothes off in a room full of drunk men is, and I'm not passing any judgment, is not a great way to make a living.

Michael: Okay, she's only doing that to pay for her tuition. That's the only reason she's there.

Sonny: You've already survived what would have killed most people. You beat the odds. But we can't ignore the reality. You have issues with control. I do, too. Now, I know you haven't been fighting lately, but it still happens. Right? You get in a fight with somebody at Madison, it's going land you in the principal's office. You fight with some wise guy at Vaughn's, you're going end up in the parking lot bleeding to death. Now, look. What about your parole? But even if you weren't on parole, you're underage.

Michael: I don't even know what age I'm supposed to be. I'm too young to be an adult, and I'm too old for high school.

Sonny: Okay, you are old enough to make your own choices, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: But I don't want you hanging around a strip joint. But on top of that, look, if the girl makes you feel good, if she's good to you, I'm not going to chase her away. But I'm just telling you to open your eyes and be careful. You don't even know this girl.

Michael: Okay. Dad, I will.

Sonny: And, you know, if you need me, you know I'll always have your back.

Michael: All right.



Sonny: How are you doing?

Michael: I didn't get hurt or anything.

Sonny: No, I'm talking about on the inside.

Michael: I've been thinking a lot about Ali.

Sonny: Your friend who died.

Michael: Seriously, how random was that? She survives a bus crash and then falls dead 3 hours later in a hospital. It made me realize a huge mistake that I made.

Sonny: I know Kristina's feeling guilty about Ali, but you, too?

Michael: No, not guilty exactly. I know accidents, they happen. Now I see how good I got it. I really do. I'm alive. I'm healthy. If I don't mess up my parole, I'll be free soon.

Sonny: So Ali's death gave you some perspective.

Michael: It makes you realize you can't waste your life looking back.

Sonny: Well, I like to think of it like everything happens for a reason. You know, you're here because you got a lot more to do. I should have been dead many times, and I wonder why I'm not. The one thing I do know is that you kids are the reason that keeps me going. You teach me how to be a better father. Now I've got unfinished business with Brenda, and it's good that you appreciate what's important in life.

Michael: Yeah, I'm kind of doing that with Abby. Dad, it's so unexpected with her. My first instinct was just to run away. But something about her wouldn't let me. And before I knew it, I was comfortable around her.

Sonny: Yeah, I can see you like her.

Michael: She's awesome, Dad. She's smart. She's funny. She's easy to talk to. She's beautiful, too. But that's the least of it, really. She makes me feel good. Like I'm not some damaged freak.


Michael and Dante. 1/11

Michael tells Sonny that Dante should be best man at the wedding. 12/28/10.

Sonny and Michael meet at Kelly's. 12/10/10.

Michael congratulates Brenda on being engaged. 12/10


Michael: Hey. You probably shouldn't be here.

Sonny: No, don't worry about it. The judge lifted the restriction on the parole. We get to see each other whenever we want.

Michael: Are you serious?

Sonny: Would I joke about something like that? It's right here with signature.

Michael: [Laughs] Dad, this is unbelievable. Man, I missed you.

Sonny: I missed you too, buddy.

Michael: I can't believe this is real. How did you pull this off?

Sonny: I didn't do it. I didn't do it. Claire Walsh filed the petition.

Michael: When she found me in your office, she threatened to turn me in for a parole violation, even though I was there to see Jason. Why would she make it ok for us to see each other now?

Sonny: Well, Claire reacted to something else going on between her and me. Had nothing to do with you. You did everything that you had to do as far as staying out of trouble, following the rules and all of that. Claire sees that now. She thinks you've been punished enough. Obviously, the judge feels the same way. Otherwise, he wouldn't have signed on that paper. So basically, you made it happen for both of us.

Sonny: I wish I'd been around, you know, to help you, talk to you, whatever you needed with your problems.

Michael: Oh, Dad. You had your own problems to worry about. It's fine.

Sonny: Well, I know it must be difficult, especially now that the truth came out about Johnny's car bomb. The fact that, you know, I don't feel good about putting you in a position to have to lie to your sister.

Michael: Well, it all worked out. I'm glad she forgave you. And the charges were dropped. So it's all good.

Sonny: I'd be in jail right now waiting for trial if it wasn't for Claire. She found a loophole that got the evidence against me thrown out.

Michael: Things must be pretty serious between you two for her to stick her neck out like that.

Sonny: She's amazing, you know. But I did what I had to do, break things off with her, because it was costing her too much to be with me.

Michael: You sure that's a good idea, breaking up with her? It never hurts to have a prosecutor willing to do you a favor.

[Sonny and Michael laugh]

Sonny: Well, you know what? She's done me so many favors already, all she's getting is flack for it. So that's why I had to end things.

Michael: How'd she take it?

Sonny: She was all right. She wants me to be happy. She thinks I can be with Brenda.


Michael and Abby. 11/10


Michael: Look, Dad, I get that you and Brenda didn't have an easy relationship, but, I mean, that was a long time ago. You guys are completely different now.

Sonny: Well, not so different. I run the business the same way. Your mother was able to adapt. Brenda couldn't. It was always a constant struggle trying to find the balance between what she found acceptable in her love for me. She wore a wire on me once.

Michael: You're kidding me.

Sonny: I wish I was. She thought that if she could get me to say something incriminating on tape, that somehow that would force me out of the life.

Michael: Dad, that's crazy.

Sonny: No. It's naive. It's Brenda, that's the way she was. She would just convince herself or something. Anyway, you know what? I let go of Brenda years ago for her own good. We'll leave that at that, ok? I just hope that you never wind up in my position to find love, to know it, and not be able to keep it because you followed in your dad's footsteps.



Michael: You can't go through another trial. You can't risk getting convicted. Dad, if you make bail, you gotta go.

Sonny: All right. Here's what I want you to do, okay? I want you to talk to your brothers and your sister, and you tell them how much that I love them, okay? They may not believe you, but I want you to try.

Michael: Okay.

Sonny: No matter what happens, I want you to know that I am very proud of you. You are a gift to me, the greatest gift of my life. Now you get out of here, okay? And don't tell Dante that we talked.

Michael: I won't, Dad. Dad, I love you, and I am so proud to be your son.


Michael and Brook Lynn. 8/10

Michael: Dad, can you just please leave it alone, seriously.

Sonny: Not until you tell me what's really going on.


Sonny: Hey, Michael, listen. You don't have to worry about that ever again.

Michael: Yeah, I know, dad. It's great to be a free man.


Michael. 6/10

Michael: I mean, you already have a place, Dante. Dad loves you, no matter if you want him to or not. You know, I used to feel threatened, maybe even jealous, but now I just feel sad for the both of you. I mean, dad will never give up on you, and it hurts him when you throw his love, like, just right back in his face. And I don't know. Maybe it hurts you, too.



Sonny: I got to tell you I prayed for this. Thank God you're free.


Sonny: I know you're handling it, and I just want you to know that I'm doing everything I can to get you out of here, ok? It's just difficult right now. And the fact that you're locked up, that you can't be out there playing sports, doing things, you know, talking to girls, you know, it's not fair, and I miss you. I love all my kids equally the best I know how, but somehow, you know, you're the one that I feel closest to.


Michael: Hey, Dad.

Sonny: Hey. You all right? How they treating you?

Michael: Well, it's not exactly the Copadoro, but I'm surviving. It's a lot better that Jason's here.

Sonny: Yeah. I'm proud of the way you've handled things. You know, you're strong and everything. It's ironic that out of all my kids, you're the one that I hurt the most. And you've never stopped loving me.


Sonny: Okay, listen to me. I know that you're in here because of me, and I'm doing everything I can to get you out. That's why Jason is in here, to keep you safe. Not because I don't think you can take care of yourself, but because I'm your father and I love you, and you're my son.

Michael: Yeah, I know. I'll be fine, Dad. I'll be fine.



Michael: You know, it's going to be a huge relief to have Jason in here with me.

Sonny: It's only temporary, all right? I'm going to do what I can. I'm calling in all the favors, and I'm going to bring you home.

Michael: I knew you'd try.

Sonny: I'm going to do whatever it takes, ok? But the main priority right now is to keep you safe. You get what I'm saying? So you just got to hold on a little while longer.

Michael: I can do that, Dad. I will. I'll make you proud.


Michael at Pentonville. 5/10.

Sonny: He was shot because of me. He lost a year of his life because of me. He was in that cabin because of the bad choices I made in my life. He did not mean to kill Claudia. He was devastated, practically in shock. I didn't want him punished any more for saving his mother and baby sister. I did not want Claudia to harm him any more than she already had. And believe me when I tell you everybody knows she was not the tragic, misguided soul that her brother describes. She was 100% evil who poisoned everything she touched. But the fact is that I brought claudia into michael's life. I'm responsible for her death. So I'm begging you, please, don't punish Michael for killing her. Punish me. 5/7/10


Sonny: I've got a lot of respect for you. You know that, son.

Michael: I respect you too, Dad. I am so honored that you went through this whole trial knowing that you could go to prison just to save me. But Dad, I did this, and I got to face it.

Sonny: I don't like that you're in here. I hate it, even for a day.

Michael: Dad, I'll be fine. I can do this. I'll make you proud.


Molly: Hello? Is anyone here? Michael! I'm so glad you're back and that you're ok. I was really worried about you.

Michael: Thanks, Molly. It's good to be back. I missed you guys. I'm doing ok. I'm just hiding out here until the jury announces their verdict.

Molly: So are you gonna tell the truth about Claudia?

Michael: I can't let my dad go to prison for me, so if it comes down to it, yes. But I'm hoping that the jury's gonna say he's not guilty, because then it's all over and we're all good. Ok?


Michael:I killed Claudia. I hit her in the head with an axe handle because she was trying to steal by baby sister. Ever since that night everyone has been trying to cover for me for something I did. My Mom, Sam, Jason. But my Dad has done the most. He took the blame. And now he's on trial risking everything for me. Do you still think our Dad is a piece of garbage?


Sonny: I'm gonna tell you something right now, because I think you're old enough to hear it and understand it. There was a time in my life that I swore that I'd never have a child, because I didn't think that, you know, I wanted to bring a child into the life that I led. But underneath it, it was about I didn't feel I deserved it. I didn't have the right to that kind of pure, innocent love that a child brings. And then you came into my life, and all bets were off. I was hooked. And you know what? Everything I learned about being a father, I learned from you. And none of my other children can claim that.


Michael: If you let me tell the truth, there would be no trial.

Sonny: Ok. Sit down. Sit down. I think you've got this backwards, 'cause I'm the father, so I take care of you, 'cause you're the son, not the other way around.

Michael: You've taken care of me my whole life. I'm so proud to be your son, dad. You should not be punished for what I did.

Sonny: It's not what you did, it's what I did. This--you know, bringing Claudia into the family, that's my mistake, my lousy judgment. Now, I let my greed blind me to the damage that that woman could do. You listen to me, ok? You let me do this. You let me stand up for you.


Michael: All I'm asking is that you just think it through, you know? Don't write him off. Don't assume you know everything. And just remember that you liked him when you worked for him and remember how much he liked you.

Dante: Yeah. I made a mistake.

Michael: Yeah. Well, you've made a lot of mistakes. You threatened to shoot me, Mom, and Morgan the first time you saw us. You lied to Morgan, even after you found out that you're his hero. You've lied to all of us.


Michael: Bastard! I trusted you, and you wrecked my family! How could you do that, Jax?! 2/5/10

Michael: Jason just told me that Dominic--Dante is your son.

Sonny: My two sons. What have I done?


Michael: It was a candle light or a fire in the fireplace. I don't know. I got to the porch, and I heard mom begging Claudia not to take the baby. And I just had to stop Claudia. I grabbed this ax handle. It was the nearest thing. I picked it up and I hit Claudia in the head. And she fell. Jason and Sam came up a few seconds later, but it was too late. I had already killed Claudia. And now Dad is in jail for what I did.


Sonny: You're gonna go to college, you're gonna start your own business, a legitimate one. Whatever you want to do you can do. I didn't have any options. You, your brother, your sister do.

Michael: Why don't you trust me? Why can't you see that I can do what you do?

Sonny: I don't want you to do what I do! I want you to do better, son.


Sonny: Michael, you didn't kill Claudia for power or revenge. You were saving your mother and your baby sister from a situation that I created. So it's not on you, it's on me.

Michael: Then why are you covering it up if what I did was right?

Sonny: Because you'll never get a fair shake in the system because you're my son. You have to understand that.


Sonny: I know how you feel, son. I mean, sometimes one of the hardest things we ever have to do is sit tight while someone we love is on the line. But then again, sometimes it's the only course of action.

Michael: Covering up what I did was one thing, but letting Jason take the rap for what I did is something else. I should be the one arrested, not him.

Sonny: Listen to me. Listen to me. Jason knows what he's doing. He knows how to act in these situations. He knows he has to keep his mouth shut. He knows not to panic. Sometimes, you know, we have to mobilize our resources. What you need to do is trust your father right now. Okay? Because this is my world, and I know how to live in it. Can you do that?

Michael: Okay.

Sonny: You swear you're not gonna say anything to anybody?

Michael: I swear.


Michael does not trust Dante. 12/09

Michael orders Max and Milo to threaten Kiefer. 11/09

Sonny and Michael Corinthos 12/17/09

Sonny: You need to see this the right way. Claudia's death was an accident. I know I've told you this a lot, okay? You were protecting your mother. You were protecting your baby sister. It does not make you a killer. You were taking care of your family. That's a good thing. I don't want you to feel guilty.

Michael: I don't feel guilty.

Sonny: Well, good, because guilt will rip you up from the inside out. Okay?

Michael: I'm okay, Dad.

Sonny: I know you are. That's why I want you to stay that way. Understand? Okay?


Michael: Look, I've decided what I wanted to do, and school is not gonna get me there. I'm gonna do what I was raised to do.

Sonny: If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, get it out of your mind, because you're never gonna be a part of my business at all. Your mom and I have already decided that.

Michael: Isn't that my decision? What? You don't think I can handle the business? Not even after I killed Claudia.

Sonny: All right, listen to me. What happened in that cabin was you protecting your mother and your baby sister, nothing more, and that's it. Claudia did enough damage to you when she was alive. I am not gonna let her death destroy you.

Michael: I'm not destroyed, Dad. I'm fine. Are you destroyed?

Sonny: More than you'll ever know.


Sonny: Remember when I took you to the coffee warehouse before you got shot?

Michael: Yeah, you wanted to show me your legitimate business.

Sonny: Yeah, I tried real hard. But I was fooling myself. You know, keeping one of my companies clean doesn't make it legit. The coffee business is a front for everything that I do.

Michael: I've always known that, Dad.

Sonny: Okay, but what I'm saying is, everything that I do affects you whether I like it or not. If you were the son of a doctor or lawyer or . . .

Michael: But I'm not! I'm your son. You always want to protect me, Dad, but I don't need to be protected. This is the life you live, I accept that.

Sonny: I want you to move on. I want you to put this behind you. I want you to have a normal life. Go to college, have an education.

Michael: I can learn from you, Dad.

Sonny: No, no.

Michael: You built success out of nothing. People treat you with respect.

Sonny: Because they're afraid of me, Michael.

Michael: Because you're a leader.

Sonny: No, no! I built everything that I have here so your sister and your brother, you guys could have all the opportunities that I never had. I want you to be better than me!

Michael: Dad, there is no one better than you.


Michael and Alexis talk on the docks. 10/09

Sonny: We have two very different conditions. I'm bipolar, and you're suffering the after-effects of a brain surgery. But I think they overlap.

Michael: How?

Sonny: How? You're in a room full of people who love you. Everything seems absolutely normal. Somebody says something to you, somebody gives you a look, and you just go into a full-blown rage.

Michael: That's exactly it.

Sonny: Right. And I know what it feels like when that that anger goes away and all you have is hurt and pain, and people who love you look at you confused because they just want to help you, but the truth is they can't. And then you feel bad because you went off and you lost control, and that puts you in a dark place, and you've got that anger, right here, just waiting to blow up again. Huh?

Michael: That's amazing. I didn't think there was one person in the world who could understand that.

Sonny: That's what I'm trying to tell you, son. You're not alone, okay? I know where you've been, and, uh, there is a way out.

Michael: What does that mean? You got help with medication. I don't have that option, you know? There isn't anything that's gonna stop those rage attacks or make me stop remembering.


Michael: Hey, Dad!

Sonny: I'm glad you're home safe.

Michael: I'm sorry I made you all worry.

Sonny: Don't be sorry. I should be sorry because I came down on you too hard. I said some things I shouldn't have said.

Michael: Well, I was wrong to run away. But it turned out to be all right in the end.

Sonny: Let me see how you look. You all right?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Jason said you handled yourself real well.

Michael: Yeah, I learned a lot about myself in Mexico. You know, maybe along the way I grew up a little bit.

Sonny: I want to tell you something, okay? I know Kristina caused the accident, but if it had been you, I would have forgiven you no matter what, because you're my son and I love you.

Michael: Thanks, Dad.


Sonny: Listen . . . what I said before, I didn't mean it.

Michael: It's what I deserve.

Sonny: No, listen. I had no reason and no right to take my anger out on. I'm not even mad at you.

Michael: You should be.

Sonny: No, I'm mad at myself for buying you that damn car.

Michael: I made the choice to drive it.

Sonny: Yeah, but the choice shouldn't have been put in front of you. Your mother was right. See, what I'm doing is I'm buying things to make myself feel better because it was my fault you got shot. But the thing is, you're the one who keeps getting hurt.


Sonny: People assume that Michael means less to me because he's not my biological son, but they could not be more wrong. He means more to me than you can imagine, and I know you know that. For a long time, I didn't even know if I wanted children because all I knew was what I learned from Deke, and I didn't want to be that cold, abusive, and angry. Michael showed me how to break the cycle. So I am a better man because of my son. As far as I'm concerned, he's my first-born. And I know you're not supposed to play favorites with your children, but we have a connection. He needs me. And more than that, I need him.


Carly: What the hell are you thinking? Michael doesn't have a driver's license.

Sonny: Well, it's not like Michael was going to go for a joyride. It's a reward.

Carly: For what, Sonny?

Sonny: For waking up.


Sonny: I'm a criminal. This house that you're so impressed with, it was built with stolen money. This organization that you want to be part of, it was built on fear, deceit, and corruption. I pay off people, and when that doesn't work, you know what I do? I do terrible things to get what I want. So, yeah, people have good reason to be afraid of me. You know why? Because I've got blood all over my hands, and that's something that you will never have.


Sonny: Why would you say something like that? You woke up. You are a miracle, okay? Nothing you can do will ever disappoint us. But your mother always believed in you, never gave up on you.

Michael: I'm the prize. Is that it?

Sonny: It's going to be tough no matter where you live. But you are going to get through it. I have faith in you. You will get your life back, Michael.

Michael: Before it happened, I always knew that I could live here. I actually had a choice.

Sonny: The decision is made. We're not going to back down, okay? It may be very difficult for a while, but you, Morgan, your mom, and I are going to get through it. You know why? Because that's what families do.


Sonny goes to the Physical Therapy gym and sees Michael walking. Then he takes him back to his room and helps him into his hospital bed.


Michael: I'm your guy, right?

Sonny: You're right. You are my guy.

Michael: You always tell me the truth, Dad. I need to know what happened to me.


Sonny: Hey, buddy.

Michael: Hey, Dad.


Sonny: This is it, buddy. This is what we hoped for. You've got a great doctor taking care of you. Me, your mom, and Morgan, we're going to be waiting outside for you. The rest is up to you, okay? You are stubborn, and you are determined as hell, and that's what we need. That's what we're counting on, okay? And don't you for one second forget how much we love you and how much we believe in you.


Sonny: You're back at General Hospital, buddy. They built a whole new unit named after you to help kids just like you. This operation that could bring you back to us might not work. It could be risking your life, but I mean, what kind of life do you have now? Hey, buddy, if you can just give me a sign, anything, let me know exactly what to do.


Michael is aged in 2009.

“One day, he looked up at me and I was tucking him in and I was telling him that he's going to be safe and that I loved him and all. So as I was walking away, he said, "Dad, I love you." And that was the first time he had ever said that to me and I thought my chest was going to explode. After hearing him say that, , that was when I realized what it means to be a father."

"You remember I promised you a long time ago? That I would never leave you? Well, that stands today, because I'm your father, and you are not getting rid of me that easy. Because you are the very best part of me."

"Listen to me. You were my first child, the child of my heart. I love you. I will always love you. And for the rest of my life, I will never forget the last words you said to me were, "I love you, Dad."

Sonny: We've already said our good-byes the night that I realized you were never wake up. Ah, your mom is going to visit faithfully, and I would, I really would, if I really felt that in my heart that you could hear me, feel my presence. But you've gone some place I can't reach. And I'm still here, which makes no sense. Because I tell you what, you were so much better than I will ever be. Smart, thoughtful. You could be stubborn. You could make me laugh, boy. The one thing that I will miss is the way you used to put a smile on my face. And any mistake that you made was because of the way I raised you. I damaged you in ways I didn't intend long before you were shot. You know, wherever you are, I just want you to know something. I never had a problem with you being mine. Listen to me. You were my first child, the child of my heart. I love you. I will always love you. And for the rest of my life, I will never forget the last words you said to me were, "I love you, Dad."


Sonny: I know it couldn't have been easy for you with me as a father, with the guns and the guards and being pulled out of school, being sent to the island 'cause things got too dangerous. That's no way to raise a child. I should have done more to protect you, because you trusted me with your life, and now it's over. No child should have to pay for his father's mistakes, and you did that over and over and over again. And I'm gonna be sorry for that for the rest of my life. I can't change the past, but I can do everything in my power to do what's right for you, and there's a place that Jax found. You're going to go there. Your mom is gonna visit you all the time. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Michael, for the life that you didn't have and for the life that I took from you.


Sonny: I made a big entrance at the Haunted Star tonight. I made sure everybody noticed me gambling and drinking a little bit. Everybody thinks that I'm punishing myself. They're worried, but that's ok because that's the whole point. I put you here. And, as your father, it's my job to make it right. So I'm going to be going out a lot all over town. No guards. And it may take a while, but people are going to notice. And whoever shot at me and shot you instead is going to try again. And when they do, for you, I'm going to kill them.



Sonny: I let you down, buddy. I was supposed to protect you. That was my job. That was my privilege. But I did not honor it. I keep wondering, you know, put myself in your place, trying to figure out . . . did you hear a noise? Did you have time to be afraid? Did you ever think for one second, why didn't Daddy save me?

I failed you in the worst possible way. I'm going to carry that for the rest of my life, but you know what? You're not going to have to because you're a better person than I am. You will not fail yourself.
If you can hear me, little boy that I love so much, wake up.

Come back to us. All you have to do . . listen, it's not that hard. You got to make a choice. You've got to choose to live. Your Mommy and Daddy need you so much.

You've always been so much like your mother . . .the same stubbornness, determination, strength. That's a good thing because you are going to need that to draw from. Michael, you don't want to go into that deep, still place. Do you hear me? You don't.


Sonny: Hey, buddy. It's your daddy. I love you so much. Your mom and I are never going to leave you. We're going to be waiting right here for you. We're actually going to be taking -- we're actually going to be taking turns, so that way when you wake up and open your eyes, we're going to be right here waiting for you. You remember I promised you a long time ago. That I would never leave you? Well, that stands today, because I'm your father, and you are not getting rid of me that easy. Because you are the very best part of me.



Michael: How old were you when you quit school?

Sonny: Young enough to be that stupid.

Michael: But you did okay.

Sonny: You know what? If things had been a little different for me, I would never have left school, because it wasn't fun. It wasn't easy. It was just a way for me to get out of a bad situation at home. You're nothing like me.

Michael: Why was it bad?

Sonny: You know I love you, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: And you know I try my best to be a good father. You always know where to find me if you need me, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: I wasn't that lucky because I was never able to find my own father when I needed him. And my stepfather . . . he didn't love me. Okay? He was not a happy person, so he took it out on his family, right? You know what? If you ever think we're being unfair, you need to come to us. You understand? Because, you know, all we want for you is to be happy, right? Safe and the whole thing, right?

Michael: I just want you to teach me what you know.

Sonny: What I know is that you need to be your own man, not like me or anybody else. You need to be your own man. You got that?

Michael: Yeah.



Michael: I know you're really mad that I shot Kate.

Sonny: You got angry, you ran, you pretty much punished yourself, right?

Michael: It was really stupid of me to drop a loaded gun. It went off by accident, I swear.

Sonny: I know and so does Kate. She's not pressing charges. But we got to figure something out here, okay? Because things got to change, all right? First of all, you shouldn't have lied, and you shouldn't have gotten the gun.

Michael: I was wrong, but I wanted to protect my mom.

Sonny: I don't care. That's not the way to do it.

Michael: You're just saying that because you think I'm too young. But that's what you and Jason do; you protect your loved ones. That's why you have guns.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? My business has been dangerous, and you've had to pay an enormous price, and that is all over now. I will be running my business without violence, which means I don't have to pick up a gun, you don't have to pick up a gun, right?

Michael: You mean we'll be safe? You, me, Mom, Morgan, and Jax?

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: You mean we'll be like a family . . . a normal family?

Sonny: Well, I don't know about "normal." I mean, you know, I'll be able to pick you up, take you to the park, play baseball with you.



Sonny: Listen to me. Did you see your mom before the cannery exploded?

Michael: Yeah, she came to me. I had to tell her everything. Dad, I shot Kate, but I didn't mean to.

Sonny: I know you didn't.

Michael: I was trying to throw the gun away and I dropped it .

Sonny: Listen to me. It was an accident, but you shouldn't have run away. You know that.

Michael: You told me that if you ever caught me with a gun, I should run, and keep on running.

Sonny: I know I told you that, but that was my fault and I'll take the blame for that. And you should've never had to go through this. You understand me?

Michael: Do you hate me?

Sonny: I could never hate you, because you're my son and I love you forever. Understand me?


Michael with a gun. 2008

Tragedy with a gun: When Morgan finds Michael's gun in his room and Sonny warns him again about having guns, Michael decides to get rid of the gun. He goes to the docks to get rid of the gun, but the gun falls out of his hands and accidentally discharges, hitting Kate Howard. In a panic, Michael runs away and stows away on a boat.

Sonny: What's going on in here? So, what, you and Morgan are having a little bit of a disagreement? What's going on?

Michael: Um, well, he's always trying to take my boxes so he can put his dumb toys in.

Sonny: Well, it wasn't that long ago that you were playing with the same stuff.

Michael: Yeah, but I'm not a kid anymore, and Morgan’s a baby.

Sonny: You're a man, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Who likes having guns.

Michael: You know about the bullets, don't you?

Sonny: Yeah, but I didn't know you had anything to put them in. Don't turn your head. Do you have something to put the bullets in, Michael?

Michael: No.

Sonny: Then why the bullets?

Michael: I got to start somewhere.

Sonny: Okay, this is going to end right here. I'm not going to even bother your mother with this, but you need to understand what I'm saying and listen to me. I'm going to tell you again do not go anywhere near guns. I don't care if you're trying to protect your mother from the bad guys, or what. If I hear or see you going anywhere near a gun, you better run, and keep running. You got that?

Michael: Yeah, I got it.


Sonny warns Michael about guns.

Sonny: Your mom and I have done everything we can to make sure that you're happy and safe and you have a good life.

Michael: What if I want my own life?

Sonny: Does that mean having a gun?

Michael: I heard Jason tell Mom that he thinks the killer is still out there. I want to protect her.

Sonny: There are better ways for you to do that, Michael.

Michael: How?

Sonny: You don't go anywhere near a gun, that's final. Promise me that.


Michael collects money to buy a gun. (1/25/08)

Michael wants Sonny to seek revenge on his enemies.

Sonny: My business. It has nothing to do with you. And I love you, you're my son, but you are never going to get involved in my work, because you're going to be provided with other things, like family, education, and the most important thing, choices. You are going to live a very different life than mine.

Later, Michael tells his mother: "I know what Dad does. Dad might not want me to be a part of this business now, but when I'm old enough, I'm going to run it, just like him."



Sonny: There was trouble at the Wyndemere party. A bad man came into the house. Several people got hurt, including me. And unfortunately, Emily died.

Michael: What? How? Did someone kill her? Is it the same man who killed Leticia? Why didn't you kill him? You know how it's supposed to be.

Sonny: How is it supposed to be?

Michael: If someone hurts you or your family, your supposed to kill them.



Michael: Morgan's a baby. I'm not.

Sonny: Leticia was killed, Michael. It looks like it might've been one of my enemies.

Michael: You have to kill them, dad. I loved Leticia. You have to make them pay for killing her.

Sonny: That's not the answer, Michael.

Michael: I don't care. You can't let them get away with this.

Sonny: Enough! Leticia loved you very much. She wouldn't want you to grow up to be the kind of person who would want revenge.

Michael: They have to pay for killing her.

Sonny: It's not going to bring her back, Michael. It's not going to make you feel better. Revenge only puts a hole in your heart, and it hurts your soul.

Michael: It's not fair. It's not fair.

Sonny: It's ok, buddy. (9/10/07).


Michael: Hey, Dad, we're still going to see just as much of you, right?

Sonny: It's going to be the same. What are you talking about? You're going to see me a couple days a week, right?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And then I'm going to see you in between. Then the rest of the time you're going to be here. As long as you and Morgan are happy, that's what makes me happy. (5/3/07).

Sonny: All right, buddy, what you did goes way beyond a prank, or a mistake. You lied, you were disrespectful, you manipulated the situation to get your own way, and you know what? You put your brother and your family in danger. Anybody could've just walked in when we were downstairs locked in the basement. So you got to take some responsibility for that. (Michael gets in trouble for pulling a prank on Sonny. 4/10/07).

Sonny: Your mom and I, we love each other very much, we always will. We are a family because of you and Morgan. But we're not going to stay married. (Sonny and Michael talk at the coffee shop. (4/5/07).

Sonny: What's this about you fighting at school?

Michael: Oh . . . Mrs. Dembrowski got it all wrong. Alex and I weren't fighting, we were just playing.

Sonny: You were just playing?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: You're not lying to me?

Michael: No. Everyone knows that you don't fight at school. You wait and do it at the park.

(Sonny and Michael have a father and son talk. (3/2/07)

Michael hugs his father. (2/26/07).

Sonny tells Michael they'll always be a family. (1/25/07).

Sonny watches Michael play Joseph during the church Christmas pageant. Later, Sonny tells Michael how proud he is of his performance. Mike takes some pictures of the boys. (12/22/06).

Sonny assures Michael. (10/16/06).

Sonny gives Michael a hug. (10/12/06).

Sonny and Michael eat dinner together. (9/27/06). 

Sonny: What's on your mind, buddy?

Michael: Well, tomorrow is July 4th, so we wanted to have a picnic.

Sonny: Oh.

Carly: Your father and I can't go on a picnic tomorrow, Michael. I'm sorry.

Michael: Why not?

Sonny: I'm not feeling well. But I'm going to get better, but not by tomorrow. Your mom's going to take care of me . . . Hey, I'm sorry that I can't make it to the picnic. But I promise you that I'll make it up to you.

Michael: It's okay.

Sonny: Okay?

Michael: Just get better.

(During Sonny's breakdown, Michael worries about his father, 7/3/06.)

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Michael: Well, I remembered the nights that you sat up with me when I was sick. I thought I'd do the same for you. I'm trying to be brave here.

Sonny: Yeah, you're the bravest little boy in the whole wide world, you know that? This is serious what's going on here, okay? How you feeling?

Michael: Fine.

Later, Michael starts worrying about his Dad.

Michael: Dad? Dad, are you okay?

Emily: No, Michael. Come on, let your Dad sleep.

Michael: Is he getting better?

Emily: He's about the same.

Michael: Why are the doctors taking so long to help him?

Emily: They're doing all they can.

Michael: But when is he going to get medicine so that he can better?

(During the virus outbreak, Michael goes to see his father in his hospital room. 2/6/06.)

Michael's 10th birthday party:

Michael: The A.T.V. was the best present ever.

Sonny: Yeah? You know what I wish for every year?

Michael: What?

Sonny: That you're healthy and happy, and I know that last year that didn't happen. You went through hell, and I apologize for that.

Michael: It's not your fault.

Sonny: Parents always want to try to fix their kids, you know? And I know that I can't bring back last year and I can't lessen the hurt, but I will say this, next year, it's going to be a better year. And that A.T.V. is a big responsibility, but I know that you can handle it.

Michael: This has been a really great birthday. (12/29/05)

Sonny: Have a seat, buddy. I want to talk to you about something. I spoke with your mother.

Michael: Is she coming home today?

Sonny: The doctors say she's not ready to leave. She's going to have to stay at Rose Lawn a little while longer.

Michael: It isn't fair.

Sonny: I know it isn't fair, and I'm sorry, your mom's sorry, and she wanted me to tell you that she's doing everything she can to get better.

Michael: Well, she was fine when she visited us earlier. I'll call the doctors and tell them.

Sonny: You're not going to call the doctors because it's the doctors' decision. Your mom doesn't want you to be sad about it because it's Christmas, a special day, and she wants us to have fun.

Michael: We don't even have a tree. We were going to wait for her.

Sonny: Yeah, I know. What do you want me to do? We love your mother, right? We love each other. We have to make the best of it, okay, because that's what your mom would want us to do.


Sonny: Your mama had a nervous breakdown. Some people don't know what that means. They act like it's the person's fault, they should have been stronger. They don't realize that your mind can get sick, just like your body.

Michael: How does it happen?

Sonny: Sometimes people's brains are wired differently, and they call that a chemical imbalance. Other times, it could be bad things keep happening to somebody, right? And they can't cope with it anymore, so they break. Okay? Or it could be a combination of both things. But what I want you to know is your mom didn't have a nervous breakdown on purpose. She has an illness in her head.

Michael: What if the kids find out?

Sonny: I wish I can guarantee you that they're not going to tease you, but I can't. But you know what you need to do?

Michael: What?

Sonny: Don't let it get to you, hold your head up high, and remember what the truth is. And that is your mama did the right thing by getting help and your parents love you. And no one no one could ever take that away from you.

Michael: Okay.

Sonny: Now, you get over here, give me a hug right now. 10/7/05

Sonny agrees to see Dr. Thomas 4/05.

Sonny explains rage 4/05.

"I need you and Morgan because we need to take care of each other, you know what I mean?"

Sonny:"I wish you never had to have gone through this. But you know what? Through it all, you were strong, you were brave, and you never left your brother or sister. You stayed with them. You know, you had a chance to get away, you fought to the end, and you never gave up. You are a survivor. And nobody can knock you down. And I'm very, very proud to have you as my son."

Michael returns to Port Charles after months of emotional abuse by AJ. Sonny tries his best to make Michael comfortable. But it will take a while for Michael to feel back to normal again.

Mike tries to comfort Michael as he is traumatized by his kidnapping. 4/05.

Michael returns to Port Charles after months of emotional abuse by AJ. Sonny sits with him in the hospital. 4/05.

Sonny: He's the most beautiful, bravest kid in the whole world. That's how we're going to remember him. (Sonny grieves for Michael).

Michael: Whoa! This is the house, the one that I wanted for Christmas!
Sonny: It's ours now.
Michael: What?
Sonny: Go take a look around!
Michael: Ok.

Sonny: Let me tell you something. You know what? This house thing, it's not the most important thing in the world. Our family staying strong is the most important thing, ok? Right?
Michael: Yep. 1/05

Sonny talks to Michael. 2004

Michael meets Robin. 2004.

Sonny, Michael, and Jason. 2004.

Sonny: "It was Christmas Eve, but no one knew it yet. The shepherds were working nightshift watching their sheep when they saw this great big light in the sky."
 Michael: It was a star.
 Sonny: "It was so bright the shepherds were afraid to look right at it, until they heard a voice."
 Michael: Gabriel.
 Sonny: "And then the angel Gabriel said, 'don't be afraid. I'm bringing --'"
 Jordan: I think he's out.
 Sonny: He falls asleep the same way every year.
 Jordan: And yet you tell him the story anyway?
 Sonny: Well, I'm not going to stop telling it until he stops asking, you know?

Michael: My dad is a great dad.
Jordan: Does he spend time with you?
Michael: Yeah, he plays soccer with me, he helps me with homework, takes me out on his boat and stuff. And he's good at explaining stuff.
Ric: Michael, are you afraid of your father?
 Michael: No.
 Ric: Has your father ever been shot?
 Michael: Yeah, and he went to the hospital. But he's all better now.
 Ric: Were you afraid of what might happen after that?
 Michael: He said he'd get better, and he did.

Sonny: You know what I want you and your Mom to do? I want you to pick up Morgan, take him to the park, let him do whatever he wants to do. He wants to crawl in the grass, he wants to get on the swing . . . I want you to get on the swing and you go as high as you can. All I want is for you and your brother to be the amazing kids that you are. That's the very best tribute you can give to your little sister.

Sonny: You know what I want you and your Mom to do? I want you to pick up Morgan, take him to the park, let him do whatever he wants to do. He wants to crawl in the grass, he wants to get on the swing . . . I want you to get on the swing and you go as high as you can. All I want is for you and your brother to be the amazing kids that you are. That's the very best tribute you can give to your little sister.

Michael and Morgan with Carly. 2004.

Michael, Carly, Morgan, and Sonny. 2003.

Sonny sits with Michael in the hospital when he hurts his wrist. They have a long father and son talk about what Sonny does for a living. Sonny is torn and doesn't know how to answer Michael's questions. He goes to the chapel:
Bless me, father, for I have sinned. I have sinned knowingly. I've lied; I've stolen, returned hate for hate, violence for violence. I've threatened, hurt people, killed them. And, you know, I've always found a way to justify my actions. The life that I've chosen is a brutal one. I'm willing to pay the price, but my children are innocent. Michael, he looks up to me. He emulates me. I've taught him to be fair and honest, to be strong, but not cruel. And now he's asking me if I kill my enemies. The answer's yes, but I don't know how to explain that to him. How do I tell him that there are circumstances that have led me to commit murder? It's too much for a child to carry. But what's the alternative? I just try to tell him to always tell the truth. I need you to help me. How do I lie to my son?

Sonny: You know what, buddy? For your papa, there's nothing scarier than seeing your child hurt or in pain. You will do anything, make any sacrifice to make sure your baby gets better.  

Sonny helping Michael.

Sonny and Michael have a late night talk.  

Sonny: You're the bravest kid I know. And I give you my word that I’ll try to be more careful from now on. But you should be concentrating on school, hanging out with your friends, sports. It's not up to you to take care of your mom and me. We're supposed to be taking care of you. And we will. We're going to always be there for you. We're not going anywhere. You trust me on that, right?

Michael: Sure, dad.

Sonny: Ok, get in this bed and lie next to me, will you? 

Michael wins art award at school 4/04.

Sonny and Michael have a heart to heart talk.

Sonny sits with Michael in the hospital 4/4/04.

Michael: I knew you would save us.
(Sonny is Michael's hero!)

Sonny: I'm proud of you. You know that? I am so proud of you. I know I tell you that all the time. You know what? You know why I tell you that all the time?

Michael: Why?

Sonny: Because it's the truth. You're smart, you're brave, and I love you. Right? And I'll always be with you right here, ok, in your heart.


Sonny tells Michael he is going to live with Carly. 3/04.

Sonny confides to Michael about what happened to him when he was a boy. 2/04.

Sonny and Michael together.

Sonny: Well, some things will change. Some things always do. But the way I feel about you . . . that will never change . . . I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I always will. That will never change.

Michael: I love you, too, daddy.

Sonny and Michael talk about divorce 2004.

Michael: I just want to fix things. You know, like you fix things.

Sonny: Listen, you don't have to fix things, that's my job.

"I love you, Daddy." 2/04.

Sonny gives Michael a hug, as he considers taking his family on the run.  

Michael's get well card to Carly. I loved this picture of Michael and Morgan.

Sonny promises Michael he can visit his mother in the hospital.  

Sonny comforts Michael as they visit Carly in the hospital.  

Michael: We should say a prayer.

Sonny: You want to do that?

Michael: Right now.

Sonny: All right. Close your eyes. Please God, put your healing hand on mommy. Make her better. Let her know that we're waiting for her and that we love her.

Michael: Dear God, please tell mommy that my baby brother needs her, too.

Sonny: Amen.

Michael: Amen. 10/03.

Sonny and Michael share some grapes. Brief but nice moment.

Sonny tells Michael about how important he is to him. 8/03.

After being traumatized by his mother's abduction, Sonny never leaves Michael's side and stays with him at the hospital.   

Sonny explains to Michael that he has to have bodyguards with him at all times. 

Sonny and Michael make their annual trip to pick out a Christmas tree. 

Sonny and Michael have a heart to heart talk. 2002.

Michael calls Sonny Daddy 2002.

Sonny takes Michael, dressed as a sailor, trick or treating on Halloween. 

Sonny plays with Michael.  

After Sonny is injured in a shootout, Michael visits him at the hospital.

Sonny's first scene with Michael 6/98.