Morgan Corinthos-Fathers & Sons

Father and son bond over baseball.

Sonny and Morgan have one thing in common. They both love the NY Yankees. Sonny was a fan as a boy and played shortstop. Morgan is an avid baseball fan and also plays the shortstop position. They often talk about baseball when the see each other.

Sonny delivers his son. 

Sonny Corinthos has brought a son into this world. Because he delivered him and was the first one to hold him, he will always have a special bond with him. 

Carly when she went into labor:

"All right, let me tell you something, Morgan, there are some things worth waiting for; like your Daddy to get here. Ok? When he does, and he sees you, he is going to fall so in love with you. He is going to realize that he deserves to have a family. And he's going to stop finding ways to punish himself. . . . All right, Morgan. All right, you just follow my lead, ok, and then the first pair of eyes you're going to see, they're going to be your Daddy’s. Oh, they're so dark and deep and amazing. You know, and he also has dimples. Oh, and I bet you do, too. You're daddy's going to be here any second. He's going to walk through that door. And when he does, we're going to be here. We'll be waiting for him."