Sonny & Courtney at the PC Hotel Fire    

The Port Charles Hotel caught on fire and is collapsing. Sonny and Courtney find each other in the hallway and help each other to safety. January 12, 2004.


(Sonny and Courtney are sitting in a smoky stairwell, trying to exit the building. They sit down and try to splint Sonny’s leg, as he’s torn a tendon).

Courtney: I know this hurts.

Sonny: Not that bad. It's all right.

Courtney: You're such a tough guy.

Sonny: What do you want me to do, yell and scream? I learned a long time ago it doesn't work.

Courtney: Yeah. You know, it is not easy being your sister.

Sonny: Yeah, you mentioned that about 800 times already.

Courtney: (Coughs) You were right about Jason and me.

Sonny: Not necessarily. You know . . . ouch.

Courtney: Sorry.

Sonny: You guys, you love him, he loves you. That's a lot.

Courtney: Everything changed the second I shot Brian. Did you ever have a second like that? You crossed a line and you knew that your life was going to be different?

Sonny: Yeah, I beat up on my stepfather for years and years of him beating on my mother and me. I finally got the courage to fight back. I took that bastard down. I threw him out. And guess what my mother said? I thought she was going to thank me. She says, "Hey, Michael, leave. I don't want you and Deke to fight anymore."

Courtney: How old were you?  

Sonny: 16. So next day, I stole a car from a guy named Scully. I thought he was going to kill me because he caught me, but he gave me a job instead.

Courtney: In the mob.

Sonny: You mean the organization? I took any job they gave me. I moved up the ranks, gained respect, money. And after Scully took care of Deke for me, there was no way out.

Courtney: What about now?

Sonny: I like this life. But my kids are going to have a better choice. They're not going to be raised by some drug dealer and his mistress.

Courtney: You love Carly, Sonny.

Sonny: (Tries to stand up) Come on, let's get out of here. Ok, wait, it's not working. Ouch.

Courtney: Don't you ever listen to anybody?

Sonny: Yeah, I listen. I just don't do what people want me to do sometimes, you know, because I can't.

Sonny: I'm sorry I caused you more pain than happiness.

Courtney: So that's how I get an apology out of you. Trap you in a burning building and wreck your knee?

Sonny: Well, you know I love you.

Courtney: I love you, too.