Morgan Corinthos-Moments

Morgan and Sonny. 4/14

Morgan helps Sonny set up his new office. 2/14

Sonny tests Morgan's loyalty. 1/14

Sonny and Morgan try to work things out. 1/14

Sonny encourages Morgan to come home. 1/14

Sonny and Morgan face-off. 12/13


Morgan and Ava. 10/13


Sonny reveals Morgan's secret. 9/13


Morgan. 9/13

Morgan tells Sonny he needs him. 9/13

Morgan and Kiki. 8/13

Morgan and Kiki. 8/13


Sonny gives Morgan his blessing for his marriage to Kiki. 7/13

Sonny and Morgan. 7/13

Sonny and Morgan. 7/13

Morgan and Kiki. 6/13

Morgan and Kiki. 6/13


Sonny brings Morgan home. 5/13



Morgan at Michael and Kristina's graduation. 6/11

Morgan at Sonny's birthday party. 4/11


Ethan: Come on, they'll take care of it, all right? We'll take care of it. Inside, let's go.

Kristina: We have to go be there. [Sobbing]

Morgan: Maybe I should go check on my dad.

Ethan: Your dad's in shock.

Morgan: No. No!

Ethan: Your dad's in shock. No one could have seen this coming. Just sit tight, ok? Just sit tight.

Kristina: Dad had to know that marrying Brenda could make her a target, that she could end up just like Lily.

Morgan: This wasn't dad's fault! [Sobs] It wasn't. It wasn't!

Ethan: I know you want to help your dad. The best way to do that is to stay here, not give him something else to worry about. Now, are either of you hurt?

Kristina: I'm fine.

Ethan: Molly, what about you? Molly, look at me. Are you ok? Hey.

Molly: I wonder what it felt like...inside the car when the bomb went off. Oh, my god. Do you think Brenda knew what was happening?

Ethan: Look, let's get you guys home, ok? Let me get you home. Come on. Come on, it's ok.


Morgan: What are you doing?

Molly: Research. I want to know the odds of surviving a car bomb.

Morgan: You don't. The limo was on fire, Molly. Brenda's dead.

Ethan: Morgan.

Morgan: It's true. You saw how upset my dad was. You don't walk away from an explosion like that. Tell her.

Molly: Look, I find research comforting. It's something I can focus on, lose myself in so I don't have to think about the noise or the smell of the burning car. Or how happy everyone was right before it blew up.


Morgan: I thought Dante would have called by now to let us know how dad's doing.

Kristina: Well, he's probably busy questioning the guards and trying to figure out if they saw anything.

Morgan: Do you think Jason knows about Brenda?

Kristina: I'm sure Max and Milo told him right after it happened.


Alexis: And how are you, Morgan? Hug your sister. How are you doing?

Morgan: I'm fine. But my dad's not. He completely lost it when the car blew up.

Alexis: Ohh . . .

Morgan: It took everything Dante had to hold him back.

Alexis: Ok, listen. Listen to me. There's a lot of people that are looking out for your dad right now. And if he knows you're safe, it's going make him feel a lot better, ok?



Minister: A wedding is a sacred event, but above all else, it is a promise of what is to be. Michael and Brenda, over the years, you've shared happiness and heartache, laughter and tears. Your love has been tested and your lives have changed. Yet through it all, you found your way back to one another. Not by chance. God has a plan for all of us. His light and your love is what led you here today. A marriage is a clasping of hands; a blending of hearts and family.

Morgan: It's been said you don't choose your family. They are a gift to you as you are to them. You coming into Dad's life has been the greatest gift he could ever ask for. Michael, Krissy, Molly and Dante and I couldn't be happier that he's sharing it with us. Welcome to the family.

Brenda: Thank you.


Brenda: Oh, he's so lucky to have you for a son. I loved your speech.

Morgan: Thank you. You're going to be the coolest step mom ever.

Brenda: Oh, I hope so. Oh, hi, I'll be back to you guys, okay?


Sonny: I saw you dancing with your cousin molly. That's very nice.

Morgan: I kept trying to get away from her, but she kept finding me.

Sonny: Well, you, know, hey, that's the sacrifices you make for your family, right?

Morgan: I'm having a great time anyways. I'm really happy for you and brenda, dad.

Sonny: I know you are. Come on.


Morgan in Sonny's wedding party. 2/11

Morgan gets a visit from Michael in the hospital. 1/11


Morgan: Are you a doctor?

Theo: Indeed I am. A doctor of jurisprudence. I'm a lawyer.

Morgan: I don't think I need a lawyer. I mean, I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything illegal.

Theo: Well, sadly, the same cannot be said for your older sibling, Detective Falconeri.

Morgan: Is Dante in trouble?

Theo: Well, that remains to be seen. Your father has retained me to protect your brother and a Ms. Brenda Barrett.

Morgan: Right. She's my dad's girlfriend. Actually, they're going to get married.

Theo: Well, that does not explain or excuse his neglect of your present situation.

Morgan: Did you just say my dad is neglecting me? Because you're wrong.

Theo: Then where is he? I can assure you, if my son had suffered a broken tibia, they would have to forcibly remove me from his side.

Morgan: You have a son?

Theo: I had. My son was killed.

Morgan: Oh. I'm sorry.

Theo: It was a devastating loss. It opened my eyes to the temporary nature of life. No one has as much time as they think. No one can be certain their loved ones are safe. Your father would do well to learn that.

Morgan: No offense, but my dad spends a lot of time and money keeping his kids safe.

Morgan: Well, you strike me as a young man of limitless potential. How fortunate you didn't get hurt worse in that bus accident. I'm sure your father would be devastated if he lost you.



Morgan: Dad!

Sonny: How you doing, buddy?

Morgan: My leg hurts pretty bad.

Sonny: We're gonna take care of the leg, okay? You all right?

Morgan: Yeah. Michael found me. It was pretty scary until he showed up.

Sonny: Your brother did great.


Morgan: So the bone with the 2 fractures, that's the tibia, right?

Terrell: Ah, good call.

Morgan: And the other one is the fibula, right?

Sonny: How long is he gonna have to wear this cast?

Terrell: 4 to 6 weeks. Then we can put him in a soft cast and a special boot.

Carly: There's no permanent damage?

Terrell: Morgan's gonna be as good as new. One of the benefits of being young.

Morgan: Hey, thanks for being here.

Sonny: All you gotta do is just call me if you need me and I'll always be there for you, okay? All right, buddy.


Morgan gets ready for the ski trip. 12/10


Morgan: I just thought you should know even though I don't get to see you, I still love you very much.

[Sonny sniffles]



Sonny: You know what? Lashing out is really not good for anybody to do, and it's a bad habit and we need to break it. Listen to me. Give me your hand. I came here to, uh, pick a fight with your mom, because I was angry at myself for not being able to do what I wanted to do, and that's protect my kids. And I couldn't do that, not even close, not with Michael and not with Kristina. But with you, I still have a shot. I love you very very much, and I need to stop talking about love and acting on it, and the best way I know how to do that is to let you go. I want you to have a great life, okay? I want you to, have every opportunity that you could have, you know. Okay? I want you to grow up smart, everything, brave, the whole thing. And, my lifestyle can't give you what you deserve, okay? Jax lifestyle can give you that, all right? Now, listen. Jax is gonna be there for you. He's gonna be your new father figure. And he's gonna do right by you, okay? And I'm I love you, okay? And this isn't about whether how much I love you and all that. This is about the opposite of that. I'm showing you how much I love you by letting you go, okay? Give me a kiss. Bye.



Sonny: I just want you to know. Your mom and I agree that because of what happened with Michael, that it's best for me to stay away from you for a while.

Morgan: I understand.

Sonny: Just so we're clear, all right, I love you, ok? And I'll always be your Dad. And no matter what, if I'm around, not around, whatever, if you need me, I'm there, ok?



Morgan: I've made a decision. I'm not gonna go to a single Yankees game until you come home.

Molly: But you love baseball.

Morgan: But I could never have a good time while Michael's locked up.

Michael: Ok, Morgan, buddy, I got a better idea. I'm sure they got a TV or a radio at Pentonville. So we'll both watch and listen to every single Yankees game. And when our team gets a home run, just imagine me cheering that right next to you. All right? It'll be like watching the game together. All right?



Morgan: I think I blew it really bad. Dad's going to be convicted and it's all my fault.

Carly: She's wrong about your father. She's wrong to use you to make your father look bad. Claire's about to meet her match. Claire's about to get someone her own size to pick on. Sonny will be free and Claire will be without a job.



Morgan: Do I have to go back to court? I don't want to. I'm afraid I'll say something wrong.

Sonny: I don't want you to go back either. So, I'm going to figure out a way to get you out of it, okay."



Ronnie: You have to testify at your Dad's trial.

Morgan: Fine. But I won't say one single thing to hurt my Dad.



Sonny: You know what, buddy? Your brother took an oath to do a special job.

Morgan: You're an undercover cop. Which basically means your job's to lie to people, get them to trust you, then turn around and arrest them like you do with Dad.

Dante: I know it may seem like that at times. And maybe you're right. Maybe you do the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Sonny: Your brother built a case against me before he knew I was his father, so he can't just take it all back just because we're related.

Morgan: So it's ok with you if he sends you to jail?

Dante: But that's not up to any one person, Morgan. That's how the law works, and the jury decides that.

Sonny: You know, I'm just going to accept whatever happens. I'm proud of Dante, like I'm proud of all my kids. The only thing that I regret is I never got a chance to get to know him, to raise him. And he never got a chance to know his brothers and sister.

Dante: You know what? We probably shouldn't be having this conversation.

Morgan: You know what I think? I think the jury's going see that Dad's not guilty, and all 3 of us will get to a Yankees game together.



Morgan: What do you think's right?

Sonny: To have the courage of your convictions, respect loyalty. When you give your word, you keep it. Right? And you protect your family and the people you love. Those are all the things I want for you when you become a man.

Morgan: So you can be as proud of me as you are of Dante.

Sonny: I could not be more proud: Of you.

Morgan: Will I have integrity if I protect you from being sent away by Dante?

Sonny: You know, sometimes you just have to give the people the respect to take care of things themselves. Now, your brother and I, we're going to try to work things out, right? But even if I sent away and, you know, it was because Dante was true to who he is, I will always love him and respect him. Because that's what a father does. No matter what their children do, as a father, you always love them.



Morgan: I love my Dad and I don't want him to go to prison.



Morgan: I asked Milo to give me a ride. Look, I have to ask you a question, and I really need an answer.

Dante: Okay.

Morgan: When I thought you were my friend, was that just part of your cover-up to bust dad?

Dante: Come here, pal. Look, nothing about our friendship was a lie, ok. I'm as freaked out as you are to find out that your dad is my dad, too. But, hey, I got you and Michael and Kristina as family now, right?

Morgan: Do you hate dad for shooting you?

Dante: I didn't say anything about that. Told the cops that I shot myself by accident.

Morgan: Why?

Dante: Look, Sonny's got enough trouble for himself right now. But I don't hate him. I hate what he does. I hate what happens in the name of his business, and it gets complicated, because my job is to stop his business because it's illegal, because I'm a cop. I told some lies, buddy, to Jason and Sonny and even you, but that was part of the job, not how I really feel, okay?

Morgan: Michael may hate you, but I don't. I know it's pretty messed up and complicated, but I know one thing. I'm happy that you're brother, and I'm glad you're still alive.

Dante: All right.


Morgan gets ready for Josslyn baptism. 1/10

Sonny invites Morgan and Michael to Christmas dinner, but they have other plans. 12/09.

Morgan meets his new baby sister, Josslyn. 11/09

Morgan talks to Carly. 11/09

Morgan and Carly talk about the baby. 10/09


After Dante saves Morgan's life at the Carnival, their bond becomes stronger. Sonny asks Dante to watch over his son. 9/09

Morgan is almost hit by a runaway car at the carnival. Dante shoves Morgan out of the way just in time and keeps him out of harms way. 9/09


Sonny and Morgan at Greystone. 2009

Sonny and Morgan at Greystone. 2009

Morgan: You really think you can get the tickets?

Sonny: Let me tell you something. Even if the Bronx bombers don't make it, I will promise you I will get you those tickets.

Morgan: Michael too, right? I mean, you think Jason will find him by then? Can you, Dad?

Sonny: So, you guys joined the country club?

Morgan: Yeah, Molly's meeting us there. She's gonna show me around.

Sonny: Mmm. Would it be all right if I went?

Morgan: That would be awesome.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Are you thinking of golfing? I'd love to see you in those outfits that they wear.

Sonny: [Chuckling] Well...

Carly: Heh heh heh!


Morgan: I came to give you this.

Sonny: What? What do we got here? Let me see. Look at that. How was it?

Morgan: It was so cool.

Sonny: The new stadium?

Dominic: Uh, you mean the launch pad.

Sonny: Oh, you've been there?

Dominic: It's a beautiful facility, but it's like Cape frickin' Canaveral with all the long balls.

Sonny: Can you believe how many home runs they're hitting out of that park?

Morgan: I know. I mean, A-rod went deep twice, and then Johnny Damon. . . I mean, he hit one out. And then in the ninth, Jeter made his move, and that pretty much sealed the deal.

Sonny: I saw the same highlight.

Morgan: Oh, you mean the one where he backhanded it, and he was all, like, he almost fell over, and then he got up and gunned it to Teixeira. I think I'm gonna tell my coach that I want to play shortstop.

Dominic: Hey, that is my position.

Sonny: Hey, that was my position.

Dominic: Ha ha!


Mike: So, check it out.

Morgan: Oh, cool!

Mike: Yeah! Thought you'd like them. Hey, it's good to see you out and about.

Carly: Oh, it's so good to be out of the house.

Morgan: Oh, we're here for ice cream.

Dominic: Well, you came to the right place, buddy. I'll leave you guys to it.

Mike: All right. So the big question is, one spoon or two?


Morgan: Boy, you really messed up this time, Kiefer. This guy's one of my Dad’s.

Dominic: How you doing, kid?

Morgan: A lot better now. Come up on me again, I'll tell my Dad. You'll meet more guys who work for him.

Dominic: Think you can wrap your head around that?

Kiefer: Yeah, no problem.

Dominic: Yeah, okay.

Kiefer: Got it.

Dominic: Move along.

Morgan: That was awesome. Thanks for the save.

Dominic: Hey, no problem. Are these yours? Yankees? I would say your Dad raised you right.


Sonny: Have they contacted any of you?

Molly and Morgan: No.

Sonny: Ok. Listen. I don't want any of you to worry about this, ok? Because, Jason and Sam are going to bring Kristina and Michael home.


Dominic: You bit me, you little . . .

Morgan: I didn't scream. You did.

Dominic: You just made a big mistake.

Morgan: No, you made a big mistake. My father is Sonny Corinthos. And if you hurt me, he'll kill you.

Dominic: You serious? Your father is Sonny Corinthos? Well, this just gets better and better.

Morgan: I'm Morgan Stone Corinthos, and if you don't let me go right now, you're a dead man.

Dominic: Hell, I'd rather die of rabies. Morgan Stone Corinthos, you're a piece of work, but you've got a big mouth. And being Sonny's son makes you a perfect hostage. You want to rethink that story you told me? You'd be a hell of a lot safer if you're not Sonny's kid.

Morgan: Like you'd believe me if I suddenly said I wasn't.

Dominic: I might. It makes no sense for Sonny's kid to be wandering around in the wilderness in the middle of the night.

Morgan: What wilderness? This is the shortcut to my dad's house.

Dominic: You mean, you're not lost, you know where you're going.

Morgan: Don't you?

Dominic: I grew up in Bensonhurst. I got lost one time in Central Park. Trees are not my friends.

Morgan: You're a pretty lame gangster.

Dominic: Who said I was a gangster?

Morgan: Well, you're sure not a boy scout.

Dominic: What can I say, kid? Trees and nature, they aren't my thing. Fortunately, most of my work is done in the city.

Morgan: You're bleeding.

Dominic: Yeah. You should see the bear.

Morgan: There aren't any bears in these woods. So you're shot. Who did it?

Dominic: That would be a question for your namesake.

Morgan: My who?

Dominic: You're named after Jason Morgan, right?

Morgan: Yeah, he's my godfather.

Dominic: Oh, how poetic. Is he as dedicated to your personal growth as he is to annihilating anyone who messes with him?

Morgan: You mean Jason shot you?

Dominic: Yeah. It's nothing personal. It's just what gangsters do.

Morgan: So you're my enemy.

Dominic: Well, that depends. Maybe we can call a truce, help each other out.

Morgan: Why should I help you?

Dominic: Who else is going to protect you from the bears?


Morgan is glad that Michael woke up. 6/10.

Morgan is aged in 2009.


Morgan: Merry Christmas, Dad.

Sonny: So when did you get so tall? You been doing all right? Working hard in school? Come over here (hugs Morgan).

Morgan: Does Michael know it is Christmas?

Sonny: I think he does. Want to know why? Because he loves you. And he loves Christmas. So, in a way, it's going to be like he's with you now. I mean, unfortunately, he's not going to walk through the door because his body is still where it is, but Michael's spirit will always be with you, you know? Like taking care of you, like a guardian angel.

Carly: A Christmas angel.

Sonny: And you know, because he always takes care of you. You know that, right? He always wanted the best Christmas for you. He wanted the biggest tree. Didn't he teach you how to shake the presents to see what's inside? [Sonny chuckles] A lot of memories here. Can't forget that, right? And you know why you can't forget that? Because all Michael wanted for you was to be happy and have a great Christmas, okay? Don't forget that, okay?

Sonny: Listen, I didn't know I'd get to see you tonight, so I didn't bring your Christmas present. You okay with that?

Morgan: Yeah.

Sonny: But whenever I'll get it to you, okay? Don't worry about it.

Hey. What do you got, buddy?

Morgan: It's a Christmas angel, like Michael.

Sonny: Aw. Thank you. Why don't you put it over here? Look, what do you think? Maybe right there? No? Okay. How's that? Let's go show your ma. How's that look? Perfect. Beautiful, all right. What do you think?

Morgan: Now Michael's watching over us, just like Daddy said.

Sonny: Merry Christmas, buddy.



Morgan: Michael, wake up. Wake up, Michael.

Carly: Hey, baby. Hey, baby, you need to stop doing that, okay?

Morgan: But Michael won't wake up.

Carly: I know. He can’t. I told you that he won't wake up right now.

Sonny: Hey, come here. Come here. How you doing? Listen to me, okay. Your brother's been very badly hurt, okay? We're all very sad about that, okay. Hey, now, I just got to tell you something, okay? There's nothing we can do to wake him up. He's not going to wake up.


Carly comforts Morgan when Michael's in a coma. 2008

Morgan makes Sonny laugh. (8/30/07).

Sonny thanks Kate for saving Morgan's life when he fell into her pond. Later, Morgan brings Kate some flowers and thanks her for saving his life. Then he gives her a hug. (8/9/07).

Michael and Morgan go next door to Kate's backyard. They lost a ball in her pond. Kate says she will get them a new ball and shows them how to watercolor. Later, Kate saves Morgan when he falls into the pond to get his ball. Sonny is very grateful that Kate saves Morgan's life. (8/6/07).

Sonny talks to Morgan. (5/3/07).

Morgan gives his father a hug. (2/26/07).

Sonny watches Morgan play the drummer boy during the church Christmas pageant. Morgan drops his drumstick, so Sonny goes over and helps him out. Morgan then finishes his part in the pageant. (12/22/06).

Sonny holds Morgan's hand. (11/29/06).

Sonny talks to Morgan. (10/13/06).

Sonny hugs Morgan. (10/12/06).

Sonny explains to his sons that he has an illness and he's seeking help. Afterwards, Michael and Morgan give Sonny a much needed hug. (7/21/06).

When Sonny is feeling down, Morgan gives him a kiss and a reason to smile (7/3/06).

Morgan goes to hug Carly and almost falls off the chair.
Morgan tries to blow up a balloon for Sonny's birthday party, but doesn't get very much air in the balloon and makes an awful lot of noise.
Morgan can't seem to get out of his chair during the very tense "last supper."
Some Morgan bloopers during the week of (4/17/06).

Morgan flies a helicopter! (3/31/06)


Michael: Excuse me, Santa?

Noah: Yes, what can I do for you, young man? Something special?

Michael: Actually, it's for my brother.

Noah: Really?

Michael: Yeah. Morgan wants to know if you can let his mom come home for Christmas.

Noah: Well, I think every mother should spend Christmas with her boy. Wait! Is your mother's name Carly?

Michael: How did you know?

Child: Over there!

Michael: Mom!

Carly: Michael! Oh! Come here. (12/23/05)


Emily: Alexis is right. Yeah, mistletoe is a poisonous plant, and the kids would get sick if they ate it.

Sonny: Yeah. Well, that's why it's so high up off the ground, because kids know not to eat mistletoe. Right, kids?

Children: Right!

Sonny: Ok, what do you want, real mistletoe or fake mistletoe?

Morgan: Fake! (12/15/05)


Sonny: Why did you throw the crackers on the floor there, Morgan?

Michael: I know why.

Sonny: Why?

Michael: Because he misses mom, and I miss her, too. When do we get to see her?

Sonny: Well, because, you know, if mommy sees you and Morgan, she's going to want to come home with you, she's going to be really sad. Right now she's got to focus on her recovery. (Sonny struggles with the boys about Carly's condition 10/21/05).

Sonny: "There was a mama bear, a papa bear, and a baby bear, just like Morgan. And when they got home, they were feeling sleepy and very hungry. When they walked into the dining room, guess what they saw (Sonny gasps). Three bowls of porridge. And the papa bear said, 'someone's been eating in my porridge.' See that? Then the pretty mama bear looked at her bowl, and you know what she said? ‘Someone's been eating my porridge.’” (Sonny reads Morgan a story. 10/5/05)

During the dedication ceremony at the park in honor of Michael, Sonny holds Morgan (3/28/05).


Carly: Morgan. Do you know how much Michael loved you? Gosh, he wanted a little brother so badly he used to tell people you were our baby before you were even born.

Sonny: Michael sacrificed himself to get you and your sister home. And that was his last gift to us, and your big brother is still watching out for us. He's in heaven now, buddy, ok? He's your guardian angel. (Morgan provides comfort to his parents after Michael is presumed dead. 3/10/05).

After Morgan is briefly kidnapped, he is reconciled with his grief-stricken parents. 3/5/05.

Sonny and Morgan at Christmastime. (12/17/04)

Morgan celebrates his 1st Birthday (10/22/04)
He was born on October 24, 2003

Morgan Has a Fever

Jason: What's wrong with him?
Sonny: I don't know. He's burning up. What happened, Michael?
Michael: I heard him when I went to get a glass of water. He was breathing funny.
Jason: We’ve got to get him to the emergency room right now.
Sonny: All right.
Dr. O'Donnell: What happened?
Sonny: He got a fever. I don't know, I think it just came on.
Jason: He's having trouble breathing.
Sonny: What do you think is wrong with my son?
Dr. O'Donnell: Well, we won't know until we run some tests. I need to stabilize him. (9/24/04)

”You going to the doctor today? Yeah? He got to get a shot? Oh, I guess that means a yeah. You're going to get a little shot. It's going to hurt just a little bit, but not too much . . . your Mom and your Daddy will always be there for you. We won't let anything happen to you.” (8/13/04)

Morgan Gets Sick  
Sonny: I'm sorry I wasn't here for you, champ. But you made it through. I knew you would. You're a tough, little kid. No matter how many times life knocks you down, you always get up because you are a fighter, right? You're not a quitter. You get that from your Mama. (Sonny visits Morgan in the hospital after he gets diagnosed with Scarlet Fever 3/26/04) 


Sonny: Okay, champ, hey. Going to be lonely here without you. I'm even going to miss rocking you back to sleep at night. You sleep through the night, okay, for your Mommy? I love you. 

(Sonny says goodbye to Morgan after he decides it's best to give Carly custody of their boys, 3/15/04).

Sonny: The kids are all I care about. (2/4/04)  

Sonny: Hey, Stone, how you doing? My son's being baptized today. We named him Morgan Stone Corinthos after you and Jason. And one day, when he comes to me because he's facing some difficulty or he thinks he can't handle something, I'm going to tell him all about you. Because I've never known anybody with the courage to handle the disease the way you did. So say a little prayer for my little boy. I know with you watching over him, he's going to grow up someday to be good and brave just like you. Amen.
Morgan's Baptism

Father Coates: Dearest Father in heaven, bless this day of new beginnings. Smile upon Morgan Stone Corinthos and surround him with the mantle of your love. As we welcome Morgan into the family of your church and the light of your redemption, bless also those surrounding Morgan: his mother and father, brother, godparents, grandparents, and all those who love him. Grant that they may teach and guide Morgan to a strong and abiding faith in you, O Lord. Amen. (12/18/03)

You know what? Hey. There were so many times that I thought for sure you were not going to be born. But here you are, my beautiful son. I want to see your face every day. I want to see you grow up. I want to see you take your first step, start school. Yeah. You know, I always promised that I was going to be a good father, you know? The kind of father that my sons can look up to and respect, huh? Yeah? You shouldn't have to pay for my choice, right? I have to face what I done. Poppy has to face what he's done, right? Set an example for you and Michael. You don't run, you don't hide. And one day, if I survive, you may come to me and ask me why I chose what I did. And I'm going to have to answer you honestly. Huh? I am going back not because of pride. But because I love you all. (12/10/03)

Sonny feeding and rocking Morgan to sleep. (11/24/03)

Sonny feeds Morgan, as the baby becomes entranced by his Papa's voice. (11/21/03)

Sonny and Courtney check on Morgan. (11/14/03)

Sonny is a natural with his son.

Sonny reluctantly agrees to let Courtney take his children out of town. He is shaken and sad as he hugs them and says goodbye.

"Hey, hey. I'm going to show you daddy's favorite window. Everything out there belongs to daddy. I used to think it mattered, that it made me important, but what good does it do me now, huh? It's not going to bring back . . . it's not going to bring back mommy. It's not going to fix what I did to her. Your mom loves you, Morgan, and your brother and your papa. She's going to get through this, ok, and I'm going to put you in her arms. Yeah. And you're going to be safe and you're going to be loved. That's all I want for you." (Sonny's first window scene with Morgan).

“We've waited a long time for you, little Morgan. Here you are, the answer to our prayers. Shh. It's ok, it's ok, it's ok. Shh . . . hey . . . hey. Yeah, your mommy can't be with you right now because she's in a little bit of trouble, ok? But she's going to fight for you, ok? She's going to be with you because she loves you. All right?" (Sonny visits Morgan in the hospital and becomes instantly smitten with his son).

"He's beautiful. Hey, he's born. He's born. Carly, do you see that? He's beautiful." (Sonny delivers his son. October 24, 2003).