Sonny and Mike

Sonny and Mike don't have a scene together. But, in their conversations today, both expressed concerns and love for each other. December 20, 2001.

Mike Scene

Mike walks into Luke’s Club. He wants in on the nightly poker game. Roy says no because the game is too high stakes for Mike and he would just get in trouble. Mike sits down and has a drink. Bobbie walks up to his table.

Mike: (sitting at a table drinking).

Bobbie: Hey, Mike. It looks like you lost your best friend.

Mike: Bobbie, please (gestures to chair). Have a seat. Listen, how do you keep patching things up with Carly?

Bobbie: Is this about Sonny?

Mike: Something’s come up and if Sonny finds out . . .

Bobbie: You know Mike, for what it’s worth, maybe you’re better off letting go. Sonny seems to be incapable of forgiveness.

Mike: You know, if Sonny has a problem with forgiving, it’s because of me.

Bobbie: Mike, you can’t blame yourself. You had an addiction.

Mike: Bobbie, he was just a little kid. He needed his father and I checked out. So he ends up with an abusive stepfather because I cared more about gambling than I did about him.

Bobbie: You’re not responsible for the man your ex-wife married.

Mike: But, I opened the door.

Bobbie: Oh Mike. It’s not going to help Sonny or you to keep punishing yourself.

Mike: Bobbie, I love him. But, my mistakes are bigger than most. I mean, there are pieces of my past that I still can’t get up the courage to tell him about.

Bobbie: Because you’re afraid he’ll reject you.

Mike: He’s done it before.

Bobbie: Forgiveness does seem to be the one thing Sonny can’t wrap his mind around. Carly knows that better than anyone.

Mike: Thanks for listening.

Bobbie: Hey, Mike. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If Sonny pulls away, it’s his loss.

Mike: Thanks (He stands up and leaves the club).

Meanwhile, at Sonny’s Penthouse . . .

Sonny walks in and Janine is waiting for him. She has information about Mike that she wants to tell him. But, she wants money for it. Sonny talks with her for a few minutes, but refuses to give her any money. She leaves and Alexis stays for dinner. Sonny brings Alexis a plate of spaghetti he has cooked. They sit down to eat dinner. She loves the food.

Alexis: Did Mike teach you how to cook?

Sonny: (Taking a bite out of his spaghetti) Can we change the subject?

Alexis: You’re worried about him, aren’t you?

Sonny: Not particularity (wipes his mouth with napkin).

Alexis: You wouldn’t have given that woman fifteen minutes of your time if she didn’t know Mike.

Sonny: Mike is lying about her (softly, as he sips wine).

Alexis: How do you know that?

Sonny: Well, because he went crazy trying to find her before we got back. When he couldn’t do that, he came tearing over here ready to confess something. Then he couldn’t go through with it and he made up a story about how he and Janine had an affair and how he didn’t think I could take it.

Alexis: Well, it sounds plausible.

Sonny: I know what Mike looks like when he lies and it’s usually about gambling. (Emotional) So, he is ashamed. See, gambling is what took him away from me and my mother. It destroyed our family. So, the real question is, what has happened this time?

Alexis: And you’re assuming that it’s bad?

Sonny: Well, it’s a pattern with Mike. (Frustration) He bets what he doesn’t have. He goes in over his head. Then, he owes somebody money. What if that person is dangerous and then, you know . . .

Alexis: Well, then you intervene?

Sonny: Maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe he did it to himself and I should just let him pay for it. But, the truth is . . . I don’t want him to get hurt. Whatever.

Alexis: Is there anyway that you can find out what Mike is hiding without giving extortion money to Janine?

Sonny: (Stands up and makes a phone call.) Hey. Got any information on the casino employee? Janine Matthews? All right. I want to know everything about her. Get more people on it. Call me in the morning.

(Next scene)

Sonny: (Sighs as he sits down). All this could have been taken care of if Mike had just told the truth.

Alexis: Maybe he’s afraid to.

Sonny: Why can’t people just be honest? (Aggravation) I mean, Carly. Now this thing with Mike . . .

Alexis: Sonny, Mike loves you very much and he wants you in his life. Maybe he’s afraid that you’ll pull away if you find out.

Sonny: He’s done something. And he’s going to want me to forgive him.

Alexis: You going to be able to do that?

Sonny: (Sighs) Well, you know, if it’s something small . . . I’ll get upset, but I’ll handle it. But if he betrays me in anyway, then you know, I don’t know if I can get past that. (Bangs something, fork? down on table).

Alexis: Maybe he knows that.

Sonny: He thinks that I’ll change, but I won’t.

Alexis: That’s a part of who you are.

Sonny: Some people can’t accept that.

Alexis: I can.

Sonny: I know.