Sonny FAQ

What does Sonny do?

Sonny's mob activities have always been left somewhat vague. Sonny became involved in organized crime at the age of sixteen, when Joe Scully took him under is wing. We know that he has had money ever since. He started buying his mother presents and nice dresses. Mike saw him at the Belmont track when Sonny was around 21 and described him as having on an expensive suit and a stack of money in his pocket.

When Sonny arrived in Port Charles he was working for Frank Smith. He was running the Paradise Lounge, taking over for Harry Silver. There are hints of the underworld at the club. There are underage girls stripping at his club. He is assigned to break Frank Smith out of jail. He is also ordered to kill Luke Spencer. When he is shot he uses a mob doctor and doesn’t go to the hospital. So, we know that he is a career criminal.

When he became a more involved citizen of Port Charles, he also moved up in the organization. He takes over all of Frank's Smith's territory. He mentions to Harry that he is giving control of prostitution and pornography to the Chicago mob bosses

Sonny is considered smart (never serving time), powerful (he controls the Eastern seaboard), and leads a life of extreme violence (hence, the bulletproof windows and bodyguards).

The following activities are probably what Sonny is involved in:

Collecting protection money in the form of extortion; Labor racketeering; Book making; Fraud schemes; loan-sharking, bootlegging, and illegal imports. Sonny has always refused to transport or deal in drugs. It’s also clear that Sonny is very involved in political corruption. Which means he has bought off many politicians, judges and law enforcement officials of Port Charles.

Sonny’s legal businesses have included: Half owner of Luke’s Club, L&B Records, Corinthos Morgan Coffee Company, Deception, several casinos overseas, a sugar cane plantation in Puerto Rico (a molasses refinery used to make rum), and owning a percentage of ELQ stocks.

Sonny currently conducts his business at Polluzzo's restaurant, which used to be the No Name.

Why is Sonny and Mike’s last name different?

Mike changed his last name.

Sonny’s name is Michael Corinthos, Jr. Mike’s name is Michael Corinthos, Sr. According to Mike, there was a time in his life when he was in some money trouble and people were looking for him, so he decided to change his name from Corinthos to Corbin.

When did he start calling himself Sonny?

Michael became Sonny soon after Mike left.

When Mike first arrived in Port Charles he tells Luke a little about himself and what happened between him and Sonny. He tells Luke:

Luke: "You never went back?"

Mike: "Sure. Oh yeah. I’d show up every once in a while. I’d pick up Michael Jr. He was already Sonny by then. I used to take him to the movies, Coney Island, or the zoo. I even managed to take him to a couple of Yankee games. But, I didn’t stay long. I didn’t feel very welcome. Besides I was usually going somewhere myself."

Also, in Sonny’s flashbacks, Deke is calling him Sonny or Sonnyboy.

When is Sonny's birthday?

Sonny was born in 1965.

Mike made reference to the year when he told Luke his story.

"I just got back from ‘Nam. Early, before it was news. I pulled a full tour and was back in Brooklyn by ’64. I met Adela at a dance. We were both still kids. I was there in my uniform. I guess it made her feel safe. We got married really fast and the baby came ten months later."

Sonny’s birthday was never celebrated on the show until it was mentioned in April of 2000. Mike brought him a picture frame for his baby and Carly took him out to dinner. Sonny revealed to Carly the reason he never celebrates his birthday. Sonny was celebrating his eighth birthday with his mother when Deke came home. Deke threw the cake on the floor and stomped on it. Then he started hitting Sonny with a belt. It was the first time Deke beat him.

Sonny's birthday was celebrated again on April 21, 2006, when Michael gave him a surprise birthday party. Therefore, Sonny's birthday is April 21, 1965.

Why is Sonny claustrophobic?

Deke locked him the closet. 

“Me, he'd hit. With a belt buckle, usually. He locked me in a closet first, then he'd go and get good and drunk and then I'd hear his footsteps walking down the hall, and he'd open the door. The rule was I couldn't raise my hands. I had to stand there and take it! And if I ran, it made it worse.”

Why did Sonny leave home?

His mother asked him to leave.

Sonny and Deke were getting in too many fights. Sonny was older now and starting to fight back. The increasingly violent and physical altercations were too much for Adela. She felt that sooner or later, one of them would get killed. So, she talked to her son and asked him to leave the house. Sonny was sixteen. He lived on the streets for a while until he ran into Joe Scully and finally found “a family."

Did people in Sonny's neighborhood know he was abused by Deke?

No. Sonny and Adela were br utilized by Deke Woods throughout Sonny's childhood. But Sonny never told anyone he was being abused. He would go to school with cuts and bruises and tell people he fell down. He would hang out at the Cerullo home, but he never told anyone what was going on. The Cerullo's only knew that Sonny and Deke didn't get along. Mike would occasionally show up to visit Sonny and Adela, but he did not find out about Sonny's abuse until years later. When Mike arrived in Port Charles, he didn't understand why Sonny was so angry at him. Sonny finally revealed that he and his mother were abused by Deke. Mike was shocked, as he thought Deke seemed like a nice man. Later, when Olivia came to town, she claimed that everyone in the neighborhood knew Sonny was abused by Deke. That is a change in Sonny's back story. Sony and Adela never told anyone their deep, dark secret. In fact, Sonny states that Deke was well admired in the neighborhood and always respected as an authority figure. Sonny and Adela were terrified of the repercussions of revealing their secret because Deke had the power of the law in his hands. The first time Sonny ever revealed his abuse was when he was sixteen and started working for Joe Scully. That was when Sonny confided to Joe Scully about what Deke had done to him and his mother all of those years. Soon after, Joe had Deke killed in an alley.

How did Sonny meet Joe Scully?

Sonny was getting in a lot of trouble living on the streets and was caught stealing Joe's car. Sonny’s fate was changed forever that day. Joe took an immediate liking to this young kid and took him under his wing. He gave him the home that Sonny had always yearned for. He was the father figure that Sonny had always craved. According to Sonny, Joe saved him from prison or an early death. Sonny rose through the ranks quickly and found his niche in the mob world.

"I was sixteen; one of my favorite pastimes was driving fast. But, the trouble was, I didn't own my own wheels, so on occasion I'd have to borrow some. One Saturday night, I saw this cherry firebird, candy apple red, man, that thing would fly. What I didn't know was it belonged to a wise guy named Joe Scully."

Who killed Deke Woods?

Joe Scully ordered the hit.

Sonny had gone to visit Adela on her birthday. He found his mother unconscious on the floor and she was severely beaten up (her eyes were swollen shut, she had a broken jaw, along with a broken arm, and a couple of broken ribs). He took her to the hospital and sat with her through the night.

Sonny was very upset and confided in Joe about how Deke beat him and his mother for years. The next day Deke was found murdered in an alley. He was shot in the head and heart. It was a mob style hit to give the message that he was a dirty cop. When his mother asked him, Sonny was able to tell her that he didn’t kill his stepfather. Sonny never asked Joe to do this, but Sonny felt very indebted to Joe and was glad Deke was finally dead.

How did Adela die?

We don’t know.

It has always been suggested that the constant and brutal beatings she received from Deke were a big contributing factor in her death. Although she died two years after Deke, she was not very healthy.

Mike remembers returning after she had been married to Deke and that she changed a lot from when he last saw her. “I don’t know. Something had happened. She got real old really fast and it upset me. Don’t get me wrong. She was still beautiful. I just couldn’t bring myself to see her again”.

Adela died when Sonny was nineteen.

Where was Sonny born?

Sonny was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Sonny grew up in the neighborhood of Bensonhurst. He was neighbors with the Cerullo family. He spent a lot of time at their house and was best friends with Lois’s brothers.

Where does Sonny live?

Sonny currently lives at Greystone, a huge property with plenty of room for family and guests. He also has an island cottage in the Caribbean.

Harbor View Towers, 122 Harbor View Drive Penthouse #4 Port Charles, New York was Sonny's address for ten years.

When Sonny first arrived in Port Charles, he lived in the above apartment of Paradise Lounge, which was eventually changed to Luke's Club.

Where did Sonny go school?

Sonny fattened Catholic grammar school.  Sonny got in a lot of fights at school. When he was in fourth grade, Joey Perez beat him up. So, in the summer, Sonny worked out every night. When he started fifth grade, when he was ten, Joey hit him on the first day of school and Sonny fought back. He beat Joey up so bad that he broke his nose. After that, no one messed with Sonny.

Sonny went to the high school prom with a girl named Dedee Genovese. She eventually married Louie Cerullo, Sonny's best friend. Sonny got dumped by her because her and Louie ended up under the bleachers. Sonny ended up getting in a fight with Jackie Minsky, somebody that he hated. Sonny dropped out of high school at 16, when he went to work for Joe Scully.

What is Sonny's criminal record?

Sonny pled no contest to a misdemeanor count of endangering a minor when he employed Karen Wexler as a stripper in his club when she was underage. Sonny was charged with racketeering in 1995 when he used illegal funds to pay for Stone Cates medical care and left a paper trail. Hernando Rivera, through connections, was able to get the charges dropped for Sonny, with the condition that Sonny marry his daughter, Lily. Sonny was charged with racketeering in 1999 and found not guilty. He was charged with kidnapping Skye Quartermaine in 2002, but found not guilty. He was again charged with racketeering in 2004 and found not guilty. He is charged with the murder of Claudia Zacchara in February 2010. Sonny goes to trial for Claudia's murder and it goes all the way to a verdict (which was going to be guilty). But right before the verdict is read, Michael comes forward and confesses to the crime.

Through the years Sonny has been arrested countless times, spent time in lock-up, and been to court on many different charges. But, he has always managed to get himself out of his legal troubles. It has helped that has always had very good lawyers.

Where is Stone’s ring?

Sonny has always worn Stone’s ring, ever since Robin gave it to him as a remembrance of his best friend. Without explanation, he stopped wearing the ring. However, off screen, Maurice Benard auctioned off Stone’s ring for one of his charity events in 2000.

What is Sonny's blood type?

Sonny has type O blood.

Who taught Sonny how to cook?

Sonny's mother, Adela taught him how to cook when he was a young. He also learned to cook from the Cerullo family, where he always hung out as a kid.

Is Sonny religious?

Yes. Sonny is a devout Catholic. He went to church every Sunday with his mother. They would say the rosary together every night in Spanish. He went to Catholic grammar school. As an adult, he continues to be a practicing Catholic. He had all of his children baptized. He donates money to the Queen of Angels church. He often goes to confession and speaks to his priest, Father Coates.

Why doesn't Sonny like to drive?

Sonny has his bodyguards drive him around in a limousine for security purposes. Sonny used to love to drive, but when he witnessed his wife being killed in a car bomb meant for him, he doesn't have much interest in driving anymore.

Now much money does Sonny give to charity?

Sonny is a philanthropists who has been very generous with contributing to social causes. He has donated to the Queen of Angels Catholic Church, which helps fund their sports programs and many other needs. He donated a statue of Mary to the church in honor of his wife Lily. He has donated money for a playground at the park. He has funded the Stone Cates Aides Memorial Wing at General Hospital. He has also contributed to the Michael Corinthos Foundation, a charity to benefit children with head trauma like Michael. Sonny continues to give money to Robin for her causes in the name of Stone Cates.

How many siblings does Sonny have?

Sonny had always believed that he was an only child. However, as an adult, he has discovered that he has does indeed have more family.

Courtney Matthews arrived in Port Charles. Mike admitted that he had a second family after he left Sonny and Adela and had a daughter Courtney with Janine Matthews. Sonny and Courtney have never been able to establish a good relationship.

Ric Lansing arrived in town and it was revealed that he was the son of Adela and Trevor Lansing. He feels that his mother Adela chose Sonny over him. Sonny has never gotten close to his brother either.

Does Sonny have any mental illness?

Yes. In July 2006, Sonny is officially diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. He is prescribed with Lithium and starts attending weekly therapy sessions. Sonny is also diagnosed with severe posttraumatic stress, anger management and authority issues, and a deep-seated anxiety.

Over the years, Sonny has exhibited some behaviors that suggest he could possibly have some type of mental illness. He himself has described these episodes: "There's a darkness inside of me, a place that has no bottom. If hell is the absence of God, then this place is the absence of light. I know it's there because I try to avoid it, I try to ignore it, but it's pulled me in three times. It's like being in a nightmare and not being able to wake up."

During these episodes Sonny can become violent, paranoid, and suspicious. He has difficulty sleeping and usually drinks a lot. There is usually an event that triggers his episodes. Sonny believes that he is “crazy.” Many of his violent tendencies can be traced back to his severe childhood abuse. His coping skills are poor and many times he shuts down to deal with trauma.

How many children does Sonny have?

Dante Angelo Falconeri- born in Bensonhurst. His mother is Olivia Falconeri. Sonny was never told about his son.

Michael Corinthos III- born December 29, 1997 (adopted).

Kristina Davis Corinthos- born on November 19, 2002. 

Morgan Stone Corinthos- born on October 24, 2003.


Lily was pregnant when she was killed in a car bomb.

Carly had a miscarriage when she fell down the Quartermaines stairs.

Sam McCall lost her and Sonny’s baby in childbirth. Sonny was able to save Kristina with the baby’s cell stems.

What happened to Mike?

Mike's chronic gambling addiction was always getting him in trouble. He finally decided to get help and admit himself to a live in treatment center.

Why doesn't Dante call Sonny, Dad?

Dante was not raised by Sonny. He came to Port Charles as an undercover FBI agent assigned to infiltrate Sonny's organization. During a final showdown, Sonny shot Dante. Sonny did not know that Dante was his son. Dante struggled to accept Sonny as a father, but he could not easily reconcile with Sonny being a mobster and himself being a man of law. Eventually, Dante has established a relationship with Sonny, but he only occasionally has called him, "Dad."

Does Sonny speak Spanish?

Yes. Sonny's mother was from Cuba. They spoke Spanish in the house when Sonny was growing up.