Sonny Tells Michael He Wants Him Safe      

Michael has to talk to the judge for the custody hearing. Sonny is terrified that Michael and Morgan will be put in the hands of Lorenzo Alcazar, his enemy. He confides to Michael why he is so scared for their safety. Even though he doesn't mention Deke, it is the first time he tells Michael he was hurt as a boy. February 27, 2004.

Sonny: All right. Come over here, buddy. Have a seat in my lap. Are you feeling a little scared?

Michael: It's ok.

Sonny: Yeah. Well, you're a brave kid, right? I want you to understand that you need to tell the judge that you want to live here with your Daddy.

Sonny: I know that you love mommy.

Michael: You used to.

Sonny: Yes. I am sorry about this, but I'm just trying to make sure that no one ever hurts you or Morgan.

Michael: Hurt us? How?

Sonny: Well, when Daddy was little, just about your age, my mother, she fell in love with a really bad man who hurt me and my mother both.

Michael: Why didn't your mom make the bad man go away?

Sonny: Because he was a bully, ok? And she was afraid. But as long as you live with me, I will make sure that you will never, ever have to deal with anybody like that.

Michael: It's ok. I'll tell mommy not to make friends with any bad guys who can hurt us.

Sonny: Yeah, I already tried that, but look, I'm sorry about this, ok? But I just want you to know, you got to understand right now, ok? This is kind of important. You need to tell the judge that you want to live here with me and your brother. You trust me, right?

Michael: Yes.

Sonny: And I trust you, too. And I'm sorry that you have to be in the middle of this, all right? But this is very important. I want you and your brother here with me, because I want to make sure that you will always be safe.