Sonny and Luke talk about Mike's arrival in Port Charles

Early 1995. Sonny’s apartment, right after Sonny sees Mike for the first time at Luke’s club. Luke and Mike have already spoken about Sonny & Mike’s relationship.  

Sonny: I’m disappointed in you Luke, falling for a two-bit con like that.

Luke: Well, even I have my weakness I guess huh? Sonny…

Sonny: No, no, don’t Luke. I’m not in no mood to stand around here reminiscing about my screwed up childhood.

Luke: You want to compare dysfunctions?

Sonny: You have no idea what this is about.

Luke: The last time I saw my father I was seven years old. We had no food, no heat, only a half-empty bottle of cheap scotch. My mother had just dies from a burst appendix, in front of my eyes. My father took one look around, polished off the bottle, and walked out on me, my three-year-old sister, and my mother’s body. So don’t tell me I don’t know what you’re going through.

Sonny: I’d like to kill the bastard.

Sonny: You know what gets me Luke? He expects me to welcome him with open arms. I did that already, too many times. He’d be gone two, three years sometimes, you know. He’d walk in and I’d light up like a Christmas tree, and I’d say “yeah” you know? “Maybe this time.” Then he’d con my mom out of grocery money…split. And you know what the killer was? She never stopped loving him. And every time Deke would look at me, I was a reminder...well, that’s a whole other story.

Luke: To hear Mike tell it, he never stopped loving her either.

Sonny: You know, he could have fooled the rest of them, do not believe him Luke. He’ll say he did it for us; that we were better off without him. Don’t believe him.

Luke: So, you want him out of here?

Sonny: Well, he had his chance. What would you do if your old man walked in?

Luke: (sighs) I’d want to kill him. But not before I got some answers. I get these big holes in my life; great empty spaces. And no matter how hard Laura tries, and believe me she’s done miracles, she can’t fill ‘em. I just wanna…if he walked in…he’s probably dead, but if he had the guts to walk in here now, I’d just wanna take a good hard look at him and understand what kind of a man does what he did to us. And I’d want to know, how like him am I? Scary stuff. But the answers to those questions might sometimes help me sleep at night when I can’t. I just wouldn’t send him off packing so quickly.

Sonny: Well, I guess the old cat gets another life after all.

Luke: Well, you asked me a question and I answered with my truth. The rest is up to you.


After Luke leaves…Sonny remembers his childhood. He’s lying in bed as a young boy, listening to his parents fight.

Mike: I work my tail off for it!

Adella: You just gambled it away!

Mike: I was ahead; I was ahead all night. My luck turned!

Adella: Now you probably want me to go to my father.

Mike: He can afford it!

Adella: It’s not his job. You have a child to take care of.

Mike: We should never have had the kid in the first place. You had to get pregnant right away and now we’re saddled with the kid. What about me? What about my life? I’m sick of this crap! (leaves house)

Adella: Mike! Mike!

Camera on Michael Jr. in bed crying, then fades to Sonny crying in his apartment in the present day.