Sonny and Mike Have Thanksgiving Dinner

Sonny has just gotten back from seeing Carly. He told her he had signed the divorce papers and also wished her and Michael a happy Thanksgiving. He walks into his new refurbished Penthouse. November 22, 2001.

Sonny: Who’s there?

Mike: (Comes walking out of the kitchen) Hey.

Sonny: Hey (hangs up his coat on the back of the chair).

Mike: I figured you wouldn’t have time to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Sonny: Why would you think that?

Mike: Am I wrong?


Sonny: Did I invite you? (teasingly).

Mike: There’s turkey breast with chestnut stuffing.

Sonny: Oh. You didn’t use oysters (friendly banter).

Mike: And the potatoes are on and I picked up a couple of pies at Kelly’s.

Sonny: Yeah. Why would you do that?

Mike: Well, you have to eat something.

Sonny: What about you?

Mike: I have plans.

Sonny: Stick around.

Mike: Well. I’d love too . . .

Sonny: Well, you already messed up my kitchen, you know. Go ahead. Stay for dinner.


Mike: You sure?

Sonny: How many times do I have to ask you?

Mike: Okay (puts his coat down).

Sonny: All right (walks to the bar and starts pouring them a drink).

Mike: So. Are Carly and Michael dropping by?


Sonny: Uh . . . No (still pouring drinks).

Mike: Sorry to hear that.

Sonny: Yeah. Well . . . actually . . . (hands Mike glass) . . . they won’t be dropping by anymore (sadly).

Mike: Families are tough.

Sonny: Yeah.


Mike: Other people depend on you. I mean, not that I’m any good at it. I always let everyone down who’s ever loved me. But, you know it’s not just you . . .

Sonny: Okay, Mike (puts hand up). If you’re asking me to forgive you, I can’t.

Mike: I realize that, but I want to tell you . . .

Sonny: I want to forgive Carly. I try.

Mike: I know you do.

Sonny: It’s just . . . forgiveness is not in me.

(Sonny walks away from Mike. He has a look of distance and sadness in his eyes. Mike looks at him with concern. The next scene is of them sharing Thanksgiving dinner).