Sonny and Mike Connect

This scene is in January 1997, a few weeks after Sonny almost dies from a heroin overdose. It's a short scene, but touching, as father and son continue to build on their fragile relationship.

Sonny is sitting at a table in Luke's club balancing the books. It's quiet and no one is around. Mike walks over to the table, stops, and watches Sonny for a few minutes. Finally, Sonny gets a little irritated.

Sonny: (looking up from the table) What?

Mike: Nothing.

Sonny: You've been staring at me all day. What is it, my suit?

Mike: (laughs) No.

Sonny: If you tell me I look thin, Mike I'm gonna throw you off the docks.

Mike: No, no, nothing like that. You're good at the books. That's all.

Sonny: You've seen me pay bills before.

Mike: Yeah, well to tell you the truth (he sits down on a barstool) I was remembering a friend of mine. Well, not really a friend, I mean, just a guy I knew in 'Nam, Jimmy Harris. Twenty years old, fresh off the farm from Iowa. I mean, we didn’t hang out together or anything. He was honest and by the book and I was always running some type of scam or other. (Sonny puts his pencil down and listens, but he doesn't look at Mike, he's looking down at the table) But he was brave, you know, he was the kind of guy you wanted with you in a fight. And he died not three feet from me. I mean, it was night, and I heard something and I looked over and he was gone, that fast. It was probably a ricochet bullet. And I looked down at him and I was only twenty myself but I kept thinking how young he looked. He was like a little boy. (Mike stands up from the barstool and sits down in the chair across from Sonny). It was like seeing you in the hospital. You were sleeping, but I swear you could have been six. (Sonny is resting his left hand over his chin and is finally making eye contact, as Mike seems to want to say something important). Look, most of the time I tell myself that it's now that matters. I'm here and that's something. But seeing you that way and knowing the boy that you were, I realized that how you got from there to here has everything to do with me. I left you and . . . and this is the life you found. (Sonny cast his eyes down at the table) And in some way, I put you in that hospital, Michael. I'm sorry.

Sonny: (softly) You don't have to answer for my career, Mike. I chose what I wanted and how to get it. The risks are just part of. . part of the deal.

Mike: And you almost died.

Sonny: (lets out a big sigh, resigned, knowing it's too late to change anything now) It happened before and it will again. The only difference is this time, when I woke up, you were there. (He looks at Mike sadly, then shifts in his chair and picks the pencil back up. Mike stands up and walks slowly away from the table as Sonny watches him walk away).