Sonny and Mike Grieve for Carly

Sonny is standing in Carly’s club by himself. He has just come from the morgue to identify her body. Mike comes into the club and finds Sonny. He wants to talk to him. May 15, 2002.

Mike: I thought you might be here.

Sonny: It's not a good time right now.

Mike: Yeah, well, not for any of us. I . . .

Sonny: Yeah.

Mike: I can't believe that Carly's gone.

Sonny: Don't do that right now, okay? I just . . . I'm not really in the mood.

Mike: You know, Carly was really proud of this place. I used to come by in the afternoons while it was under construction, and she'd walked me through and she said that this was her own personal declaration of independence. It was her answer for anyone who ever wrote her off.

Sonny: She wanted me here opening night. She was standing right there smiling at me. She was very proud of herself.

Mike: Yeah. Yeah, well, she wasn't a quiet, understated person. She wanted something big and splashy, and she pulled it off. And it mattered to her that you were here to see it. You mattered to her.

Sonny: Why is she gone, Mike? (Tearfully) How did we get here?

Mike: Sonny, don't do this to yourself. Carly's death was an accident. No one was to blame. And before it happened, she was finally happy. I mean, she was proud of her accomplishments, and she deserved to be. I mean, she had something that she built from the ground up. I mean, it was hers, every detail, every light fixture, the music.

Sonny: I know, Mike. I asked Zander to watch out for her. I said it was to keep her safe, but the truth is, I divorced her and couldn't let go.

Mike: Carly was Michael's mother. You two were always going to be connected. And you know how impulsive she was. Sometimes she was her own worst enemy, so you were right to protect her.

Sonny: She kissed somebody and told me about it. She wanted to see what I'd do, and I lost it because I couldn't see her with anyone else. But I could not say the words. I could not say I missed her. Could not ask her to come back. I would not forgive her. So the bottom line is I did this to her.

Mike: It's a two-way street, Sonny. Yes, you were partly responsible for what was going on between you two, but so was Carly. She made her choices, just like you did. And what happened was a terrible, terrible thing. But it was an accident.

Sonny: Stop talking about things you don't understand, Mike.

Mike: Well, I understand you. I know that when people who you love die, you punish yourself. You didn't put Carly in that car. You didn't drive Carly off that bluff. She didn't die because you couldn't forgive her.

Sonny: You warned me to stop pushing her away, just like you warned me about Courtney and yourself.

Mike: Yes, but I am . . .

Sonny: So I don't understand what you're saying.

Mike: I'm taking care of Courtney like you asked. A.J. can't stand it, but I’ve become a part of her life and I'm staying close. But as far as Carly's concerned . . .

Sonny: I drove her to this! Let's not fool anybody here. She knew I trusted Alexis more than her, and it made her crazy. I wouldn't forgive Carly, and I wouldn't trust her.

Mike: And you were right not to trust her. I loved Carly. You know that. But you're rewriting history. She set you up with the FBI. Carly always acted first and worried about the consequences later. Yeah, she was sorry. She was sorry for hurting you. But you had every reason in the world not to trust her.

Sonny: Stop making excuses for me, Mike, because that's not going to work here.

Mike: You always do this. You always do this.

Sonny: Well, I mean, what do you want me to do?

Mike: Listen to yourself. You always look back at things in black and white. You punish yourself because you haven't been able to accomplish the impossible.

Sonny: What's so impossible about trusting Carly? I sure as hell expected her to trust me.

Mike: Just be fair to yourself. Was Carly changing her life? Huh?

Sonny: Yeah.

Mike: Was she making serious changes? Yes. And you were happy for her because she was important to you, because she was a part of you. But that doesn't mean that she should automatically be forgiven. She had to earn your trust back, Sonny. You had no reason to accept on blind faith that Carly wasn't going to pull some crazy stunt again any more than you could believe that I was not going to let gambling run my life again. And that is the hard lesson of life that you've been taught here. That people you love can and will fail you over and over. But I'm still hoping that there's one person that you can forgive, starting today.

Sonny: (He walks over to the bar with his back to Mike).

Mike: You expect people to fail you, and that's why you fight so hard to push them away. And I am a big part of that lesson. I am the reason that you learned to guard your emotions so closely, and I am the reason that you find it almost impossible to trust. 

That is why you couldn't reach out to Carly sooner. And it's why you have such a hard time forgiving other people when they have crossed you. But the person you have to forgive first is yourself, Sonny. (He is tearful. He reaches his hand out to Sonny and touches his back). Forgive yourself, Sonny (Crying).

Sonny: (Still has his back turned to Mike. He sniffles and a lone tear falls. He turns to Mike and wipes away his tears. Then he hugs his father). All right, Mike.