Sonny Looks for Mike

Sonny tells a brief story of how he would look for his father when he was a kid in Brooklyn. March 28, 2002.

Sonny: Mike disappeared all the time. I used to ask my Mom where he was because I needed him to read me a book, fix my train, whatever it was, and my Mom always said she didn't know where he was. Maybe she just said that, you know? Anyway, one time, I went looking for him. And I made all the rounds to all the places where I knew that he went. The pool hall, the card room behind McGinty’s, and the guy who used to place Mike's bets on the horses. I must have covered most of Brooklyn just to ask him to come home, you know? We needed him, you know? My Mom did. I did. Not that that made any difference. I used to practice my speech while I was walking because he always said that, you know, manners were important, so I was going to say "please" and I was going to say "thank you" if he came home. Well, I never found him. Now, he probably could have been at the track or at another bar, or maybe he saw me and he kept himself hidden because he didn't want me to find him.