Sonny Confronts Mike at Breakfast

Sonny Confronts Mike at Kelly's, 1995

Scene: The morning after Sonny and Mike came face to face at Luke's, Sonny sought his father out at Kelly's.

Mike: Will you be joining me?

Sonny: Just for a minute.

Ruby: Can I get you something?

Sonny: No, no thanks. This won't take long.

Ruby: Well, if you change your mind let me know.


(Sonny sits down)

Sonny: OK, you got what you wanted. Then again, you always manage that. I got an idea; why don't we switch the rules a little? Why don't you give me what I want?

(fade to black)

Mike: Tell me, what you want; I'll do my best.

Sonny: The truth...what..why are you really here?

(Mike is silent)

Sonny: Oh come on! Don't tell you don't got some answer already thought up and ready to go? Mr. glib; Mr. always ready with the words. What is it? You're broke? You're looking to con me into bankrolling some get-rich-quick scam? You've got some , uh, swamp land in Florida? What? Better yet, why don't we...why don't we save everybody time and get to the part where I find out what it's going to cost me to see your back!

Mike: Do I get to say something now? Of course I'm broke; I'm always broke. But I didn't come here to hit you up for money.

Sonny: Well, you wouldn't turn it down.

Mike: Actually I would. I came here because I wanted to square a few things with you.

Sonny: Why? And why now?

Mike: I went to a funeral a few months back. A guy named Bernie Lang. We served in Nam together. Bernie was amazing. He was fearless in that wacky way only the truly insane can pull off. And he was convincing. You know, we actually felt safe pulling duty with Bernie, because we thought there was no way death could ever find Bernie Lang.

I saw him seven, eight months ago; same ol' Bernie. Great shape; still crazy as a loon.

And then boom...I get a call; Bernie's gone. A stroke. Turns out death was able to find Bernie Lang after all. Things started all coming in on me: How Bernie and I are the same age; how you ran out of time; how things stand between you and me. So I decided I shouldn't wait until it's too late. I wanted to find my son and tell him how much I wish I'd been better.

Sonny: (upset) Yeah, well, that makes about three of us.

Mike: Listen, about Adela...

Sonny: Don't! (shakes his head)

Mike: All I'm saying...

Sonny: Do not mention my mother's name again!

Mike: All right. But we're the only thing that's left. You're my only son. We're the only family we've got!

Sonny: And all of a sudden, what, that matters to you?

Mike: It always mattered to me. Maybe I couldn't express know I'm not good at that...uh...not good at that emotional stuff.

Sonny: Hey, well...OK, accepted, understood. And don't think you have to blemish your spotless record.

Mike: (shrugs) I just wanted to give it a shot, Sonny.

Sonny: And how do you choose to do it? By setting up some elaborate scheme to get to me by way of my partner?

Mike: Figured it couldn't hurt to have a foot in the door.

Sonny: Well that's a change in direction.

Mike: Yeah, I guess it is. Unless, you shove me out. So what's it gonna be shoving me out?

(fade to black)

Sonny: (stands) You slay me. You show up here with some lame story about funerals, immortality, and that's supposed to what? Turn us into one big happy family? Now you're conning yourself. Hey, a new twist!

Mike: You want me to go?

Sonny: I don't give a damn what you do. This has no bearing on me. I have nothing invested here. So I'll tell you what; stay, makes me no never mind. Just keep out of my face.

(he pauses, and then turns and leaves a shaken Mike)

(End of scene)