Sonny Grabs Mike

Mike comes to Sonny’s Penthouse. He wants to know where Courtney is. Sonny says an earful. March 25, 2002.

Mike: (frantic and worried) Uh, listen, Courtney’s not at the hospital and she’s not at her mother’s place. Do you have any idea where she is?

Sonny: (Drunk and fatigued, he releases his anger out on Mike. He basically yells out this tirade). Yeah. I’ll tell you where she is. She’s flying on a helicopter right now with AJ Quartermaine because you couldn’t lie to her. But see AJ, he lies all the time, and so he took her. You know how he took her? By telling her it’s a vacation. But, you couldn’t warn her. You couldn’t protect her because you had your first ever crisis of conscience. You said you wanted to be a father. You said you wanted to protect your daughter. What happened, huh? What happened?

Mike: I’m sorry.

Sonny: I’M TIRED OF HEARING I’M SORRY! AFTER THE FACT! AFTER THE DAMAGE IS DONE. (Knocks a chair down). “I’LL SHOW YOU SORRY!” (He violently grabs Mike by the shirt).

Next scene.

Sonny: (He walks away from Mike. Mike follows him to the bar).

Mike: You can’t have it both ways, Michael. You can’t hate me for lying to you and then turn around and attack me for telling your sister the truth. Which way do you want it?

Sonny: I just want Courtney safe and away from AJ.

Mike: It’s the same thing I want.

Sonny: You’ve got a strange way of showing it, Mike.

Mike: I’m doing the best I can. But you just can’t give anyone credit for that, can you? Including yourself.