Sonny asks Mike about Janine

December 13, 2001. Sonny has Janine at his Penthouse. He wants to know about her and Mike. She’s not saying much, except to admit they were acquaintances. Sonny tells her he’ll find out about their secret. Mike enters the Penthouse. He asks if he could have a moment alone with his son. Janine is shocked that Sonny Corinthos is Mike’s son. She leaves. Mike looks at Sonny with nervousness.

Mike: I’ve been meaning to tell you about Janine and me.

Sonny: Here’s your chance (holding glass of water). Max told me that you came by with Carly while I was gone.

Mike: Yeah. She wanted to pick up some of Michael’s toys that were left upstairs.

Sonny: And you came by to help her carry them? (Sonny is in business mode. He is being very intimidating).

Mike: Is that a problem?

Sonny: (Takes a sip of water) Not at all. I’m glad that you’re close because she’s going through a divorce and that’s hard on her. No matter what she says (walks away from Mike and over to the bar).

Mike: Did it ever occur to you to forgive her?

Sonny: I tried, Mike.

Mike: What does that mean?

Sonny: It means I told her the truth. That I love her. I don’t want to lose her. But, I can’t forget what she did and I can’t promise that if she ever did it again I’m just going to accept it and act like I can just go on. Betrayal last and when it happens it burns everything out of you. If you don’t love, you don’t hurt. You don’t feel anything. Carly didn’t want to take that chance. I don’t blame her.

Mike: I did this to you, Michael.

Sonny: No, you didn’t do it, Mike. (Forceful) I’ve learned to survive. You walking out just made it happen faster.

Mike: You know if there’s any way I can change any of that . . .

Sonny: Okay. Just tell me the truth now. How do you know this Janine?

Mike: We met in this casino. I was on my own, she was a looker and interested, and we hit it off right away.

Sonny: Yeah? Where? (suspicious)

Mike: In Reno. One thing led to another and we ended up in a relationship.

Sonny: That’s it? (skeptical)

Mike: Pretty much, yeah.

Sonny: So, you’re telling me you had an affair with this women and that’s the big secret between you?

Mike: You make me nervous Michael, because I never know what it is that’s going to turn you against me.

Sonny: It only bothers me when people lie to me. (Says this calmly and coolly. But, he’s looking at Mike with distrust. He can tell Mike is lying about this).

Mike: I never told you about Janine because I was worried how you were going to take it. That’s all.

Sonny: Ohhh. So, that’s why you and Carly were so anxious to find her (sarcastic).

Mike: You know about that?

Sonny: Carly’s a lot of things, but discreet isn’t one of them. So, the fact that you had a relationship with this Janine lady, is that why you were so afraid to tell me? Or is there something else I don’t know? (very unconvinced that Mike is telling him everything).

(New scene)

Sonny: I have no reason to trust Janine. What little I know about her doesn’t impress me. Funny thing, when I asked her about you she got really quiet. I don’t know why, I mean, since she doesn’t know that I’m your son. Now, I can accept that you didn’t want me to know about your affair with this women, but why didn’t she?

Mike: I can’t speak for Janine. (Sonny is grilling Mike very coldy and calmly. He takes a sip of his water. Mike is very nervous, because Sonny’s not letting this go). I mean, we haven’t been together in years. I was totally shocked when I saw her again. Look, she used to work in a casino and you have a certain reputation and I’m not surprised that she was intimidated.

Sonny: Oh, so that’s it. She was intimidated. You were nervous. End of story. (doubtful)

Mike: I overreacted when I heard that your men had picked up Janine. I never told you about her because I didn’t know how you would take it and I was worried about that. That’s all. And yes, that is the big secret.

Sonny: You sure? (Sonny doesn’t believe him).

Mike: I’m sure.

Sonny: In that case, you know, I appreciate you being honest enough to come by here and tell me yourself.

Mike: I’m glad I did. Hey, you’ve got things to do and so do I. I’m happy your back and safe Michael. (Mike leaves and walks into the hallway. He puts his hands over his face. He knows he just blew it).